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  1. ******* **** show
  2. What now Trump lovers? he may never see his property again?
  3. I’ve seen Levitre handle business. Mack will make our new RG better. We might have a pretty good line next year.
  4. Worked on Minnesota
  5. I just want Shanny back.
  6. Matt’s extension will reduce the cap. This is to bring an FA in.
  7. Sark would make sure of that
  8. Profit sharing from Network deals, ticket sales, etc., which is why all teams have the same cap. The networks have been bidding more each season seems like, tickets increase in price, so cap keeps going up. Team owners get a percentage and the team salary gets a percentage. That’s a rough explanation.
  9. Yeah. It’s probably already in the works.
  10. Yeah if he can still perform, he is worth it. If not, we can cut. It’s probably a done deal already.
  11. 3rd and long with Grady, Bennett, Takk, and Beasley would be fun.
  12. Sark would have not watched film again and tried to depend on our talent only and we would all still be drinking until training camp. No
  13. Probably why our offense threw up a deuce (cause they left) for the rest of the game.
  14. Players perform and execute better when the play call puts them in a position to succeed.
  15. Anyone can point to one or two plays. We should have still won that game.