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  1. Career wise you may be right. But I think the best Falcon RB season has to be Jamal Anderson in 1998. He didn't do a whole lot besides 98 but that season he was a monster. Interesting link: Riggs has the most total yards (Andrews blew out his knee) but Andrews has the highest YPC of the leading RBs.
  2. Another one: Didn't know I was such a huge fan of Japanese kiddie music.
  3. Riggs / Andrews was the best backfield we ever had. Watch this play. Both Riggs and Andrews in the backfield. Andrews (31) makes a huge block that allows Riggs to run through the hole for a TD:
  4. I remember all the jokes about Leftwich's overthrows. "The ball still hasn't landed"
  5. Turner had HUGE thighs. Once he got those legs moving they didn't stop. Even with a 240 pound defender hanging on for dear life.
  6. This thread is about Turner so not going to get into the Turner vs Andrews pizzing contest. Can we just appreciate both of their contributions? That said, here's my favorite Turner gif:
  7. OK @clownorg here you go:
  8. Keep watching. Kiddie cartoon drummer OWNS! At 0:18 that 8 ball of cocaine kicks in... "Not shown: A savage pit of 5 year olds thrashing the s*** out of each other. Crushed juice boxes everywhere. Pandemonium."
  9. Don't know the brand but you can throw them in a humidor for a few days and see if they are any good after that.
  10. I hope so. Maybe our best bet is kind of a "rope a dope" strategy. Maybe by the end of the game Barkley will be exhausted from running long TDs that he's no longer effective and Ryan can finish the Giants off.
  11. Nice optimism but have you seen Barkley play yet? I've seen a lot of RBs over the years and I've never seen anyone that resembles Barry Sanders as much as Barkley does. He's extremely slippery and elusive and we have trouble finishing tackles. I have a feeling he's going to make some of our defenders look really bad... I'd love to be optimistic but I just can't see how our defense slows him down. We're going to have to put a lot of points on the board (again) to pull this out.