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  1. The Avenatti Holder ticket!
  2. Cohen took out a loan on his house to pay off stormy, right?
  3. The payoffs might be illegal.
  4. Scott Pruitt resigning is only going to save $3.9 Trillion.
  5. buhahahdahdhahadhahwehahahahdahdhadhadhadhadhsahdahdsahdahdahdahdahdhsadahsdsadhsad saul alinsky! buwhwhAZhdadhahdsadhsadhasdhashdsahd hahahdahadhahdad had hahdahdahdhadhadadaad
  6. 1.) Paying off these women is part of his professional life. He paid these women off so they wouldn't go public and hurt his election know, his professional life. The affairs happened years before...he wasn't paying them off to keep Melania from finding out. He paid them to keep the American public from finding out. 2.) The tapes haev not been released. they were seized by the FBI because it appears Trump and or his lawyer are criminals. 3.) Have you not been paying attention. We are constantly going after his professional life...because it's pretty **** terrible. 4.) What is going right over your head for some reason is that the reason things like this keep popping up ON TOP OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION is that it's because Trump is just a terrible, terrible person. 5.) This is a separate case....regarding Michal Cohen being a criminal...not just Trump. If an NFL player was being investigated for domestic assault and during that investigation, they found out that said player had been using steroids and had also been throwing games in a gambling scheme, you woulldn't say "hey...that's not were supposed to only be looking into domestic assault!" Or would you?
  7. It could also be bait from the prosecutors. Remind Cohen that they have the tapes...some of which he might not even recall what was recorded.
  8. I follow Tom and that might be his best post ever.
  9. So don't call him dotard, right? I will not do that.
  10. Putin says they talked about future military strategy.
  11. I was in the basement, drinking beer, listening to tunes and playing pool. Might have to check the podcast.
  12. are you Sacha Barron Cohen?