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  1. Oh there was a flag. It was late but there was one. And he only landed about 25-30% of his weight on him. The lineman definitely landed on his side for the most part. Bad call. Even the commentators agree.
  2. You mean the lowest approval rating of any senator?
  3. man WTH human race needs to die we are a virus this is how it starts
  4. That would suck balls. 2000 all over against but worse.
  5. Aeon Flux was such a let down. ROTS wasn’t that bad lol. It was bad but fun to watch bad. Aeon Flux was a waste of time. Jesus Christ, it was bad.
  6. Trufant can’t even intercept a ball thrown right to him
  7. Is the only ga location in Fayetteville?
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