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  1. Sewell right tackle until Jake leaves and put McGary at guard. **** lindstrom could center.
  2. We had higher YAC with Shanny and with Sark it was decent. It’s Koetter and his routes. While they may have lots of air yards they have no YAC. Ryan’s lowest YAC years were all Koetter. When a true WCO OC helps Ryan he has career years. With both Sark and Shanny Ryan had 4900ish yards and 35/7 TD/INT or better. His worst years? DK with 2012 being an outlier.
  3. Gurley lost a step, but Koetter has never been able to establish a run game here in Atlanta.
  4. He’s more of a tweener anyway. He can play DE.
  5. Give Matt a run game and a better play caller, he will be back to 2018 stats. I’m calling it. Koetter has given Matt his worst years despite 2012. That year was easy schedule and lots of talent. Koetter has wasted a good bit of Matt and Julios career.
  6. Pretty much nails the sentiment. However, the id in me occasionally erupts in anger over the countless things that had to, and did happen, for them to win. And then you realize the universe is against you and your city. I’m trying.
  7. It was like hey all of this absurd **** is happening, no reason why more can’t happen! It really was a feeling of inevitability. That catch was so improbable, why not add to it? You’ve won the lotto of terrible.
  8. That catch and game had me thinking I definitely live in a simulation. No ******* way all of those terrible things could have happened. If Arthur Smith can’t get rid of the blown lead mentality I’ll check out for a while. That Super Bowl was like falling onto a pike or spear and surviving. Then not being sure about whether you want to take that risk again or not. I’m tired of being stabbed. The number of leads we blow is hard to stomach.
  9. I thought it was just me. I barely opened YouTube and I had to click not interested on a lot of videos. Took me three months just to look at any sports site or sport at all. It seemed like just when you think you got away, 28-3 popped up. Like in every day life. Years later Brady was trolling us.
  10. That god**** Edelman catch. I mean come on 30 out of 39 crazy things had to happen for them to win and that’s exactly what happened.
  11. Yeah man call the holding on bloodline but no raping facemask of Sanu. Run Run Kick after a historic catch would have won it ******* Freeman and Uncle ******* Luke begging for a deal while missing probably the most important block in franchise history. That game was an assault on my hope in life.
  12. It’s a god**** travesty. Then I start thinking about those three flags on the same drive. That ******* game lol.
  13. LoL even when I’m having a good time I’m like “he could have just kicked it” lol
  14. Slightly misleading thread title. If he does go, he will win much more than he did here.
  15. Sources on that moon **** because it’s ********
  16. Only thing the creator knew was how to make a simulation that produces life. Quantum field theory and the double slit experiment makes us living in the matrix more plausible.
  17. They said that when Vick walked in some years ago. Pack hadn’t lost a home playoff game in decades.
  18. I hope so. When watching Quinn over his career here, I always had the feeling that he was working on fundamentals but not evolving with the chancing nfl. I hope smith can evolve with the game.
  19. A ton of us, including me, were saying Teco was the most versatile back, and should be the one we give the contract to and not freeman. Look who signed him.
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