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  1. If "iron sharpens iron", what does sh*t sharpen? The Falcon offense against the Falcon defense in practice improves no one.
  2. They don't know their job!
  3. It's that easy is it? Even when you luck out and finally find one that looks the part, they usually fizzle, ie.....Kaepernick, RG3, Teddy Bridgewater, Jay Cutler, Mike Vick. Call up the list of the QB's all time from any team you wish and count the "franchise" guys that team has hit on. It's a very small percentage. There are far more Bubby Bristers and Billy Joe Tollivers than Matt Ryans.
  4. I'm sorry to say....again.... but I thought they had the look of a team in preseason that believed their own hype and the way they treated preseason the last couple of years, I thought 8-8 was about where they'd fall. Now, I think 5-11 or 6-10 would be a goal to shoot for. I was hoping TD would bring some New England personnel philosophy with him and at first it appeared that he would but now he's gone 180 degrees. AB may have some to do with that but they sure appear to have gotten married to a lot of players. I hate to say it...again....but Julio should've been traded. Unfortunately, the front office has committed this team to another total rebuild period I'm afraid. If that includes a different QB, the search for the right one could take many years. Ask Cleveland and the Jets how long it could take. At least they have their version of Larry Fitz to roam the field in futility. On the positive side, the rebuild usually begins with the lines and they've got a head start on that I think, at least on the offensive side.
  5. The 'hope for a turnover' defense.
  6. xs and os

    This is just a team that thought individual athleticism and talent would win the day. Keep 'em healthy and let 'em play and no one could stop 'em. That was the mantra. I warned about taking preseason easy. Preseason is not primarily about evaluating talent. It is primarily about getting starters ready for the season. Here we are 1 and 3. When have we started 1-3 some asked? Right f**ing now!
  7. This bolded statement is the most important for me, and has been my call for the last couple of years. They're not ready to play when the season starts. Any team that is ready would have a decided advantage in the first quarter of the season over the majority of the NFL teams who take preseason lightly.
  8. Yes I know. They're supposed to aim for the waist and wrap and roll. They were missing.
  9. I know they try to teach them the Rugby tackle technique and during the game, my wife (who had no idea of the rugby tackle technique) said..."looks like they're diving for the knees and do an alligator roll and it isn't working"
  10. Professionals should need professional motivation, that being..."do your job or you're gone".....and not much else. That being said, people naturally respond to the mentality of their leaders and although DQ is a great guy and loved by his players, I think he's way too docile on game day. Players seem to play harder for the HC's that are more boisterous on the sideline. (Belichick a noted exception). It pumps them up. Not only in football. You ever see a lackluster, flat baseball team come alive after the manager gets in the umpires face and gets tossed? DQ was more into the games early on and I don't know if he's toned it down like MIke Smith did due to health concerns (Dan Reeves did the same thing) or what but he's not inspiring his troops to rally during the games or at least it doesn't appear so. Even if it's not his personality, maybe he should get fired up on occasion when his team is playing like ****t! Remember Art Shell when he coached the Raiders? I'm getting that vibe from DQ.
  11. The games themselves aren't as much fun because of the 10 seconds you have to wait after every good play before celebrating hoping for no flag to fall. Once you're convinced the play will stand, the excitement has waned.
  12. Stocker is a blocker and should be used that way. Stop misusing your assets DK. You're not tricking anyone but yourself.
  13. What was your assessment of the offense at half time? The assessment of the offense now is with knowledge of what they did in the second half using up tempo and taking advantage of their best assets. They did none of those things in the first half. We won't even talk about that first game. Garbage all around. The offense is not clicking on all cylinders and it doesn't just have to do with the defense being bad or Matt throwing interceptions. I don't think DK's game plan is playing to his strength. Not talking about the defense, that's another topic altogether and I agree the defense is trash but this game would've been a win had the offense not played into the Colts hands by playing low and slow in the first half the few times they did have the ball. The thread is not about who's to blame for this loss. They lost by 3 pts and the offense was bad in the first half. They have 13 more games to go and I hope DK learned from this second half that he should press his advantage at all times.
  14. The point is that had they come out in the first half as they did in the second and pressured that Colts offense to keep up with them, they could've flipped that script. If my offense is high powered and yours is a plodding ball control offense, I should use that to my advantage. The Falcons could've run off and left them if they'd played to their strength from the beginning. The Colts would've had to go more vertical and our defense would've had more chances at turnovers and sacks.
  15. Not a thread about the defense and I agree with you.