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  1. The west, particularly Europe is dealing with a dogmatic conflict between its esteemed value of tolerance, against Islamic intolerance of western values. Terrorist attacks were far less prevalent in the west in the past and were predominantly confined to the Muslim world where dogmatic differences between say Sunni & Shia were often behind bombings, and executions. That didn't seem to trouble westerners much because it didn't impact the day to day lives or ideals of those living in the west including Muslims. During those years tolerance of Islam in the west was taken for granted, Europeans perceived no threat to the western way of life. The now more frequent occurrence of attacks of the past two decades have clearly changed attitudes in Europe. The perfect example is in France itself, a country that has loudly extolled western ideals for years has instituted the burqa ban. The way I see it, what happened in France this week and the burqa ban epitomize that dogmatic conflict. The ABF angle is that a few of our European posters sound less than European on this subject and more American than they have in other topics here over the years.
  2. There is a rather odd and almost unexpected division of opinions on ABF regarding the clash of dogmatic western ideals and dogmatic Islamic expression and practice in Europe. Particularly between some of our European members who despite being in various nations are on the front lines so to speak of this conflict, and sound a bit more like Americans at times, and Americans who sound like Europeans have previously. N'est ce pas? Richtig?
  3. hey now dont get the bluez now

  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Had a nice steamy hot workout with the wife. It was a night time workout, so it was cold outside but hot inside. It's the best exercise ever, and I'll put this regimen above any other that anyone has ever pitched on here or anywhere. Admittedly, it was hard for me, but very easy at the same time. We both worked up a sweat and burned lots of calories. We use lots of different muscle groups and it's a good cardio drill too. It's not a workout for everyone, and it's definitely not some quick race to the finish, but is instead one that takes stamina, focus and rhythm with a huge reward that makes us both want to repeat the workout frequently. As for # of reps and duration ... puhleeze does anyone seriously count that stuff? Best workout ever!:cool: