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  1. That's just what Belichick does. Every advantage he can get he uses, no matter how small or illegal. You just have to wonder what stuff he HASN'T gotten caught doing. You know he is doing much more. While this probably didn't matter vs the Colts, who knows if they were doing it vs the Ravens? It could have made all the difference then. I doubt Goodell will do anything about this though.
  2. I bet Blank wanted the leak. If you're him, do you want a no-brainer coach firing + high draft pick, or a lower pick and a controversial firing. What happened Sunday was for the best of the franchise.
  3. Suh is all about the money. What makes you think he won't put in a half effort once he signs? He even said his agent will be determining his next team. This guy has Haynesworth tattooed on his face.
  4. I will be very disappointed if we don't hire Rex Ryan. He fits all of our needs.
  5. I sense some Haynesworth in him so I would stay away from the monster contract. We could pick up 2-3 underrated pass rushers for the price of Suh.
  6. This is a total hit piece... Blank has made mistakes in the past, but he learned from all of them and the franchise has been better for it. No one had heard of TD and Smitty when they were hired, but everyone has to agree they were the right choices and Blank made them. Look at the other owners in Atlanta. Do you think Liberty Media actually cares about the Braves having winning seasons? At least Arthur truly wants a championship.
  7. I highly doubt Ryan will even make it through the season with this line, seems like he gets blasted on every pass play.
  8. The Panties are getting exposed tonight. What a terrible job on national TV for them.
  9. DeCoud being gone is the best part of our D so far. He was such a problem.
  10. Scheme or not, we got owned. The most genius OC ever would have been challenged to do well with the talent mismatch on our OL.
  11. Do you remember in 2012 when the Cardinals intercepted Ryan 5 times? We wound up winning that game via a miracle + their offense being horrible. But it would be a mistake to underestimate the Cards, they are good.
  12. Reminded me of a similarly stupid timeout called by Jim Caldwell a few years back. Look at Manning's face:
  13. That timeout was a complete boneheaded move by Smith. I can't even envision a possible scenario where that was a good idea.
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