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  1. He paid the hackers there according to the fake dossier.
  2. this you?
  3. If a cold war is not a war, then why is it called a war?
  4. U.S. Tech Giant Cloudflare Provides Cybersecurity For At Least 7 Terror Groups Among its customers are the Taliban, al-Shabab and Hamas.
  5. Bolton: "They used Napster to obtain a Celine Dion album illegally. Time for Operation My Heart Will Go On!"
  6. As I eluded to before...its more like an unauthorized fly over. It's not war, but it's close. When the weapon is fired...then it becomes war, right?
  7. Thats not war. Outside of posts from a Cuban version of Mike Huckabee, people would not die.
  8. Months later: Russian Hackers Are Targeting America's Power Grid, Intelligence Officials Warn By David Brennan On 7/28/18 at 10:30 AM 7/24/18 Russian hackers penetrate US power stations
  9. That doesn't answer the question. Wouldn't hacking another countries power grid be along the same lines as violating their air space?
  10. A bridge too far.
  11. We don't go to war with team colors any more. It's kind of an evolving enemy.
  12. What do we call this?
  13. I am not arguing that Trump or anybody specific committed treason. I am more curious about it having to be a war time action. Remember...any enemy combatant doesn’t ever have to have been combatant...or even an enemy. Lol