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  1. Should. Who blew that?
  2. Ryan wouldn't have a game like this.
  3. I forgot to quote you so i repeat: Hitting a receiver for 8 yards would be 10% of the passing offense. Good job Russ!
  4. Hitting a receiver for 8 yards would be 10% of the passing offense. Good job Russ!
  5. What production is he getting from extending plays? If you don't make music it's just noise.
  6. Russell Wilson 4 for 7 and 44 yds. & a pick at the half. Why the love? He's got his team in position for a loss. This college offense is hard to watch. I like their defense but remember Cousins is in his first year in this O. Expecting super bowl in year one is rediculous. How long has Wilson been in this offense?
  7. Your use of the word Bourgeois says it all.
  8. It's a multiple skill sport that typically produces points and a winner. I completely understand the fanatical interest in any activity that people grew up with as a way of life as has been the case in countries other than the U.S. up until recently, I just don't understand that in a country that has multiple sporting interests from Baseball to Football to Basketball and Hockey and on and on, why those people would choose a sport like soccer to get fanatical over. When gauged against the previously mentioned sports I just don't see the draw.
  9. Why soccer? If you want something more or different, give me some Australian rules football. I'd go see that.
  10. It's an unproductive sport. It gained popularity in this country for the same reason it grew in poorer regions of the world, mainly because it's inexpensive and a good way for Mommy to keep the kids busy. Throw a ball out into the field or street and Johnny or June will eventually figure out how to kick the ball, no instruction required. A babysitting sport. No bats, multiple balls, gloves, shoulder pads or helmets required. I have walked the streets of Italian towns that appeared absolutely abandoned because a game....I'm sorry...."a football match" was on. I never thought running and kicking a ball would ever be accepted in a country that demanded productivity and multiple skills in it's past times but here we are. There are sports that I don't follow and am disinterested in but soccer is one that I actually loathe. Might as well build hacky-sack stadiums and paint your faces and act like fools. This is what we've come to I suppose and don't worry, it appears my mentality, sadly is quickly dying along with my productive American sports.
  11. They went through cap **** and have come out the other side. The Falcons are just descending into it. Window's closing slowly.
  12. As many times as the Superdome has hosted the SB, the Falcons may someday get the chance to get theirs. I'd have more of a problem if they got to play in their own stadium, although seeing them lose there would be sweet. Look at it this way, if they lose in the Falcons building maybe that puts the bad mojo on them mentally every time they come back.
  13. This team matched my expectations. After seeing the way they treated the preseason, I've never seen that work to any teams benefit. They believed their own hype and it was fatal. Maybe there'll be enough heat on some people that they'll quit tiptoeing through the preseason.
  14. That's pretty optimistic. I've always said "Same **** next year too!"
  15. Meaningless either way!