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  1. You nailed it with his head up Wentzs ***
  2. One of those calls was total bs
  3. Let’s watch tonight how many times our receivers get mugged but no call is made while Oliver gets two flags for defensive holding.
  4. Eagles, like the Vikings, play their best defensive ball at home. Hopefully we do better at home with a half a crowd.
  5. He missed the tackle as well. Just all around poor effort. At least run and hug the guy.
  6. Should have never given up. He’s seen a million pump fakes
  7. The one where he gave up on Cousins after the pump fake?
  8. Redskins spanking the eagles. I guess that makes me feel slightly better.
  9. Wtf Beasley just hit the exit door.
  10. LoL oh boy
  11. Coming from a guy that only drove German boosted cars, I had no idea American cars were this good. It’s the first car I’m not trying to get rid of after a year or two. I love her lol.
  12. It’s a Ford. Only thing I can brag about is how awesome the car is! If there is a such thing as an affordable American exotic, this is it. I love this car. Sorry not sorry.