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  1. 7275 0984 7367 8943 743 I don't get it. That's a weird name for a band...
  2. I know it's simple. There are a lot more complicated riffs out there, it's just catchy.
  3. Don't judge me but I've always found this riff to be extremely catchy... Dao Dee Dah Dah Dah Doh Dah Dee Dah Dah Dah
  4. Oh didn't see the closed pathway until you said something.
  5. Nah Empire is the best SW movie from beginning to end. Other SW movies had great scenes and sequences but no SW movie has been great from beginning to end since Empire.
  6. Jeez. We went from Star Wars drought to Star Wars overload. Gonna be so burnt out on Star Wars in a few years.
  7. Over 13,000 JFK files released today:
  8. If it's an Empire ripoff I'll never spend another dime on Star Wars. I shouldn't have to pay money to watch re-runs.
  9. Empire Strikes Back was the peak of Star Wars. Ever since it has been very hit or miss. Mostly miss. And don't get me started on TFA... I own every SW movie on Blu-Ray except TFA. No desire to see it again.