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  1. He's got 2 young toddlers, is relatively healthy, and has already made more money than 99.99% of the population will make in their lifetimes. Is it worth it to him to risk injury/be away from his family to chase a Super Bowl which may or may not come 3+ years from now? I don't know, maybe Arthur will convince him to retire.
  2. Sarkisian really should cover his mouth with his playsheet. It's tougher to win when the other team can discern whether you are running or passing on each down.
  3. I imagine that would put us as the worst franchise ever. Oh gosh, I just laughed for 3 minutes straight and I don't know why.
  4. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to watch any NFL game on TV without the mention of Aaron Rodgers once every possession.
  5. Pretty interesting... he predicts every game of the whole season will be a close game.
  6. Adderall the free agents available, signing him would enhance this team's performance the most.
  7. Matt Ryan will be making about 625 times the amount of money I make this year.
  8. I've always wondered why they don't drug test coaches
  9. I'm not sure why people call Sherman smart all the time, as if they need to point out something to cover his poor character issues. Adderall.
  10. Yeah Wilcotts sucks in my opinion. Any game commentated by him is hard to listen to. He can't pronounce words that have the letter L in them. reference: Pronounces "Seattle" as Seaddoe at least 5 times http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000634917/Wilcots-I-could-see-Lynch-ending-up-with-Raiders?icampaign=nflcom-cs-homepage-videoswap_generic_nfl
  11. Hard to respect a man who treats youngsters like that
  12. I feel the ones that pronounce the word "Field" as "Fiowd" are less intelligent than me. I may be wrong. Many analysts have some sort of speech impediment that just really annoys me.
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