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  1. I'm sure Kaep can find a job in the CFL like Manziel. Good luck bro.
  2. Really.... Just looked at the rosters. Mostly the same players. 7-0 under Jimmy G. 2-14 Kaep's last year the prior year. Hmm...
  3. The same team that Jimmy G led to 7-0 the following year? That team?
  4. Ya Flacco won that Super Bowl but I don't consider him a good QB either. But yes at one point Kaep was a winning and dangerous QB then either the league figured him out or he declined or both.
  5. I think SF was 2-14 his last year as the starting QB. I'm sure there are other teams eager to lose 14 games but don't want to for political reasons.
  6. That's where I'm at. Thread got too toxic. Later gents.
  7. I'm aware of this and it's "bombarded" a lot more than it used to be. Oh, and it's annoying.
  8. Some people like to escape the BS. Movies/TV used to be a way to do that. Sports used to be a way to do that. Not anymore.
  9. So now I'm a "bass ackwards bigot" for pointing out the obvious? Thanks.
  10. Some of you seem surprised or upset that NFL Owners are making decisions to try and maximize revenue and profits. Where have you been the last several decades? NFL owners and players are greedy as he11. Your moral outrage is misplaced. If NFL owners and players being greedy bothered you you'd have been gone years ago.
  11. You're the one that needs to read. I didn't say the anthem wasn't political. I said it shouldn't be political. If you can't tolerate a country's national anthem maybe you shouldn't live in said country. I'm sure there are other options.
  12. Here we go again... I think I've seen this thread 100 times in ABF. I'll summarize real quick what's happening. NFL Owners decided that they are missing out on extra revenue because of these protests. So they made a business decision to try to improve revenue and profits. And by making said business decision maybe we'll be able to afford Matt Ryan's contract and Julio's demands now...
  13. The anthem shouldn't be political. Why does it have to be? It's a song. Who cares if they play a song before a game.
  14. Keep politics on CSPAN, Fox News, CNN, or in the voting booth, not in sports. Why does EVERYTHING have to be political?
  15. NFL in 2030: