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  1. We always go far vs AFC West. 2012, 2016, and hopefully 2020
  2. Basketball ties Americans to other countries more than any other sport IMHO. Kobe was a uniting personality and athlete. This news is playing around the world.
  3. It took me all of 7 seconds to edit lol
  4. I wouldnt resign Vic for more than 4.5 million
  5. Kirk Cousin’s cousin?
  6. This game is going exactly as I imagined
  7. Just like that? LoL
  8. He only comes to play when he’s up against Julio. So strange how he’s sucked for two years but when he plays Julio, it’s the only thing he gets out of bed fore.
  9. Hill has looked good the past few games. As his confidence improved, he’s done a lot better. I’m still waiting to see all of his receiving improvement, but Hill has done well despite poor blocking. Sometimes there is just nowhere to go, but he makes the best of what’s offered. He’s shown speed and some power.
  10. Dude was on an island most of the year. I’d say he did pretty **** well.
  11. Someone that knows what they are doing and can fix the run game
  12. Make Morris DC, send DK packing and get a real WCO OC in here.
  13. I can’t remember when but Julio was clocked at 23 mph once, Alford 22.3
  14. What could have been. Why am I always saying this about ATL/GA teams ?