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  1. I kinda like the green ghost aspect of the first one. There was a time pressure on both ends. Could the bad guys get to the town center before the green ghosty guys killed everyone? Was so close...
  2. Speaking of war simulations, this one is pretty epic: It was both a simulation and a real competition that came down to the wire.
  3. This is Blank's solution to everything... We had personnel problems with McKay as GM so he keeps McKay and brings in TD. Then we continue to have personnel problems with TD as GM so we keep TD and bring in Pioli as "assistant" GM. Now we have scheme / play calling problems with Sark as OC so we keep Sark and bring in an experienced OC in Knapp as QB coach (aka, assistant OC). Blank's solution is: If there's a problem throw more people and experience at the problem.
  4. I'm fine with Greg Knapp as QB coach...if we bring in Kubiak as OC...
  5. In the most surveilled place on earth, there is pretty much zero footage of released from inside the hotel.
  6. Hmm... Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA): Recently I’ve been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident… Twice before the attack ISIS warned the United States they would attack Las Vegas. In June and August. And then after the attack claimed responsibility four times… Something’s not adding up… I’m just telling you I have received what I feel to be and believe to be credible evidence of a possible terrorist nexus...
  7. Wut? Off topic, We've seen Borat and Worat, but have you seen Whorat?
  8. I've seen the Vikings sideline video of the final catch/TD but what I really want to see is the Saints sideline video.
  9. If you put any stock in PFF, Ryan was the 2nd highest graded player on our offense after Julio and the 2nd highest rated QB in the NFL after Brady. OG was the weak link on offense.
  10. Ya Julio definitely has me beat there... Watching that catch makes me sad he didn't catch that last pass in the Eagle game
  11. I'm at about 219 now so I switched from Andre Johnson to Julio Jones
  12. As for the article, ordering amish to use electricity goes in line with law in some states that you can't collect and drink rain water. Free country my azz.