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  1. Doesn’t matter. Once Oliver can go outside they will put Rocky at Nickle and Poole in dime.
  2. Then dislocated his finger when he finally reached for the phone
  3. I’m divorced with a GT350. Forget that dad car stuff!
  4. This is another example where he looked terrible. It was as if he threw him into the end zone.
  5. Anyone would be gassed taking bad angles and being out of position. He had to run further than anyone else playing.
  6. Look at a majority of their big running plays or when CMC caught the ball... and tell me that Duke was where Deion would be. For example, on a big play for Carolina for about 20 yards, not only only was Riley out of position but he took an angle that made him take a u shaped path and the runner ran right past him. I know it was a zone defense on the play but he sat and watched the RB catch the pass then decided after the guy started running that perhaps he should tackle him. Maybe. After he thought about it for a second then he ran in the direction where the player was. Not is going, was. He’s bad. I don’t know if snaps are going to get him up to speed. Deion is a tackle machine. Deion took games and games to get it but was still great in cover-1. Riley is a chicane in man or zone. Riley was responsible for a decent portion of that 4.2 ypp because we weren’t giving up much on the back end or in the run game. Until the fourth quarter, our defense and offense was dominating Carolina, and would have been even better if Deion wasn’t injured.
  7. Beasley will rack up numbers not named Rodgers and Wilson. Give the man some time. He’s back in the grind from being all over last year and we still have him spying Cam while he’s getting mashed up. He doesn’t seem as vicious as he should but he’s still gonna get his.
  8. If Gordon has Brady throwing to him he will be top five by the end of the season.
  9. Duke was 40% of that. Should have been 3 yards per
  10. Last guy cut from Eagles. DE/OLB
  11. Sweet. Let’s watch him find a way to somersault through this one.
  12. I don’t know if you guys watched closely enough but I say give him some time. He had a couple of almost sacks and Cam is just strong. Even Takk missed two sacks. Beasley has been underwhelming but lll wait until the end of the season.