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  1. yeah.. except we have the opposite now.. i guess we turned it around
  2. Hey.. Ive been gone for a few years... I hated the racial crap that infected the boards and I had to get away... Sometime between then and now my post count has dropped by tens of thousands... did that happen to everyone?? or am i special?
  3. Im not sure I understand.. is it the Gowdy comment you hate? To me it seems like he is the only honest one left... Oh, and a wall won't stop us.. Aussies fly in
  4. Hahaha... I am a filthy foreigner trying to get a grip on how many real people feel about stuff.. The mainstream media would have us all believe that 96% of the population (globally) are enlightened bleeding heart liberals.. and then there is a racist/homophobic/islamaphobic minority holding up all their progress it kind of scares me how much is kept from the public.. what is not reported if it doesn't fit a certain narrative.. on both sides. Here in Australia I know that the police are discouraged from reporting when crimes are committed by Sudanese immigrants, because the gove
  5. I really wanted to add more than 3 questions... but 3 is the max.. maybe we can do this again
  6. Well, If you are ever in Australia, let me know I'll put you up for a few nights... might even feed you! I'm not sure how much help I would be.. but I'll give it a stab..
  7. I am from Australia.. but I have an interest in US politics.. Who do you guys think is the least biased in their reporting of actual facts? I see a lot of CNN and Fox ********.. and I realize the truth is somewhere in the middle.. Is anybody reporting facts over opinion?
  8. Just followed on Flickr.. man your bird work is amazing!!!
  9. The 5d's do look nice.. I just never shoot landscape.. Im all portraits all the time... so the 7D works just fine. Wildlife around here is a little boring.. you get sick of kangaroos after a while..
  10. BTW.. love that Pontiac pic... Can I get it as a wallpaper??
  11. Im a Canon guy.. 7D mkII... with the 70-200 2.8... that lens hardly ever comes off the camera
  12. just to help me out... if you have changed your name since the early 2000's.. can you please write what it used to be
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