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  1. She's dumb as bricks but this has to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen in congress:
  2. logic here is... you can stop sleeping with your sibling. But you can't stop being inbred.
  3. Health care is just goods and services. Every other market is made up of goods and/or services. Capitalism has a proven record of success in a multitude of markets. Health care should be no different. If we were good consumers and shopped for the best care at the best prices quality would rise and costs would go down. But instead of have middle men (insurance and government bureaucracy) that prevents a normal capitalistic exchange and thus cause prices to get out of control. Capitalism has been a success in a vast number of markets and would be a success with health care too if it was utilized properly. No point debating it. It is what it is and obviously I'm not going to change your mind.
  4. What were we talking about again? I gave up when you started putting words in my mouth (a common tactic on this board). See, Steve thinks <insert government program> is socialism har har har! When I never said anything like that. Single payer everything is socialism and there's no reason to make health care single payer while everything else is not. Health care is still goods and services. So is every other industry. There's no reason why health care should be different. Health care has been moving further and further away from capitalism and we are seeing failure after failure as a result. Prior to the HMO act of 1973 health care costs were around 5% of GDP. Now it's approaching 20%. Government intervention is to blame. History has shown capitalism to be the most successful economic system when it comes to producing goods and services at the highest quality for the lowest cost. Socialism has failed time and time again leading to misery. The answer is obvious but since health care costs have ballooned out of control (thanks to HMO, ACA, etc...) nobody can fathom actually ditching insurance and shopping for the best health care at the lowest prices.
  5. Ya har har, it's just like Wall Street! I don't buy stocks, I buy stock insurance and my shares that I don't have much choice over are doled out to me. But going back, it seems like your overall answer is we shouldn't have single payer food, clothes, etc... because those markets are "healthy" and the healthcare industry is not. The difference is is that for the most part the food industry, clothing industry, etc... are capitalistic in nature (yes there are regulations but nothing like the healthcare industry). Healthcare hasn't been anything close to resembling capitalism since before I was born. And you wonder why it's a failure? History has already taught us why it's a failure. Capitalism has been the most successful economic system in the history of planet earth leading to higher quality goods and services at lower costs. Socialism and collectivism have a long track record of failure and misery.
  6. Yep, socialists have been screwing up healthcare for decades. That's what makes the healthcare industry different than food, clothes, etc...
  7. Didn't say they weren't regulated but last I checked we aren't forced to buy food insurance or clothes insurance (as opposed to buying it directly). See this difference is that the healthy industries still show some degree of capitalism whereas the healthcare industry is far far from anything resembling capitalism.