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  1. I didn't see him get whooped. In the run game he was a road grater. Much better than Levitre has been in the pass protection and how exactly do you help out a guard with a tight end? Are you suggesting they were leaving a tight end one on one with the DE while Mathews helped Wes out? Didn't happen! Wouldn't happen! I haven't re-watched the game yet but I was watching Wes closely the entire game and I didn't see him get beat. I did see him account for the majority of Teco's and Ito's rushing yards as they continuously ran behind him. Great game for Switzer!
  2. I've never been a big Vic Beasley fan but I think they had him spying Cam on the last couple of drives since Cam was busting free even when they got to him so i have to give him a pass at the end of the game. He wasn't supposed to sell out.
  3. I don't know what game some of you guys were watching.... Wes was the MVP in this game folks. Keep Levitre on the bench.
  4. It has been prophesied many times in the past that if the Falcons win the Superbowl the world would end. There is also apparently a bible prophecy that says when the end is upon us a pure red heifer would be born and the first pure red heifer in 2000 years was just born according to a news article I just read so...things are looking up for the Falcons. No worries!
  5. I was pretty impressed with the Jets in preseason. They looked like a team that was ready for the season. Unlike a team that we all know. I picked them in this game because of it. So far it's a good pick.
  6. I agree that you don't want to put your weakness against their strength but you can dictate the defensive personnel by your personnel on offense so run from a 4 wide formation or pass from run formations. Also, the bunched receiver formations worked well for Shanny in the red zone after an initial struggle his offense had there. It's not hard to go back and see what worked in this offense in the past and implement some of it. These guys power block in this offense also. It's not all ZBS but certainly at the goal line, going 2 tights and trying to run up the middle is putting our weakness against the defenses strength.
  7. Roughing the passer was called way more than usual yesterday I think. I also saw several so called hits on defenseless players that weren't. One roughing the passer call was on a d lineman that was engaged by an olineman at the line of scrimmage and he reached one hand out and pushed the qb in the chest moments after the pass was released and the qb backed up 2 steps. Seems to occur on 3rd down alot also. Lots of drives extended by bs calls.
  8. This is what you get when you have to use the first few games of the regular season as a pseudo preseason. Injuries and sloppy play is what you see from teams who go soft on starters in camp. I just hope they can survive long enough to get in shape and build some efficiency.
  9. As i thought. I spilled my drink screaming at these guys but there is no control of this game by the players right now. It's legislated and not played.
  10. I can't believe I've missed this while on trips in the family truckster!
  11. I like it. Big Nickle.
  12. I agree. When they brought in the WCO I told my wife that it was the absolute wrong thing for Vick. Unfortunately I was right. I think the same is true about Eli Manning in New York. Great vertical passer. Terrible short passer. Throws more balls at the feet of running backs on 5 yd. outs than any decent QB I've ever seen. He can hit the 45 yd. 9 route in stride most of the time. There are horses for courses as they say and Vick would've had a much better career in a more traditional offense.
  13. Weaknesses will be exploited in this league and he and Oliver were exploited during the preseason which doesn't mean it will happen in the regular season but offenses will attempt it. If the defense has to cover for a weakness they'll cause one elsewhere and it will snowball. we saw that a little with Worrilow. Coverage is especially worrisome to me. If offenses can make you cheat down with a safety, they'll burn you deep. Hopefully we won't have to watch a season full of it.
  14. What ever it takes! I'm just now starting to get that funny feeling! Season's about to be on. I'll be watching every field goal through my fingers like Mike Vick says he does. Let's get it started!!!