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  1. They may have changed it but but it used to be that you couldn't play your #3 qb unless there was an injury.
  2. I'm not arguing that he's done. I'm saying that they need to move on when they can because they can't afford to keep a WR that's paid as much as a QB on a team that's hitting the reset button. If they need to begin grooming the next QB to take over in a couple of years they should probably go ahead and get one but keep Matt until the next one's fully functional then when Matt's money comes off the books they can afford to pay Ridley and a few more guys before the new QB needed to be paid. Then hopefully the reset will be accomplished. In the meantime, with the WR's they keep after moving Julio
  3. Julio was a great and unique receiver, he's still good with excellent hands but no longer unique. With the likes of D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown, the league is filling up slowly with Julio clones. Like Tiger Woods, he has created his own competition and he can't beat Father time. The 49'ers let Rice walk before he was done because it's like having to re-buy your 10 year old car all over again with a new 4 year loan. At some point it just doesn't make sense. I love the guy but he's a WR not a QB. There's no comparison when it comes to game impact but Julio is getting QB money. See you at the HOF
  4. I thought it wouldn't end well when they picked him due to his actions at the draft. Something seemed off with that kid.
  5. Every time they add some beef on the edges it works better. Maybe not sack totals but in disruption of the offense. The QB has to be concerned about the pocket collapsing on him instead of having the edge guys being kicked out behind him.
  6. With the exception of the Bucs/Saints game check out how every game in the NFL on Sunday went. Almost every one featured a late furious comeback by a team that was down big early. That's the way of the NFL these days. The only thing keeping an offense from mounting a big comeback is the lack of necessity to do so. Teams have to go hurry up which almost always works to the offense's advantage and any pass play has way more positive outcome possibilities than negative. Defensive penalties called on third down are likely to keep drives alive, especially when teams are down big and getting th
  7. Koetter plays for 3rd down and 5 or less during the heart of the game much less when there's a substantial lead. I'm not suggesting he put the ball downfield into harms way but a first down flare to the rb or a screen on occasion on something other than third down would be nice. It's ok to not get to third down, as a matter of fact it should be the goal.
  8. I hope Morris can correct what I believe, from watching Davidson, is a terrible mistake moving him inside. The occasional move down for a play or two is no big deal but this guy reminds me so much of Bruce Smith it's not funny. He needs to get on the field first and I'm in no way comparing him to a hall of famer before he even steps on the field but for a big guy, I haven't seen these kind of moves and power combo since Bruce Smith. Of course DQ does what DQ does, he slots guys into his stereotypical philosophy. He likes light and fast edges and he was intent on playing that way even when this
  9. I hope what I'm seeing with Sheffield can be chalked up to growing pains but he's looked awful to me lately. He makes an occasional play and that's what people focus on I think because overall he's not good so far. His tackling is awful. Looked better at the start of the season than he has after DQ left in my opinion.
  10. DQ was a guy that approached the game with a fixed philosophy, he pretty much said, "this is the way we play defense, try to beat us", and everyone would! He also said he used the bye week every season to do self evaluation. Most every team does self evaluation every week but DQ I believe decided to play his style of defense come what may until absolutely forced to change. Rush 4, a few stunts here or there, 2 LB's flatfooted 3 to 5 yds off the ball and cover 3 rotate to 1 man on occasion. That's the DQ defense and it was one that QB's could read from the huddle. This defense is not that bad i
  11. I was about to jump in here and say what we need is another Jessie Tuggle to straighten this D out then I thought....wait now.....I ain't willing to go the distance yet on it but this kid Oluakon's giving me that funny feeling! No sexual connotation intended!
  12. I'm with you. I argued his case against all the pitchfork wielders. We were taking body blows for even considering Jarett to be worth paying. I remember it well. They can check the archives on that one.
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