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  1. These mobile/running QBs are only as good as "that hit".......Vick's cryptonite was the Bucs and the Eagles.... I remember being in Tampa for a game...and Vick decided to run up the middle..and Derrick Brooks absolutely demolished Vick....Vick was never the same...Question is can Jackson recover from "that hit" that he will ultimately occur...especially after defenses now how more tape on him....watching that video brought back so many great memories of Vick...but i also recall how the Bucs and Eagles seemed to be in Vick's head....question is can Jackson keep specific teams out of his head,
  2. I will say i was not a real Sark fan... I thought at the time he was a bad hire...and still feel like we should have hired within instead of Sark...but to Sark's defense, he was brought in from college to run a NFL offense that was not his. He had to come in and not only learn a system that wasnt his, then had to run that system. It really was a no win for him. His 2nd year, it looked like he was really starting to put his stamp on the offense, but of course became the scapegoat, like Manuel, due to Quinn's incompetence as a Coach.. I often wonder how Sark would have done given a 3rd year
  3. Gdawg, as much as I like the idea that you are throwing, i think its going to be just the opposite... TD and DQ are fighting for their jobs... they are not worried about the future, they are worried about the now. I really see TD pulling off some big moves trying to move up in the draft... maybe not from 16, but i could see them packaging our second rounders and trying to jump back in the first round..I can also see them killing our cap for next year, to try and pull off some FA moves this year... Just my thought
  4. Don't be surprised if they are not already leaked on here...Back when they weregoing to change the uniform and logo in early 2000's there were a couple of posters on here with the new logo/uniform pics like they come up with them,asking everyone what they thought about them.. then it turned out they were the exact same... I wouldnt doubt if they have had people on here over the last couple of years posting pics of "their concept uniform" just to see what people thought about them
  5. My guess would be Red Helmet with Current logo... Black Jerseys, and Silver Pants... away will probably be similiar to the 80s away Jersey just with current logo..
  6. This is interesting convo regarding Patriots.... IF TB decided to leave NE... I dont think he goes to a West Coast Team..With his family, I think he would stay on East Coast...my biggest bet would be Tennessee....I could see Vrabel luring him in with a great running game (taking pressure off of him) with pretty good Wide Receivers.... my second guess would be following JMD to the Giants if JMD went there...after all, Brady did say he wanted JMD to be his OC for the rest of his career.. If JMD went to the Browns, i dont see TB going there...though if JMD went to Carolina, then that could be int
  7. Please explain how DQ has a long track record of success? He's had 2 winning seasons out of 5. If that's a long track record of success then you have pretty low standards and expectations
  8. yeah, maybe DQ will bring in Mike McCarthy to coach the Defensive Line
  9. Who is Mike Lefleur? Are you referring to Mike McDaniel?
  10. I dont know GF....its all so frustrating...i want to believe that maybe DQ has got things figured out, but I thought that last year as well.... I'm not getting any younger...lol... Merry Christmas Bro!
  11. basically Quin was throwing mud against the wall to see what will stick
  12. I know bro... its all just a mess... which way do you go???? ****ed if you do.. ****ed if you dont
  13. Well the problem is Carroll didnt send his DB and former Head Coach to Coach Wide Recievers..... When they had an OC leaving, they didnt hire an OC from College who had never not only called plays in the NFL, but was also asked to learn another Coach's system. DQ also showed his ineptitude by taking over the defense, which sucked royally, then letting former Wide Receivers coach and LB coach take over play calling and all of a sudden our defense doesnt suck?? Pretty much shows our HC sucks
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