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  1. That reminds me. "All Grossman Does Is Win" One of our resident post diggers might bump that one up from the grave.
  2. Since I didn't see the Titan's game, I'll reply based on what I saw last year. Enough already. Renfree, not Yates should have been Ryan's backup last year and it sounds as though they appear the same as they did last season.
  3. As it happens, there are no experts at that, but there are plenty will take the other approach and insist that they are experts when they lay out their game by game expectations, only to reveal that they are anything but as the season unfolds.
  4. I'm not embellishing when I say that those people ( the ones who were astonished that I wasn't on FB, most of whom were people I didn't know) appeared to me as they didn't actually know much about human interaction. I denied my kids from joining too. They wanted to join because so many others were. I insisted that if they really wanted to be 'friends' with a particular person the interaction should be ideally face to face and at a minimum via voice. I told them that they could join once they were adults if they still felt that they had to be on. As time went by they heard about fights
  5. I am very pleased to say that I never got that crap. I never even seriously considered it despite being invited to and urged to join on several occasions. Some people gave me that astonished, "you're not on FB" look. I spared them the look of my reciprocal sentiment.
  6. This was USMNT's first ever loss in Atlanta, first loss to a Caribbean team in some four or more decades, and either the first loss ever or at least in this tournament to Jamaica. A team that is ranked somewhere south of 50 and it just had to happen while I was there. Despite that they will still have a chance to get to the Confederations cup. This team looks nothing like the attacking team that beat Netherlands and Germany a few weeks ago in friendlies, but the flip side is that these weren't European teams. Even Zardes who had looked really promising recently had a disappointing night.
  7. What is it with the Mexicans and throwing **** on to the field? Dome smartly disallowed dispensing bottles, but a few got through the gate anyway.
  8. Almost $500 ouch, I was in the nosebleed. I'm now relieved that I was unable to buy better seats because that was ugly I knew that Jamaica wouldn't be a pushover but I also didn't expect the US's woes to continue this deep in the tournament. Not a good tournament at all, starting with the poor showing against HON, the Cuba game was hardly impressive. WTF was that Jamaican goal off of that throw in???????? I would have stayed and watched some of the second match, but the loss soured my mood and I didn't want to stick around after that and hear the obnoxious and foul Mexican chant followi
  9. I am really looking forward to being there tonight. It will probably be the most attended match of the tournament to this point. Not surprisingly a sell out, 68,000 + expected. I could sell tickets for a nice profit. Prices have shot up! I'm glad US has the early match, probably watch a little of the second before leaving. USA USA USA and best to Panama!
  10. I've put together a new system and ran several of the early builds, when it was known as Project Spartan. I don't like IE, and found it funny that the only thing that crashed on the preview was IE. Edge seemed faster and I saw where some benchmark scores confirm that. I finally bailed on the previews, but I definitely saw 10 as one of MS's better releases and will be generally well accepted.
  11. Thread title is wrong. A Georgia team will be opening the stadium - Atlanta United FC. MLS will have been playing there for months (since March). Those two colleges will open their seasons, but that will not be the inaugural stadium event. I'm going to take a wild guess here, that if the Falcons are still doing Friday Night Lights, that year the game would take place at the new stadium, even though the stadium should have had an open house even before the United FC play there.
  12. Ugly wins aren't just in the NFL.
  13. Nice logo, and nice goal Dempsey to open scoring in a game in which the US does not look very good,but Honduras somehow always seems to disrupt the US game. If the USMNT can do what they're expected to do, they should be in the GA Dome in the latter stages of this tournament.
  14. Post #4 said it even better. I have admired many things about Churchill, but neither his quotes or Thatcher's are worth a Drachma in this matter. Further, neither of them ever commented on the system of endemic cronyism that exists in various forms and is prevalent now. It's not the type of thing that anyone limited to only perceiving things within the binary spectrum of leftie and rightie could ever see.
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