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  1. A three peat in this tough division is no easy task. Props to the Saints.
  2. Depends on the Saints getting players back for the run. They have been missing Ted Ginn and a couple of starters on the Oline. Defense has been ballin though.
  3. That was the Browns team that packed up in the night and moved to Baltimore and changed their name to the Ravens, not the current expansion Browns team.
  4. The only thing with an asterisk by it is the trumped up BS that Goodell tried to accuse the Saints of. The same BS every team in the league was doing but because of the concussion lawsuits he made us the scape goat. If you look at the stats from that year the Saints actually injured the fewest opponents of the league. Goodell lost in court to Johnathan Vilma and the other players were acquitted by Tags. Unheard of fines were handed down for phony charges and it did do damage to the Saints by taking away coaches and picks in the year the Saints would have been an even stronger team. Anyway that
  5. Quality post and show of good sportsmanship , all the best and maybe things turn around for you guys.
  6. No that thread has popped, It ain't hanging now, Its over.
  7. 1:19 to get an Atlanta field goal should not be asking too much for this offense. Atlanta had the opportunity to win it in regulation and went 3 and out. You don't win battles like this by not getting that done. If the roles were reversed the Saints would have gotten a field goal in regulation and won. Thats the reason.
  8. When Patrick Robinson went out with a high ankle sprain that was 4 starters the Saints were without counting Mark Ingram who is seeing a 4 game suspension. Injury excuses are lame next man up.
  9. Funny this report is on the hearsay of Mike Jones of USA Today. The league has not issued a statement. Not that it matters. Every game has good and bad calls. The Saints had the Redskins on the ropes during that part of the game. I have read that it shouldn't have been called because he wasn't under pressure. If Kirk is admitting he wanted to abort the called run play and stop the clock why not just ground it like everyone else does by spiking it right in front of him? Fact is it was a busted play and number 94 was coming in unblocked. DPCh78-XUAAFTcN.jpg The refs on the field saw t
  10. The Saints are without a starting Middle LB Klien, CB Lattimore, Safety Vicaro and DE Okafor. Hard to keep the level of play high with that many important starters out. How long will they be out is the million dollar question.
  11. I think the Saints are going to have a completely new offensive scheme this season. Last season they seemed too predictable to teams. It will be interesting to see what comes about in the draft and FA.
  12. PT will be released very soon. These guys are on the wrong side of 30 and got hurt last season and didn't really produce . PT wasn't even healthy for the playoffs when we needed him .While this is a cap saving move Its also time for the Saints to reload with younger talent at a better price than the services cost that these guys provided last year. I will always love these guys and 2 of the 3 were on the SB team. Too Bad Sproles didn't get his shot at a ring with the Saints. I think Sproles is the better talent of the 3 and the Saints might have gotten a 7th rounder out of him. I guess the in
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