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  1. Well, If you are ever in Australia, let me know I'll put you up for a few nights... might even feed you! I'm not sure how much help I would be.. but I'll give it a stab..
  2. Just followed on Flickr.. man your bird work is amazing!!!
  3. The 5d's do look nice.. I just never shoot landscape.. Im all portraits all the time... so the 7D works just fine. Wildlife around here is a little boring.. you get sick of kangaroos after a while..
  4. BTW.. love that Pontiac pic... Can I get it as a wallpaper??
  5. Im a Canon guy.. 7D mkII... with the 70-200 2.8... that lens hardly ever comes off the camera
  6. Ever since Kroy replaced him as the resident whipping boy.. he just hasn't been as useful around here
  7. yeah.. im kinda the opposite.. if there isnt a person in it it feels empty to me... having said that i love other peoples landscapes and such... just don't like my own
  8. IMG_0372 by mozzie71, on Flickr
  9. IMG_7910 by mozzie71, on Flickr
  10. weddings-30 by mozzie71, on Flickr
  11. nypd by mozzie71, on Flickr
  12. Alexis - Boudoir-10 by mozzie71, on Flickr
  13. im not trollin.. you be trollin.. lol