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  1. *reads title* News flash: It doesn't matter if you win or lose a preseason game. It's just a way to evaluate individual players. You don't get a trophy for winning the preseason.
  2. Asheville is beautiful. If you like outdoorsy stuff it's paradise. It's about an 80-90 minute drive for me to Asheville. Been there several times.
  3. Good form but I still have no interest in seeing how they continue to butcher the original characters and franchise. Star Wars is dead to me. If they overhaul the leadership at Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy is gone I might consider coming back but in the current state? I'm done.
  4. Nope. Still haven't seen Solo. Might not ever watch it. Maybe if it's on TV or Netflix sometime who knows.
  5. So what. Not paying to watch it anyway.
  6. Oliva Padron Davidoff? Haven't tried.
  7. 2 Hip Hop fans listen to Metallica's Master of the Puppets for the first time: Faces melt at 9:57. The **** hits the fan at 10:06
  8. Hmm I think they had time left on their current contracts...
  9. Hmm I think they had time left on their current contracts...
  10. Here Julio you have 3 choices.... Your move.
  11. I actually mostly agree with the OP. Anything political should be left out of football. It should be an escape from day to day politics.