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  1. Hardest noodle?
  2. Strongest noodle in the league
  3. ******* lol how are people still defending this orange baboon. It’s so ******* obvious.
  4. So we couldn’t have done better ?
  5. Cuz we are still going green despite Trump? We could do better.
  6. Watch the Falcons defense change looks at the last second for many plays to disrupt the last-second pre-mic-cutoff play calling of McVay after identifying defenses for the QB.
  7. I think they had the same PFF score as well. Not that they are suddenly more valid because I agree...
  8. Evans will struggle with Oliver vs shoving and hugging Alford and Tru
  9. Every week I say “WTF it can’t get any worse,” and it keeps going. Surely there is a tipping point.
  10. Whataboutisms don’t justify the **** that is going on now. That channel has infected your brain. You’re comparing decades ago to now. Parties change.
  11. More than what we did is better than 10. You’re basically agreeing with me in a disagreeable way. Sark should have done a lot better with our talent and he did not use everything at his disposal to do it. It’s starting to become like when we won in spite of Mike Smith wanting to be conservative with big 2nd half leads: we could do much better but we don’t. We have so much talent we get yards and score in spite of the terrible play calling.
  12. Where did I say easy? I said we should have done “more than 10 points,” especially since other teams were doing much more with better game plans. Don’t straw man me. I thought you were better than using fallacies to prove a point
  13. 13 personnel is our weakness. Our TEs as a whole are an unknown.