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  1. Other than chitterlings, the McRib is one of those most disgusting things people look forward to.
  2. 50/50 on onions. They are great but they don’t make the burger. I had a homemade burger with bacon, avocado, and uncle Rufus bbq sauce and it was serious business without even a hint of effort or onion. Onions are just an extra regardless of how you serve them. The combined flavor makes the burger, and onion is just an ingredient.
  3. There’s no “speed of light” limit. Technically speaking, what light experiences is infinite speed. What limits it is the universal speed of causality. If we were to travel at the speed of light, we wouldn’t age much at all.
  4. I’m ignorant. What kind of cut of meat is that and where can I get it!
  5. Can’t believe some of the **** going on these days.
  6. Let’s see 1400 yards a season over five and the same amount of double teams first. Jones has 3x more 250 yard games than anyone else in history (and will likely have another), a 300 yarder... Thomas broke 200 once. Holla at me when he’s there.
  7. We always go far vs AFC West. 2012, 2016, and hopefully 2020
  8. Basketball ties Americans to other countries more than any other sport IMHO. Kobe was a uniting personality and athlete. This news is playing around the world.
  9. This game is going exactly as I imagined
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