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  1. My car uses some exotic **** that costs only slightly more if dealer changes it vs DIY. Definitely worth whining over.
  2. Comparing Oliver in that skins game to Trufant in the browns game. Trufant was playing soft and off and giving up tons of yards. Reality is Trufant has been terrible lately.
  3. Watching the game Alford was out, Oliver > Trufant at this point. At least he was forcing the receivers to make contested catches. Trufant accompanies the receiver to the ball and congratulates then for catching it.
  4. He was just late on the release to a lot of throws. Matt was off. Cleveland has talent as well.
  5. He’s off today but the receivers don’t seem to be getting as open as they usually do
  6. Or it’ll be a team that hasn’t done something all season but they do it to us more than once in a game
  7. Jesus they both have been terrible this year. They used to be our version of no fly zone, now they are the fly here zone.
  8. He’s playing so soft today. He gave up a ton of catches on that first scoring drive for the Browns
  9. When you expect the falcons to destroy someone they play down to the opponents talent and coaching. I don’t know about today, they may be on a mission like 2016, but if you’ve been around long enough...
  10. I saw him at a liquor store. Only sack he’s getting is a brown paper sack of Jack.
  11. It’s more and more noticeable when the rest of the team is getting their **** together and he’s being a bum
  12. That’s too simplified. Backup may need game time reps to get close to, replicated, or exceed the production of starters. For all we know, Kazee could be better than Rico once he gets the reps. Debo and Campbell both looked awful at the beginning of the 16 season. Reps made the difference plus some changes in scheme.
  13. Yeah you just get back to the LOS and get ready for the next play. Bragging a about a drop...