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  1. Everytime Matt Ryan throws the ball, he always pat it? If I'm picking this up, I'm quite sure the D.C.'s of the NFL are doing the same.
  2. If when win decisively Sunday night, is all forgiven from week 1?
  4. I agree with you but telling people to not cheer is like telling people top not boo. It's not gonna happen.
  5. Lol. He's just high off 420. Lol. He'd get caught and say something like this ---> "It only a lil weed, what harm am I doing?". Yeah, it's still illegal. Chump.
  6. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! If you read the other posts, you'll see I recanted one statement because I meant something else. Tool.
  7. If you need me to point it out, you're a bigger dummy than I thought you were.
  8. - He lead the team to victories. - He threw for 2,936 in 2002 with no receivers. - He started in 2001 when Chandler got hurt. Still coaches decision. - He came back against the Texans from a broken leg. - Every game in the NFL is difficult. Who was the first team to win in Green Bay in the playoffs? - I agree with what you said about his work ethics. - I can't argue with stats but he did manage to take us to the playoffs and he's a what? 2 time pro bowler.
  9. I think he eventually will too. You get no argument from me buddy.
  10. Agreed!!! They are good at pointing fingers and putting the blame on someone else.
  11. Ryan haven't accomplished anything Vick has. Until Ryan take us to the NFC Championship game, people will still say "This is Vick's house"!!!
  12. No, I said I was mad. I'm good now. All of my frustrations are gone but I still feel the same.
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