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  1. Yes..many "informants" are involved with crime...that is the way it often works in intelligence gathering. Steel was brought in after there were news reports of Trump having ties to russia.
  2. Clinton/DNC...along with a Right Wing group hired an investigator who worked with one of our ally intelligence agencies and who is a friend of the US. Trump Jr...brought in a foreign adversary and offered up the changing of US laws in Russian favor for dirt...liking working directly with the Russian government/Putin...enemy. Yes...2.0
  3. It's not over. He has people taking plea deals. That means they are working their way up and these people dealing our telling on the bigger fish. In these cases, it's usually the guy at the top of the chain that gets hit last.
  4. Trump Jr already admitted it. He colluded, which isn't a legal there are not "collusion" charges. Stone and others worked with Wikileaks and Guccifer...and have already admitted it.
  5. You dolt...he threw sanctions at them and kicked Russians out of the country. Trump then ****-blocked him....and we are asking you why??
  6. They were involved or they were just really stupid...or both. Which is it? Also... Why havn't the sanctions been implemented? Why has Trump denied the attacks for so long?
  7. She connected all the dots....all of them...including the ones on her shirt, in paintings in the furniture store and the ones in the cups at dipping dots. I think of the dossier and the pee pee tape.
  8. Nothing. and he mentions 2014. wasn't there a Russian model(related to the Universe pageant ), who in 2013, tweeted or posted something about how Trump was going to be running for president in the next election?
  9. impeachment due to obstruction charges. Jr. will be charged with conspiracy along with Kushner. Thats my guess. Or they just look really stupid for being so they were when they retweeted TennGOP. Why havn't the sanctions been implemented? Why has Trump denied the attacks for so long? Because he is involved or is at least afraid the kompromat will be released.
  10. OMG...Trump walking to his helicopter while the reporters scream out questions.
  11. it's Infrastructure Week...and Mueller is already building!
  12. There will be more indictments.
  13. He actually seems like a good dude...from the speeches I have seen him give before.
  14. it's because they know he records the show each morning.
  15. I realized that a long time ago...same with "states' rights".