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  1. Woah.. hold on... Ok.. Yeah she's got a great leg.. so because she made a 55 yard field goal with no pass rush or no timing, she should be invited for a tryout in the NFL??.. When I was a Senior in High School, we would have outside PE 3 Times a week and it was at the Football practice field... One of the things we would do to kill time would try to kick field goals... I always had a strong leg and could kick footballs and soccer balls a ton. During this "practice time" I would kick 45-55 yard field goals consistently. I use to win all of our FG Competitions with ease...(not bragging, just the truth), but it was never good enough for our HS Football Coach to give me a tryout...and i couldnt blame him, because all of my kicks come just like this lady's did.. no pass rush, no pressure, no anything... There is a lot more to FG Kicking than just kicking it between the Goal Post at your leisure.
  2. class act on both you you guys! I know Tandy will smile when seeing this
  3. Plain and simple... It takes two parties to dance. If you really want a player.. ala McGary, and you think you can get him at 40, but there is no one willing to trade back with you, then what do you do?? Sit and hope for the best or do you go and get your boy.... We went and got our boy!... You can always speculate about someone being drafted "Too High".. but if thats who you want, and no one is willing to trade back with you (thats the key") then you just have to go and get him!
  4. I do expect plenty of Personal Foul penalties on McGary, even... some ejections... but as long as I know he has my QB's back.... I'm good with it
  5. I love the McGary Pick.. not that he was the best Lineman available, but because he is probably the most Loyal Lineman available... I guarantee you no one will cheapshot ICE without there being reprocussions
  6. Screw DLed... this kid has been through ****, and him and his family have pretty much lost everything.. now the kid gets a once in a lifetime break..and DLed tries to ruin the kid... **** him! DQ and TD need to make a **** stand... IN BROTHERHOOD, and refuse to answer any questions or even acknowledge his sorry ***....... Sorry MODS for the language, but this absolutely pisses me off... Fine Me Later
  7. Of course i'm a fan of every Falcon player, but just hearing about this Kid's trials growing up, and seeing his excitement of being drafted, being a Falcon aside, i really want this kid to succeed.. There's just something about him... Its like he's on a mission, and I see him as someone who will do anything to protect MR. I do see many unnecessary roughness penalties on him, but its all for the brotherhood... I guarantee you with this guy, if someone pops MR when he is sliding.. ala 2014, i guarantee you, he wont be turning around and going back to the huddle like nothing happend
  8. I just ended my 5th 12 hour shift of the week, logged on and read through this thread. I cant stop laughing... thanks guys for making my week... This thread is Gold... Mods, please Pin this! I havent laughed this hard in a long time!.... This thread could actually be The GOAT!
  9. Kyler Murray dropping to the end of the first round or dropping out the first round all together. People may laugh, but if Arizona does not take him who takes him? People speculating Gruden will take him, but he does not fit the mold of a Gruden Qb. He is too small for the Giants GM, and the Redskins are in love with Haskins... From what I've read, most GMs think he's too small.. so if Zona dont take him at 1, I dont know where he would land
  10. True... I didnt think about that
  11. Did anyone else catch that he said we just paid Grady? At the 3:35 mark
  12. I read somewhere that two teams have already inquired about him, but it didnt say who they were But if your Arizona, do you trade out and give up the best defensive player in the draft?
  13. Arizona does not take Kyler Murray. Everyone has this penciled in as a given. But what if they take Bosa instead? Im not a draft guru, and dont research it like a lot of people do, but if Murray is not taken by AZ, then really the earliest i see him going is to NYG at 6. Does this shake up the draft at all or does it stay pretty much status Quo. Thoughts?
  14. No to Devin Bush. Why? Because i still haven't gotten over 1995 drafting Devin Bush Sr. over Derrick Brooks
  15. I worked for the FSU boosters that year... and worked all the games.... I literally never heard of Devin Bush. When they called his name, I really thought they mispronounced Derrick Brooks.. Me and my buddy looked at each other and was the Who TF is Devin Bush