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  1. Slants and crosses. Harder to make the catch than on hitches and verticals. They've got to get their timing down with this offense. They'll come around.
  2. When the video begins, it looks like there's a lady in the stands behind the Bears QB wearing a gradient jersey #33. After watching it a few times I believe it's just that her jersey blends into her black pants and the low resolution of the picture makes it look like that but when I first watched it, I was questioning how she could be that far ahead of her time.
  3. This coach plays everything close to the vest. Keeps it all in house when he can and doesn't seek attention for himself. I like that about him. Sometimes it frustrates the fans that feel they deserve to be kept apprised of everything team related but he's keeping the team at arms length from the public. The public can be cruel. Hopefully he's never said or written or done anything in his life that could possibly hurt somebody's feelings and we end up with the locker room attendant as HC.
  4. Can't be fun being squeezed between those behemoths. Way back in the day, that was a helping the runner penalty. Pretty standard the days. I always hold my breath that the RB comes out unscathed from that. Can't be fun getting stepped on by 300LB guys wearing size 22 quadruple E shoes.
  5. Falcons are still last in the division with 2 teams to jump over to have a shot at WC. You know more than one team and possibly 3 could make it from the NFC west. Unfortunately they might have to win the division to make the playoffs and barring a plane crash I definitely don't see that happening. 7 wins would be a good start I think.
  6. If you measure efficiency by lack of penalties, lack of turnovers and how well and often your players do the job assigned to them, I'd say the team started the season with about 15 to 20% efficiency. Now they've achieved about 40 to 45% efficiency. I think at this rate of improvement by game 9 or so they should be capable of (Capable of) near 70% efficiency which, at their current talent level, will win probably 50% of the games in the NFL and with talent levels equal it will win 2 out of 3. Now we know they probably won't play up to their capabilities all the time but still, after the 9th or 10th game we should see what this team can accomplish and will be able to accurately judge them. (These figures are completely made up by me and are not supportable by analytics or stats found in any publication and are intended for the use of AFMB message board members for entertainment purposes only, do not read if you are allergic to subjective opinions or have had bad reactions to them in the past.)
  7. I miss Big Freddie. That big blow up Freddie chomping down on people's heads was some funny stuff. Never cared much for this little guy.
  8. Can't see Josh Rosen being the next Tom Brady but you never know I guess.
  9. ☺️ Standby while I formulate a witty reply.
  10. Poor man's Julio Jones. Affordable one at least. Now before anyone thinks I'm literally saying he's as good as Julio, just stop. I'm betting they saw Julio's effect on a defense and it shows in the multiple alignments they're using for him. He's truly a WR in this offense and he blocks like Julio did as a WR.
  11. We already had DVD. Wait, we're going backwards in technology.
  12. Ryan did get hit a lot this game. They were concentrating on pushing the ball downfield more and he was holding it longer. The play where Pitts made the one handed grab on the boundary almost ended Ryan's season. Jets Dlineman dove low and hit Ryan on the side of the left knee. He got his foot off the ground a millisecond before the hit or he'd be in surgery right now. They have to start working together better on the O line.
  13. I know we don't have to worry about it for a few years but what happens when contract talks come around and Pitts wants top end WR money? Could be another Levian Bell situation. Anyway.... Back to the celebration.
  14. 5 whole games and he has yet to call a time out for the other team!
  15. This version of offense revolves around the TE because that's where the talent is but I believe this guy will evolve with his personnel and will be more flexible than we've seen in the past. You've got to be able to win with whatever you have in this league and I have confidence that this staff can get it done. Right now, CP is the Swiss army knife of this offense and Pitts being a hybrid Wr/TE makes this offense extremely versatile. Everybody thought that when they had Roddy, Julio, Gonzalez and Freeman they had the most diverse talent in the league but with CP you've got Roddy and Freeman combined and with Pitts you've got a combo of Gonzalez and Julio. Add in Ridley and get Mike Davis to be a little of Micheal Turner and when they're all clicking, they may be harder to defend than they were back then. I like this 'Thunder and Flash' backfield too.
  16. I still can't hear the questions. I guess I'll have to crank it to ear bleeding level. I can tell when Dled is talking but that's it.
  17. Looks like they're good friends. Nice to have a tandem like that.
  18. AS said "I was pissed at myself from last week". Nice to hear that kind of honesty. This is the guy we've been looking for I think. No nonsense kind of guy. This HC is built for the NFL. No hokie messaging that gets stale.
  19. The only one that was a value where he was taken is Mac Jones. I wouldn't have minded sitting him behind Matt for a year or so but then you'd have all the people calling for the rookie every time Matt would under throw one.
  20. Not getting to see the games live because i don't have NFL Network and live in an area that chooses to not show the Falcons but from watching the games later on NFL Game pass, McGary appears to be struggling so far. Listening to the game on Sirius radio, Arch mentioned a couple of times that had McGary not whiffed on downfield blocks on screens to CP, a couple of them could've been big plays. He needs to improve but I agree about Henny, I've never been sold on him. Was hoping Dalman would be worthy but he's got some learning and strengthening to do.
  21. Matt is back in an offense that's tailor made for his abilities. He's more of a Joe Montana type QB than a Brady or Manning. Accuracy on the slants and cross patterns is his game. He still has a few weeks before he's fully in tune with this offense and this team. By week 10 or so, barring injuries, we should know what this new regime can look like. Until then, I expect lots of ups and downs.
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