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  1. The biggest difference I think we'll see is that if the injury bug doesn't hit again and the players with the appropriate skills are available, we'll see much more match up zone schemes than we did last year. With the match up zone you can run what looks like a straight zone at the snap but target certain players, ie....the RB out of the backfield or the tight end for instance and man up that player with whichever defender is in the area. You can also do it for specific patterns, for instance the MLB will be assigned the middle 5 to 10 zone but will aggressively pursue or undercut any crossing pattern in the short middle. LB speed and cover skills are required to play an effective match up especially underneath and that just wasn't available last year. They played fairly vanilla coverages last year. I'm sick of watching RB's out of the backfield destroy this defense play after play. DQ will hopefully stop some of that.
  2. Scott Case Roddy White Keith Brooking
  3. Seattle, Philly and New Orleans were mentioned on NFL radio.
  4. They're up against the cap. JPP has guaranteed money this year and they have to move McCoy and his 13 mil in order to work on replacing JPP (Ziggy Onsah) and be able to pay the draftees. Somebody is gonna get McCoy for a 7th.
  5. Nothing soothes a Falcons fan soul more than to know that another team actually coveted a player the fans considered a loser and a reach. Let's finally win a super bowl so we can gain some self confidence. It was a fine job by the FO. The team needed specific pieces, not a rebuild. They got them and I'm sure they still have a move or two to make.
  6. The one thing I am leery about with DK's offense is it doesn't incorporate the naked boots and other roll out type plays that Matt thrives with. If I remember correctly Matt decided he needed to bulk up when DK was here last because he didn't need the mobility but he felt it would help his arm strength. As I remember that didn't work out well for him. I hope they retain some of the mobility in Matt's play.
  7. Not sure this is that telling of effectiveness. Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott, Blake Bortles, Andy Dalton, Deshaun Watson and Marcus Mariotta are a few of the best here.
  8. 5 is a blitz. I'd be willing to bet 80% of the Saints pass plays involve the RB leaving the backfield. They throw to the RB as much if not more than any team in the league. No free releases for Kamara. Jam Kamara all day every play. Blitz pressure helps hold the RB in the backfield. Instead of manning up Kamara, (which doesn't work because of their rub techniques) I'd instruct every D lineman to disengage with his blocker and disrupt Kamara at the line if he comes his way, then I'd run a matchup zone underneath with the LB's, keying on the RB. It never ceases to amaze me how the Falcons can be beaten play after play by Kamara out of the backfield as if it's the first time they've seen it.
  9. The fallacy of the "You can't blitz Brees" mantra is exposed here.
  10. I'm reserving comment on what will happen until we see who actually makes it on to the field. It's a tough schedule and those other guys get paid too. That's the great thing about this league, lose a few guys and you go from first to worst. Add a few and you can go from worst to first but you still have to play'em and it's an oblong ball that bounces in funny ways sometimes. I'm just hoping DQ won't baby them in the preseason and they can be ready to roll at game 1.
  11. A bad Oline in football is like a bad bullpen in baseball. No matter how well you play otherwise, they always seem to keep you from winning. Can't win with a bad Oline, never have and never will. No use in having big money QB, WR and RB without that extra half second of protection or that well timed combo block. This draft is exactly what was needed even though it might not have gone as they planned.
  12. A Lamborghini is rated above a Tahoe but I don't have much need for a Lamborghini, I couldn't go anywhere I go or do anything I do in one. TD and DQ rate players based on what is needed and fits with this team.
  13. Would be nice to not have to put up 30 ppg. I wouldn't mind a good running game to speed the clock up and give the defense needed rest even at the expense of a few pts. per game. "Just win baby!"
  14. So did the rumor that the Falcons were interested in Bush cause Pittsburgh to feel the necessity to get into a bidding war for the #10 pick thus causing the Falcons to lose a shot at Wilkins? Rumors are dangerous things, you never know if they'll help you or hurt you in the end. That's why it's best to never start one. It was always my take that Wilkins was the target and they knew he wouldn't fall to #14. They had it figured right. They never intended to go with Lindstrom as plan 'A' and that's why they did what they did in free agency. McGary was the target for the trade up early on in the process so they got their man there. In the long run, I think things will work out well for them. Circumstances required them to go with a possible pro bowl, all pro, or even HOF'er at Guard that they wouldn't have gone with otherwise, how many times is that the story with guys that turn out great?