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  1. Smitty burned out and quit doing those things a couple of years before he was fired. I couldn't believe how emotionless he appeared to be on the sidelines the last couple of years. I know he had a heart scare so that might have been the cause but he changed suddenly.
  2. By the way, many contracts are negotiated where the team agrees to pay the premiums. Sorry for quoting myself!
  3. This has been a big issue lately because of the Denver players getting hurt off premises but it's really a non-issue because almost all agents get their players into disability policies that cover these things. Lloyds of London used to be the big insurer back in the day but any player that doesn't have disability insurance is playing with fire especially since it's clearly stated in their contracts.
  4. There is only one issue here for the players when you look closely at it. The players and their agents never want to go into a season that doesn't have guaranteed money! That's the issue. The owners circumvent the cap by paying the players up front with "Bonuses" and relatively low yearly salaries but when the guaranteed portion of the contract is a year away from expiring, the agents execute a plan of attack to obtain or extend more guaranteed money whether it be a restructure and another lump sum signing bonus or extension of the guaranteed portion. This is it in a nutshell. Never play
  5. DK's offense was not suited to Matt or to the offensive line they had. Hard to hold a block for 3.5 seconds waiting for routes to develop. I speculate that the discontent begins and ends right there. By the time Julio's routes were breaking open, Ryan was under duress, on his back or throwing the ball away. If I'm going to join the speculation party and believe that Julio did want a trade months ago, I wouldn't be surprised if months ago was during last season. I speculate that this offseason it's all about the cap for TF and Julio knows the score, whether he likes it or not can't be determine
  6. And?...........Who's business is it? It's a private issue about how it came about. I know media like ESPN has created a 'national enquirer' type of mentality about sports and people seem to think they're privy to this info but you're not. We know what the issue is, cap space for the team and career extension for the player. The intricacies of who said what to whom are actually not our business. I know that's hard to come to grips with in today's rumor news world. As far as Grady is concerned, he has made no bones about the fact that he will do what is in the interest of Grady, the team certain
  7. I haven't seen 'news' that he requested a trade. I saw an unsubstantiated rumor from a pundit who, by the way, just recently admitted to making up a similar rumor about Aaron Rodgers. I think we all are getting ahead of ourselves and speculating how all of this occurred. I'd be wary of calling rumors...news! Until Julio, his agent or someone from the organization says what occurred, it's not news.
  8. I'm with you. Something needs to be done to bring these contracts that are designed to evade the cap charges under control. Players only consider money in pocket or guaranteed as the "contract" while the owners still hold to the traditional definition. I will never understand or support a player who puts 30 mil of team money in his pocket year one as a signing bonus then forgets about that 3 years later and he's running out of guaranteed money. They gave him that up front because of the intricacies of the cap. Maybe the cap rules should be changed so the players have to actually play for their
  9. The team treats it like a business also, isn't that OK since they're running the business? I understand the contracts are full of fluff designed in and around the cap but it's very frustrating to see the players only considering the guaranteed years as the "contract" while the team considers the "contract the full measure of years. It seems there should be some tweeking of the cap rules or something that brings contract expectations of both sides into alignment.
  10. I agree, but I think we all really know that when players get to that age (see Aaron Rodgers) they start thinking about the possibility that if they play out their current deal, it might be their last one unless they want to take a huge cut so they try to force an extension that gives them more guaranteed money while the leverage is still there. I give Julio credit for not being a drama queen about it like Rodgers but he got that extension from the Falcons that gave him that security and now, with a trade and a re-sign and re-structure with a new team, he might get a couple more years of guara
  11. Not speaking for anyone else but I thought they should've traded him before they signed him to that ridiculous contract for only one reason, spending that kind of money on non-QB's can put a team in a boom and bust cycle causing a rebuild situation. No other reason than that, I love Julio but advocating against giving him that King's ransom was not "turning on Julio". I thought TD would've known not to go that route from his NE days but who knows what kind of pull AB had in that deal. I would've traded Julio straight up for Keenan Allen with the Chargers and they would've jumped on it then wit
  12. All of this is speculation. We don't know Julio wanted to leave or if Julio wants to leave. All Julio said is a statement of fact that he's "outa there". Now all of a sudden we're speculating every other aspect of the situation from what he must've told his agent to how he feels about TF and AS, all based on unsubstantiated rumor. I think we have to be careful about thinking what Julio said substantiates every other rumor we've heard about the situation.
  13. Personally, I think Indy makes the most sense. Reich would like to give his boy Wentz a guy that knows how to fight for a ball and win the battle and he knows Wentz needs somebody like that to help him out. I don't know the specifics but prior to the draft everybody was talking about all the cap space Indy had. I guess I could look it up but, doesn't really matter that much to me right now.
  14. I thought then that the Falcons could've gotten Keenan Allen and a day 2 pick for Julio from the chargers. They had a new stadium opening up and Phillip Rivers coming in and a fan base that couldn't fill a 20,000 seat soccer venue. Keenan Allen was a star in the making with a 6mil a year 3 year deal and young but Julio was the star of the day already and the Chargers had plenty of cap space. Heck I would've traded Julio straight up for Allen back then but I know they could've worked more out of it. Instead here we sit. I guess the nice thing about it is we're not still sitting here with TD and
  15. Right now though, all we really know is Julio made a statement of fact to Shannon Sharpe's question of are you staying in ATL or not? "Naw man I'm outa there" doesn't mean, " I told them I wanted outa there and I'm glad to be going!" It could mean, they don't have the money to keep me so "I'm outa there". It could mean, they told me a while ago that they weren't going to re-sign me so, "I'm outa there." Nothing about what he said or how he said it tells me he's leaving for any other reason than financial. I have to give Julio and the organization credit for handling this the right way up to n
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