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  1. Was watching the TNF game like...
  2. There have even been ice ages and "warm" ages too. Jerks driving SUVs back then thousands of years ago...
  3. @WhenFalconsWin How bad was Camille (1969) and the labor day hurricane of 1935?
  4. Get a room you two.
  5. Start off just walking. Do what I do every morning. Wake up, grab some black coffee and some headphones, turn on a podcast, and start walking (before eating). Do this every morning 30-60 minutes. You can also try keeping the carbs low and/or try intermittent fasting. Ie... only eat between 12-8pm (or some other 8 hour window) and fast the rest.
  6. I'm just arguing that Irma isn't the end all be all hurricanes of the ages. It was a bad hurricane. Top 10 in recorded history even. But it was not the worst hurricane ever. It is not end all be all proof of climate change any more than the 1935 labor day hurricane was. Hurricanes happen during hurricane season. Some of them can be bad. Yes it sux that Charleston is flooded. But it's not the first or last time that has happened. Hurricane Matthew flooded Charleston too though not as bad as Irma. When you live in a bowl surrounded by soup, sometimes you get wet (see also: Katrina: New Orleans)
  7. Ever heard of inflation? It's kinda like new movies. "New movie X is the highest grossing movie ever". Happens almost every year. The Saffir Simpson scale does not "suck". I've been through category 1-3 hurricanes and have seen category 5 damage first hand. A category 1 storm is vastly different from a category 3 storm which is vastly different from a category 5 storm. No that doesn't account for flooding in low lying areas. Yes a lower category storm can cause more damage if it hits a flood prone area. That said the amount of sheer destruction from the storm itself is vastly different depending on Saffir Simpson category. Even if Sandy was more costly, I'd far rather be in New Jersey for Sandy than Homestead for Andrew. Andrew's destruction was like a F-10 tornado.
  8. Well there is something to the SS scale. I took direct hits from Francis and Jeanne (cat 1) in Orlando and they were no big deal. That same season I also took a direct hit from Charlie (cat 3) in Orlando and....OMG... that thing was a beast. Far more damage and disaster from that one. Scary to go through as well as our roof sounded like it was going to tear off. But a few years before that I was in Ft. Lauderdale for Andrew (cat 5). While we only got cat 1 winds that far north, we took trips down to Homestead through my dad's work to help out. The level of devastation from Andrew cannot be described. My dad was in the Air Force so he took me onto Homestead Air Force base. The Air Force did everything right to protect the base but the hurricane ripped the roofs off all the hangers and launched an F-16 into a tree. I literally saw an F-16 sitting in a large tree. Normal neighborhoods (not trailer parks, normal neighborhoods like yours or mine) were completely and utterly destroyed. Not a single house survived. None of them had roofs. All were flooded and mostly ripped apart. That's why I typically say that cat 1 is a picnic compared to cat 3-5. Granted there are flood zones (like Charleston) that take a huge amount of flood damage but that would have happened whether the storm was cat 1 or cat 5. That said the power difference between a cat 1 and a cat 5 storm is unreal. Most structures can survive a cat 1 storm. Almost nothing can withstand a cat 5 storm.
  9. OK... I wasn't around for "Labor Day" or "Camille" but in my lifetime wind damage award goes to Andrew and water damage award goes to Katrina. WFW, how bad was the "Labor Day" hurricane in 1935?
  10. Correct: Also note that "Labor Day" and Camille had a lower landfall pressure than Irma ever had even at its strongest.