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  1. Can he learn to hate the Saints? or will his ties with them run to deep for him not to have the hatred for them deep down in his heart? We need Roddy White Saint hatred in him...No Saints softspot!
  2. Fact of the matter is he made Tannehill(sp) into a respective QB...god knows what he could actually do with a real QB like MR and a run game
  3. I know this thread is usually for the FA season...but since there are people who like to come up with these crazy *** scenarios, of coaches being fired, and GMS, etc...I just thought i would make a topic here...so please, post your crazy *** What Ifs
  4. LOL..I kinda love this time of the year.... People come out with their off the wall "what ifs" and their "so and so has been fired..should we take a look"......LMAO...AB has already made up his mind who he wants as a GM, and probably HC...Tomlin is not going to be fired, therefore, Tomlin is no consideration...lol
  5. Yes..Devin Bush...one of the worst Draft blunders in franchise history...We chose him over Derrick Brooks..... I was in Tally at the time, working for FSU boosters, and I didnt even know who he was. I thought they mispronounced Derrick Brooks....I was shocked
  6. **** guys...sorry... if i could have edited out the score there i would....it was just suppose to be AB being pumped about having a top 5 pick....that is all...Now i feel like Sh**t
  7. https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/CI3_lpYuOZicWQiJCw8XW7nMyyY=/1600x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/7935991/blank2.0.gif
  8. Yeah, I believe one or the other...both have younger and mobile QBs that would better fit its system.. My money would be on San Diego if it becomes available. They are up and coming with a fairly talented young roster. I still dont see the love for EB..... it feels like the Dan Quinn hire all over
  9. The more I think about it, I think i'm leaning more towards Arthur Smith or Josh McDaniels. I think JMD would be good for the last couple of years of Ryans Career, while letting a young quarterback sit for a couple of years learning then making the transition a lot smoother. He has done well with backup Qbs.. AS has worked wonders with Tannehill and anyone that can do that, has to be at the top of everyone's list
  10. What exactly are they suppose to observe? Andy Reid will be calling the plays and making all the decisions.
  11. Um...you do know the trade deadline has already passed..No trades can be made until the new league year in March
  12. I know he's not a popular choice here...but i will say Josh McDaniels.....which should have been hired instead of DQ...why???? 1. He's a former head coach who should have learned from his mistakes... 2. He's been learning under BB for over 10 years... 3. EB, AS, JB, etc...all are hot names, but so was DQ.... these guys are unproven.. you hire one of these guys, chances are you stuck with them for the next 3 to 5 years...if they lay brick, you've really set your franchise back many many years.. 4. As far as the Colts job goes, i honely feel like JMD knew of the uncertaint
  13. Interesting Article One of four teams that fired their GMs in-season, the Falcons have been looking into Saints assistant GM Terry Fontenot, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora. However, the NFL’s new minority hiring rule may complicate matters. Were the Falcons to hire Fontenot, who is Black, the Saints would receive two third-round picks. Fontenot has been with the Saints longer than Sean Payton and rose from pro scouting director to assistant GM this year. “How many teams would trade two third-round picks for an unproven GM?” a source familiar with this situati
  14. Why why why do some of you feel the need to start stupid *** threads like this?? This got quit on Florida, and Quit on Ohio...why in god's name would you even consider him here?? If coaching Florida gave him chest pains, then coaching the Falcons would probably kill him...smh
  15. I honestly think, TD was a casualty of DQ... no matter what, i think TD got the players that DQ wanted...DQ was just a bad coach... I do blame AB for the structure he put forth when he hired TD...TD was in a no win situation... Though...i will day...during his downtime, TD should really study on how build an OL...i will say that is his one weakness..
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