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  1. They took advantage of an injured falcons team on their way to the playoffs a few years ago, and their fans boasted about the victory. It’s ok to beat an injured team.
  2. A 7th ranked pass defense that spends s lot of time on the field. That’s an amazing improvement.
  3. Teams have been putting their WR1 in the slot against us in zone and even man a reasonable amount this year. When you have an improved Alford and Trufant on the other side, teams focus on whatever tender spot they can. Poole has been going up against WR1/TE and handling his business, but teams are going to go for the weakest spot and he happens to be it. Quinn trusts his man defense the most and we tend to thrive there, but we don’t have A+ players at every defensive position. For how long the offense can’t seem to stay on the field, our defense has done a great job not giving up points. He has to go up against Baldwin this Monday. It won’t get any easier. You guys will be back at it Tuesday about how he performs in this game.
  4. We had no Julio, hobbled Roddy, and a late to practice Gonzalez that year (13)
  5. He used rub routes and mismatches as Denver is primarily man. The difference is that Shanny was doing this on first down, big pass yards to RB, which forced them to attempt to go light nickle even on first down to try to keep up with Coleman. Then we started gashing them for run yards. Sark is still run run pass on some drives early in the game. Shanny always mixed it up early in the game then took what the defense gave him as they adjusted. Shanny just about always ran p/a bootleg on first downs. We don’t do this near as much.
  6. Sherman isn’t protecting one side of the field as usual, and MR tends to have a field day throwing to Julio against everyone else on the Seahawks defense. Earl can’t save them, mark my words. Defense steps up. 28-17, falcons.
  7. “I’ll do you a favor and stay out for one play” lol
  8. He had two runs starting the second half that were the majority of his yards, so this is correct. It’s the reason they had to throw so much.
  9. The LEO in our defense almost has the same responsibilities as the wide-9 in the eagles defense.
  10. You can see later in the video that when we fail in the run game, guys are clearly missing blocks. Just one guy failing to get to his second assignment (or even first for Wes a few times) can lead to tfl or just a yard or two. Maybe by the end of the season our run game will improve when guys are getting their blocks. Some of the misses just look bad.
  11. Yeah that was a terrible hit. Like he was trying to intentionally hurt his back or head and get him out of the game
  12. Also there are articals that show or posit that better helmets actually lead to more helmet to helmet hits. It’s my whole point, the new, better tech can actually have unintended consequences. Here are two top of google search https://qz.com/1084348/the-nfls-new-helmet-is-supposed-to-make-players-safer-from-brain-injuries-itll-almost-certainly-do-the-opposite/ http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-concussions-football-helmets-risk-taking-behavior-brain-injury-helmetless-tackling-technique-lawsuit/15srtbuzodfbk10tkmhxm8ayr7 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/12143470/Helmets-could-increase-brain-injuries-in-sport-warns-Concussion-doctor.html