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  1. Watch" Good Time" if you guys have not. Dark and strange..done by the same guys. Can't wait to see their new one!
  2. Serge is going to try to convince you that it was Trump's plan like 5 years ago to get the Christian leaders to call him out this year because it will make all the liberals look like idiots...some how.
  3. Uh...isn't Canada known for having multiple languages? Oui?
  4. He said there was quid pro did Trump's chief of staff. There were also more witnesses than Sondland. Does it ever wear you down having to dive and duck from the truth like this all day?
  5. To be fair...we have thousands of journalists that Trump doesn't like.
  6. Did you listen to those who did testify under oath?
  7. Thats amazing considering he did not testify.
  8. so you think we should have the right to genocide babies, suppress free speech and move towards communism???
  9. why did god create animals that change genders?
  10. I suppose god was ******* with you?
  11. what is a mutilation gender happy?
  12. Are you sure? I saw Doug Collins sucking on Trump's eggs.