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  1. Pimpin man when I see that booty I know I'm home.
  2. Excuse me it's gonna take me a while to get back comfortable to this place. I've active on Facebook with a few characters from here. Just love the real ness of it. Good to see some familiar faces. Flip had the truck strong for 6 years. Somebody else is enjoying her now. Fun while it last.
  3. Dang Douglass Astro. As much as I hate to give them props. Welcome to the middle Akeem Dent. Now do the dang thing. This from a Washington Bulldog.
  4. Need I say anymore. Best character in this movie.
  5. Exactly. Why all the hate for a man that only wants another contract? They wouldn't give him one here. Good luck to him in his future. He will always be a Falcon first.
  6. I got a question, Was this a biological weapon from the govt. Or a terrorists attack? I noticed that the writers said that we might see the helicopter flying again.
  7. Showed it on Talking dead last night. It is another woman.
  8. Bouncing in for a minute. Lastarlya is fine. I had no idea he was dating a stripper? Her videos are off the chain.
  9. Dang Fat guys are falling out in 2011
  10. I believe that Otis was the one that found Sophia. She was never found because he was killed.
  11. She has a checkered past. But she also has a coochie. Her coochie was for sale for the past 14 years. She just got evicted? She has a phone bill with his number? Yeah, the destruction of Tiger hasn't resonated with Herman Cain. With coochie you are never paid up.
  12. Ohh play the black card all you want. That's funny telling a white guy that. LOL. He turned the faucet off. You caking a woman, you never turn the faucet off. 14 years? You are running for office and you put your hoes on notice? Yeah, they will bark. Every man who was a cake daddy and turned off the faucet got burned. He is no different.
  13. Shane had it good until his partner showed up. He went from number 1 to nothing. Dude is loosing his mind. Him shooting Otis showed me he can be this dangerous.
  14. The twist last night was something else. I remember somebody saying the girl was found alive. I went on looking for that to happen. Did anybody see the previews for next season show? What was that monster?
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