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  1. I want to be optimistic, but I am not. Fine me later.
  2. Ketamine treatment for the immense bout with depression. If I had to watch the Saints beat the Pats after our collapse... dude seriously, I would find a new hobby. That’s devastating. I would definitely take a step back until the atmospheric debri from the planet sized mushroom cloud from the 500,000 megaton bomb that leveled my enthusiasm for GA teams settled down. Seriously. I had already decided I was not going to watch the game if the saints and pats were in it. I wouldn’t even catch the highlights at all, or watch sports channels for years if the Saints had won. **** that reality.
  3. We were getting huge chunks of runs AFTER the threat of the huge 1st down pass plays last year. Any stats and highlight video would show you this. We had the highest YPA on 1st down by a large margin. You have it backwards. We were clearly a passing team last year and those huge PA/bootleg (27%) plays on first down had teams guessing, hence the large chunks in the running game on first down after big passes. Shanny was all about misdirection and attacking tendencies of defenses. Sark just seems like he is picking plays that should succeed vs a specific defense. With the talent you have on this team, picking random plays from your situationsal tree would have the same effect, IMHO. Give any coach the the roster of the Golden State Warriors and you should win above .500. Takes a good OC to squeeze the most out of this offens. I don’t want Koetter back, but I’m sure he could have scored more with this roster this year, same playbook.
  4. Yeah, spend all of that money on your lines first
  5. **** yeah
  6. Jumping and kneeing. His knee ruined the pick.
  7. I’ve never seen a fan base throw as much salt in their own wounds as much as us.
  8. Bad play call that close to the end zone.
  9. LoL terrible
  10. Gabriel and Teco should be in this game plan.
  11. Almost like Cams
  12. Yes, they are already good and I am sure they studied how we put the clamps on him, and they did not run well on Carolina either. I’m worried but I don’t think MIN is outmatched in any way.
  13. Graham was out there warming up just now