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  1. About what Schraeder is doing. Not half bad considering he’s a TE playing RT
  2. Yep. Toilolo didn’t have the best blocking grades, but he made great blocks when it really mattered. How many TEs can play RT when your whole line is injured and not look half bad doing it ?
  3. For once he’s spot on.
  4. I laugh every time I think about this play
  5. Every single one I know except for one nutjob hates trump. I guess this is like his ratings in the black community being high, too, right? How many black people actually like trump? Less than 2% of Fox News viewers are black. Do they just make this **** up and hope people buy it?
  6. There were definitely a lot of dropped passes in 2017, opposing players knowing they would get lit up.
  7. Grady is gonna get tagged.
  8. 2002 but had to remake my account for some reason, but I was inactive while in school for a million years.
  9. Hahahaha at least he’s living with the consequences.
  10. That ball couldn’t have been thrown any more perfectly. It was both a great pass and a career catch.
  11. The point is that there’s talent around the 14th pick.
  12. More like you’d rather play a team with a terrible offense and you know your offense can keep up if your defense can at least slow them down. Ryan gets jittery because his Oline always lets him down. Our defense gives up a ton of points. He was most sacked by a fair margin. Don’t ignore the facts and cherry pick what makes your point work. He owns all of the records for best losing quarterback because his run game and defense generally let him down. When has Ryan ever a great defense to aid him like Wilson or Jackson?
  13. Aaron Donald we passed over for Jake and was 13
  14. 14.5/yr
  15. Tree and DiMarco, the two biggest cuts we miss the most