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  1. They were playing a team that was without their star offensive player and wasn't likely to run up a 30+ point score. Taking the 3 was the right move against Carolina. Would it be against the Saints or the Bucs? Early in the game maybe but I suspect the particular team they were playing figured into the decision, as it should. This shows a higher level of decision making than DQ. I'm not saying I'm on board, but I do see possibly a higher intellect at work here.
  2. He didn't go for it this week precisely because he learned from last week. Makes no sense to say he made a mistake last week why didn't he make the same mistake this week. Going for it on 4th down is not a choice between 3 points and 6 or 7 points it's a choice between 3 points and one more play. Take the points. He did the right thing in my opinion but he was very close to going for it and called time out to kick it. He also didn't go for it in field goal position later in the game and it resulted in another 3 points. They won by 8. If you subtract any one or both of those FG's you're set up
  3. The HC has a switch on his tx/rx that switches between defense and offense frequencies. It's natural for the HC to interject general instructions like "run it here" unless you're DQ and the Superbowl is on the line.
  4. Nothing can be done until a committee decides nothing can be done. The best committee size is one that has 3 people and 2 don't show up.
  5. See, I would've said just the opposite about Brees and the roughing calls. I guess perception trumps reality.
  6. That's the reason right there that this is different than DQ. Almost every time if not every time he did something like this he would say..."I'm always going to err on the side of being aggressive". How about you learn how not to err to begin with! One of my points was that at least Morris isn't handling it like DQ. As far as the decision itself, ofcourse, after seeing the results, if he had it over he'd do it differently, only a moron or DQ would say otherwise.
  7. My problem with the 'no call' game was the total disregard of the number of calls and no calls that went the Saints way. Multiple delay of games went uncalled. At one point a Saints O lineman leapt up into the air and dropped with full body weight as if off the top rope onto a prone Ram defender after the whistle with Ref right there...no call. If it wasn't for the so called 'no call' at the end, that game would've been and embarrassment for the league because of the lack of calls on the Saints. All that was forgotten because of that one no call at the end.
  8. Again you conflate popular with right. Stifling the unpopular sentiment seems to be the way of the world these days. You guys have your little virtual riot, I'm not trying to stop you. You're just wrong that's all.
  9. You're right, I wasn't referring to you. I should've made that clear.
  10. What concerns me is how people actually think it's unbelievable that two people with such varying opinions could work together. It used to be what separated us from the rabble.
  11. I'm not an expert on comp picks but aren't comp picks offset by anyone equivalent you might eventually sign? In other words you don't automatically get a comp pick for Tak. I think they should trade him and not have to worry about it.
  12. I'm not defending Morris, I just think you guys are overstating his error based on the result. I think not kicking the field goal to go up by 4 was a far worse decision than the decision between running vs. kneeling.
  13. I should know better I guess but I have to interject again that at the time Raheem made the decision, he wasn't deciding to leave it to his defense. The decision was to run it rather than kneel it, that's all. He thought he had the 'leave it to my defense' covered by telling them not to score. Y'all are working backward from the result and mistakenly thinking the result was a decision he made, it wasn't. Once again if you have a traffic accident on the way to work, was not calling in sick an egregious error? Was it a decision between going to work and having a traffic accident? NO. Traffi
  14. If you have a serious traffic accident on the way to work, after the fact it appears that not calling in sick was an egregious judgement error! The error is actually working backward from the result to judge a decision.
  15. Especially for the fact that the FG puts you up by 4. If you're down by 4, maybe. There seems to be an epidemic of goforitism in the NFL these days. I know about all the analytics and stuff and I also know that in a league where it's so easy to move the ball, that has to be a big lure for the coaches dragging them toward making these decisions but except for special circumstances, if you live by the axiom of "every drive should end with a kick....., punt, fg or extra pt" and the field goal is there to be had, you should take the field goal. In most instances you should also punt. Punting used
  16. I agree to a point. I just don't agree that's it's as egregious a judgement error as it's made out to be. Even if the defense holds or... Even if the refs don't call timeout for them to allow that last play, it would still be probably the wrong way to play it but, an egregious error removes your chance to win, this one didn't. Only happenstance after the fact removed it. The error he made still put them ahead. That's my point. People are working backwards from the result to judge the decision. I don't agree that it was a no brainier Quinnism. Error...yes. Looking at the result, should've done
  17. Good point, McKay should've been fired just for that! Seriously though, the league, being the brand marketers they are, tend to latch on to certain teams with certain stars that they want to promote and those teams appear to get preferential treatment and those stars get special protection on the field. Falcons fans see that with the Saints. We used to be in the same boat for 40 years or so but now you guys are treated like the Mayor and we're Otis the town drunk. We play like it now too. Getting to be real hard to clean up and figuratively stop the drinkin'.
  18. Again, Raheem told his team not to score on the first play! So obviously he knew the Lions would play it that way. I don't think DQ would even consider that. Raheem sounded silly there I think because he was trying to make up something other than, "They didn't execute my plan". I'm just trying to figure out what a human being would say who cares about not alienating his team after week 2 of his tenure and stumbling into something like that as an answer isn't so unbelievable. I've spoken to thousands before and afterward I spent hours smacking myself in the head and thinking "why did I sa
  19. I'm not much of a social media 'like monger' I just say what I think I need to say. I seemed to have a different take than what was popular. I should have known not to buck the mob I guess! Man... Times have changed!
  20. Completely threw out the outside zone runs and lost the running game which of course was blamed on the RB's. They went out and got Koetter to run an unfamiliar offense of Shanny's and he proceeded to to throw out the outside zone running game. Folks, Shanny's offense is successful because of the stretch zone runs not because of the WCO route concepts. Case in point, the Rams offense last night as run by Sean McVea. Same stretch and play action concept of the WCO as Shanny's.
  21. Wrong call, right team.😜 One thing I can say with certainty, if that call had happened to the Falcons, they wouldn't have even considered changing the rules to allow a challenge of PI.
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