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  1. The very best scenario would be to trade down just a couple of spots to like #6 for a couple of extra picks then trade down again to around the 10-15 area for a couple more and still be in position for a big time player between 10-15.
  2. The best thing that stood out to me on the Fields video u is that interior O'line. Man, hard to watch Fields when that's going on. Those guys are good. Get one or two of those and shore the line up for Matt.
  3. I even heard one pundit equate him to a highly mobile Peyton Manning because of his "field generalship." What? I see a guy that stands and stares at the sideline waiting for someone to hold up a sign that tells him what to run. How does that in any way equate him to what Peyton Manning showed at Tennessee much less in the NFL. I personally don't think Lawrence will be a bad QB by any means but to live up to this type of hype is almost impossible.
  4. I'm not arguing any of that. You asked a question about why someone would like Wilson over Fields and I'm just trying to give you why that might possibly be. I realize now that your question was entirely rhetorical and embedded within your post only as a statement of frustration over scouts opinions. I have no so called "dog in this hunt" and I have very little personal knowledge of any of these guys, I can only tell you why I believe someone might see more in Wilson or, in my case, Jones than in Fields.
  5. Justin Fields had Trey Sermon, Master Teague, a massive offensive line (two of which are possible first rounders, definitely second) and excellent receivers. He was at Ohio State not North Dakota State and by the way they played in the National Title game. I'd say the talent around each was certainly not enough of a difference to to be of consequence when judging the talent. Mac Jones however has the "what we used to call" pro style offense straight from an NFL playbook under his belt and ran it to perfection. Fields is more of an option read type guy which the NFL has adopted from college bal
  6. I know in this social media world where everyone is judged to be either a "hater" or a "hugger" it can be hard for some to understand that the world is more complex than that. Field has his particular qualities and Wilson has his. Just reading the scouting literature, I sense more scouts trust the ability for Wilson to transition faster to the NFL game for whatever reason and since I have no knowledge of either kid, if given a choice between the two, going on what I sense from the articles and what I see on tape, I'd take Wilson. Not a hater or hugger of either. In my opinion the Falcons shoul
  7. I just replaced the entire team almost via the PFN sim: 15: Patrick Surtain II Alabama CB 16 Players 35 Mac Jones Alabama QB Defense 9 players 37: Levi Onwuzurike Washington DT 2 CB's/ 2 S's/2 Edge/2 DT's/1 LB 39: Richie Grant UCF S Offense 7 players 59. Javonte Williams NC RB 2 RB's/ 2 WR's/ 1 QB/ 1 TE/ 1 IOL 132: Austin Watkins UAB
  8. Arthur Smith's eyebrows are perfectly straight.
  9. I noticed the same thing. Also when using the PFN simulator almost every player ranked in the 180's is a WR. I almost always have 2 picks in close proximity to one another in the 180's so I've found that if I don't want WR in that area I try to package those picks in a trade up. You can get Trey McKitty there however.
  10. Wheeling and Dealing I got this on PFN: 32 Mac Jones QB 41 Jaelan Phillips ED 49 Tyson Campbell CB 50 Alim McNeill DT 64 Michael Carter RB 68 Hamsah Nasirildeen S 79 Brevin Jordan TE 88 Amari Rodgers WR 108 Dayo Odeyingbo ED 149 Marvin Wilson DT 181 Josh Imatorbhebhe WR 183 Tre McKitty TE 189 Elijah Mitchell RB
  11. I think if they put some toughness back in the team. I know that's a buzz word that's thrown around a lot but I think we all understand what has been missing from this team for quite awhile. I think then we'll start seeing the ball bounce our way some more and those close losses will turn to close wins. I'm happy they chose a coach from an outdoor team known for their toughness. The Titans might not beat you but they will beat you up and we need some of that right now.
  12. Strong Safeties are the Breasts, They get put to the test, From the head to the feet, they do get beat. Like Willy Mo, They come and they go. Now that Neal has gotten slower, Go draft Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah.
  13. Neal is a liability in coverage. He was picked on all season long. Koramoah gives you the thumping power of Neal, run support and coverage Hybrid LB/S.
  14. PFN has him ranked 13th in the draft. That's not much of a reach. Little bit of a need play.
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