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  1. The west, particularly Europe is dealing with a dogmatic conflict between its esteemed value of tolerance, against Islamic intolerance of western values. Terrorist attacks were far less prevalent in the west in the past and were predominantly confined to the Muslim world where dogmatic differences between say Sunni & Shia were often behind bombings, and executions. That didn't seem to trouble westerners much because it didn't impact the day to day lives or ideals of those living in the west including Muslims. During those years tolerance of Islam in the west was taken for granted, Europea
  2. There is a rather odd and almost unexpected division of opinions on ABF regarding the clash of dogmatic western ideals and dogmatic Islamic expression and practice in Europe. Particularly between some of our European members who despite being in various nations are on the front lines so to speak of this conflict, and sound a bit more like Americans at times, and Americans who sound like Europeans have previously. N'est ce pas? Richtig?
  3. hey now dont get the bluez now

  4. That might be worthwhile if people were right more and not wrong so often. Its rather pointless as it is because you can randomly go back and no matter which page you land on, you'll probably find some thread making some rediculous (<intentional sp) claims. Try doing the same but instead finding sensible or correct claims.
  5. This thread needs a dissenting viewpoint and additional debate.
  6. If its sympathy and commiserating he wants he would have done better to post this topic on an aints forum.
  7. Agreed, but for the Falcons fan in the OP. The Saints lost!!!
  8. Yeah he faces a familiar foe - the bench.
  9. Thats not a problem at all, and its not really affecting his passing game. There's another topic tracking that. If we were a pass first type of team, than it might be a problem where shutdown the #1 reciever and you're disrupting the offense. We're a running team and we have more trouble when Turner or the running game is shutdown. Besides, no one has been able to shutdown Roddy anyway and Roddy will draw some double coverage at times but I don't see any defenses focusing on that as a way to stop this offense. That said I would like see more distribution.
  10. Sure if you play on the team, otherwise it doesn't matter what any of us expect. There is such a thing in the NFL as an upset, the Falcons have beaten many better teams in the years we sucked, and even if we didn't win we managed to play some good teams very closely. I'm not looking for the Browns to upset the Falcons but I'm not expecting a blowout either in a place where its difficult for the Falcons to win.
  11. I'm kinda disappointed OP didn't go beat this dead horse in one of the other threads on this topic.
  13. Moss isn't our missing piece, if there even is such a thing for us. He would have been Peerless Price v2 here, with all of the baggage and little in the way of benefits, possibly even more baggage than T.O. at this point. Moss wouldn't have changed things offensively for this team - our schemes and play calling would remain the same and he woudl be unhappy. I'm glad its done and over with.
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