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  1. Don't forget also that Wes was a left tackle in college. Big transition to RG in the NFL. I suspect that Wes will be ready to roll this year. If not, Fusco is there.
  2. Falcoholic , Oct. 17, 2017 I offer up, for your perusal an article from the Falcoholic last October. Wes showed, at times, unbelievably good potential. Those games that this article refers to show the potential of the man. The only difference between Wes and a pro bowl type OG is consistency. Only one way to achieve and to display consistency folks. EXPERIENCE. Don't give up on Wes.
  3. Same as Fusco by the way. 6th round picks for both. Smaller school programs, Slippery Rock for Fusco, San Jose St. for Wes. Fusco has experience over Wes and that's big for the now but it doesn't mean you will perform better in the future than the person that's gaining that experience rapidly. I haven't looked deeply into the career progression of Fusco but I suspect, like most players he probably got his *** handed to him for awhile until he worked his baby fat off and put on NFL muscle and perfected his technique. If you have a competitive mentality and you get exposed the way Wes did at times last year, you usually are loaded for bear coming into the next year, If you're not, Fusco's there to take the job. To me this is in no way a signal that they're giving up on Wes unless there's something they see behind the scenes that we can't. I was wrong once in the past, I think, I guess it could happen again.
  4. Who plays Center if Mack goes down? You've got to give Garland credit, he saved his job by switching to Oline and he cross trained and made himself valuable enough to be hard to cut.
  5. I think Garland is the backup Center at this point is he not? Could weigh heavily in his favor. I don't know if Fusco can play center.
  6. By the way, isn't Garland the backup center at this point? Does Fusco have any Center experience. Didn't they run Garland over to Center when Mack went down? That may be a consideration with the 2nd tender on Garland also.
  7. Garland was by far weaker at LG after the Levitre injury than Wes was at RG. Wes was taking his lumps at RG but as long as the rest of the line was intact, the learning process for Wes could continue but when Levitre went down and LG became a problem, it was big trouble. I'm really surprised how far the team got last year. They overcame plenty.
  8. Come on guys. Garland was a practice squad DT. He switched to Oline in an attempt to save his job. Sure he can play some DT but let's not pretend the guy was a big time starter at DT. Practice Squad. He's a good goal line defense kind of DT.
  9. They'll play the one that wins the job.
  10. We'll see. I disagree with you about Wes and just like Jake the first year he started, there were some errors made by Wes in critical situations that stood out on tape but watching his play in its entirety, his play wasn't nearly as bad as it seemed.
  11. You guys are so certain that Schweizer sucks but for a first year as a starter, he had his ups and downs but he did as many if not more good things as bad. He'll come in leaner and meaner and I think he's still the favorite to be the starter. If he doesn't show well, Fusco will be there to have a chance to beat him out. I'm not counting Wes out yet. I heard the same stuff about Jake, still hear some of it and he was a first round pick. Takes at least one full season experience in the NFL at Oline to understand what it takes especially if you're a late rounder from a smaller college program. Oh, and he played LT in college not RG. Big difference.
  12. Free Agency hasn't started yet. I know news is leaking out from the 'pundits' about what's going to happen but folks are basically freaking because the Falcons aren't mentioned enough in the rumors. No one has signed anything yet.
  13. I think the pay vs. production gap is as wide as it ever has been. Just because a guy gets paid doesn't mean he's going to produce. I think the draft is where you need to build and maintain your team these days. Contracts are too far out of hand.
  14. Negative! Folks forget what it's like without a decent LT. Like the center position, you're done without a good one and Jake, no matter what ya'll think. is a good one. Jake needs to stay there for 10 years as far as I'm concerned. True football people know how good Jake is I think. Too many people have unrealistic expectations of two positions in football these days. LT and CB. I think those are the two most difficult positions to play especially physically in the game today. Jake is easily top 10.
  15. Contracts and guarantees are getting out of hand at a time when the league appears to be rolling over the top of a peak and starting downhill revenue wise. Revenue reversals always precede labor strife by a couple of years. The next CBA will be a tough one to negotiate I think. These guaranteed contracts got out of hand prior to the previous deal and they're headed that way again. This is the reason the league has been so desperate to expand internationally and open new revenue streams. I don't know the schedule for re-negotiation of the TV deals, I'm sure someone here can illuminate us on that but that will be D-Day right there. hope it all works out.......and without the international expansion. Falcons can't compete in this market for any top talent. Focus on the draft and coach 'em up.