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  1. True... I didnt think about that
  2. Did anyone else catch that he said we just paid Grady? At the 3:35 mark
  3. I read somewhere that two teams have already inquired about him, but it didnt say who they were But if your Arizona, do you trade out and give up the best defensive player in the draft?
  4. Arizona does not take Kyler Murray. Everyone has this penciled in as a given. But what if they take Bosa instead? Im not a draft guru, and dont research it like a lot of people do, but if Murray is not taken by AZ, then really the earliest i see him going is to NYG at 6. Does this shake up the draft at all or does it stay pretty much status Quo. Thoughts?
  5. No to Devin Bush. Why? Because i still haven't gotten over 1995 drafting Devin Bush Sr. over Derrick Brooks
  6. I worked for the FSU boosters that year... and worked all the games.... I literally never heard of Devin Bush. When they called his name, I really thought they mispronounced Derrick Brooks.. Me and my buddy looked at each other and was the Who TF is Devin Bush
  7. No NO NO.... We've already made 1 Devin Bush mistake...... no need to make another!
  8. Well, I dont know if the word jaded is the right word to use... but when you've been a die hard fan for 40+ years, and you've seen some of the biggest choke jobs, and stupid S**t this team has done in those years, it wears on you after a while. Its all how you look at the Falcons.. If you look at them as pure entertainment purpose for Sundays, then yeah, you may be like whats the big deal.. But when you look at them as like an extended family member, like i do, then it does hurt when things go South. In my family, i'm really the only big Football fan, but my wife and my kids root for the Falcons because they know how big of a fan i am.. and we dont even live in Ga. When we went to Super Bowl 51, my wife put together a huge SB Party. My wife decked out our firepit area with Falcons things, bought a new TV and Put outside.. had a grill out with all of our friends... Everyone sat outside around me with their Falcons gear on.. cheering and having the time of their lives. Looking at me and hugging me everytime we scored. My daughter hugging me at the start of the 4th Quarter saying 15 more minutes Daddy and your dream comes true... Then of course after the biggest choke in history, all my kids come up to me with tears in their eyes, hugging me and telling me how sorry they were..and btw.. they are teenagers.... So yes, its stuff like that makes you, not necessarily jaded, but **** sure not real optimistic and very cautious
  9. I was watching, and actually thought they pronounced the name wrong. I worked for the Seminole boosters during that time. I worked every home game in 93 and 94, and I was like, Who TF is Devin Bush? I had never heard of him... Terrible draft pick
  10. Im not a draft guru, so im not going to pretend to be... But I had a vision that we were on the clock 1st round... There still was a stud DT/DE on the boards and a stud OT... waiting for us.... all we had to do was choose which one we wanted... they were ours for the taking The name card was giving to the Commish... and out of Left field, the Commish announces... "with the 14th pick... the Atlanta Falcons select............. LB from Michigan... Devin Bush, Jr.." Jaws drop... the announcers were all like.. WTF.... For all of you younger Falcons fans.... back in 1995, the Falcons were on the Clock... and the Consensus pick amongst everyone was that the Falcons were going to take Derrick Brooks, LB out of FSU,... then out of No where, when the card was turned in... Falcons selected...................Safety Devin Bush from FSU..... Devin bush lasted about 7 years in the NFL bouncing around a few teams.... Derrick Brooks was drafted by Tampa and turned out to be one of the greatest LBers of all time........ Will history repeat itself?????
  11. Contrary to popular belief, DQ is calling the shots, and TD is just making it happen. I guarantee you, picking up VB is all on DQ. Blank wanted Quinn so bad, that he probably pretty much agreed to let DQ call all of the shots, but to save TD of embarrassment, Blank said TD would be in charge of FA. Im not a TD apologist or anything, but TD had nothing to do with 28-3... so putting that on him is absolutely stupid
  12. Nope... That would be Rich McKay.
  13. Well it was time for Smith to go... I think he lost his fire after the NFCCG... but to his defense, after that game, TD made some really boneheaded player moves that I still dont understand to this day. He really was not given a whole lot to work with his last 2 years. Now did Smith have input on the players we let go and the old players we brought in? If he did then its on him..if he didnt and it was all TD, then i kinda feel sorry for Smith. It was like he was setup to fail
  14. Yeah... that statement really bothers me. They should know in the NFL any given Sunday. Especially when the Browns have went to 4 OT Games against good teams.
  15. Sark had definately turned it around.. Ill gladly eat my a big believer in Sark now..even after that bad game yesterday.... The offense looked out of sync and confused