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  1. He is giving welfare to farmers, right?
  2. I am pretty sure Don Jr is one of the Gemstones.
  3. Nancy didn't try to buy Greenland.
  4. Saw Noel Gallagher and the Smashing Pumpkins last night. Was very cool to hear Noel play his new tune along with some of the old Oasis gems and even a Beatles track. Pumpkins were great too....amazing to see them again with the old members playing with. Beer prices sucked....I can tell you that! A 24oz beer was almost $20. That should be illegal.
  5. Maybe he is a cop?
  6. He was talking to you.
  7. Remember when Trump said the unemployment rate was 42%? He was talking to you.
  8. The Colbert Report was genius stuff, dude.