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  1. Ya if this was the best thing on the internet today then you must be having a very bad day on the internet
  2. Howard rotating in on 1st and 2nd down with Freeman on all downs... I like...
  3. 4 different 40 times all in pads: One on grass One on turf One on grass with cones (cutting). One on turf with cones (cutting).
  4. Seen this one? I still have a hard time believing she is singing that...
  5. I just don't know why nobody wants to pay Kap $20 million+ per year... Oh yeah, that's right...
  6. Millions of dollars and no risk of injury playing football. Not a bad deal at all.
  7. First movie ever from 1902 restored and colorized.
  8. Well he just cashed in on that lawsuit. But of course it's not about the money...
  9. Kaepernick Reportedly Asked For $20 Million To Play In The AAF Despite Players Making Only $75k A Year OK this guy doesn't want to play football. He wants to play victim. If it wasn't about the money and he truly wanted to play football he would be playing for an AAF team right now.
  10. Warning: Language (but you can barely understand it anyway).
  11. Mountain Lion > Cheetah. And someone else did it in Colorado. Cheetahs are pretty harmless compared to a mountain lion. Mountain lions have been known to kill people. Cheetahs not so much. I'd love to have a cheetah as a pet if I had a huge yard.
  12. This guy is a mash up genius! Slayer + Wham + Van Halen + Dokken. Wow!