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  1. I live right outside of Charlotte and I have watched Cam play. Anyone who says that Cam has been having a good preseason has not been watching the same games that I have. Panther fans are starting to get a little worried. Drew Brees is getting older. Still a great quarterback, though. Josh Freeman is good and I believe will only get better. But I still would take Matt over any of these guys. Plain and simple, the guy knows how to win. And now he has a whole lot more weapons. I just do not see there being any way that Matt can have a bad season. Maybe if he was not a student of the game.
  2. Agree. I think people need to calm down a little. The first team offense has looked good so far. They just have not been given a lot of time. Let them play a whole game and I think the team will be looking pretty good. No worries here.
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