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  1. Opps. Didnt see it posted. Didnt think it would be part of the Julio traded. My bad
  2. He totally just ripped the whole organization apart. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/falcons-big-mistake-isnt-trading-julio-jones-its-not-also-dealing-matt-ryan-and-others-for-a-full-rebuild/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Because they have a lot more options at resstructuring than we do.....apparently their GM keeps them very minimal with dead money....so doing this is kinda out of the ordinary for himn... The only restructure we had left to do would have been Grady... Oh yeah...and their is that whole, Julio didnt want to be here thing...
  4. Not a MR hater at all...Matt's my 2nd favorite falcon of all time actually, and i have been outspoken on here about keeping Matt and not drafting a QB.. Anyway, you obviously didnt read my post or only seen what you wanted to see then hopped in to be the big bad keyboard warrior.... My point of the post was maybe if they would have approached Matt from the get go Matt may have redone his contract, and Make the money back in 2023 when the cap is suppose to make a major jump... i never one time said anything negative or hating about Matt.
  5. I dont know..maybe not sign an extension with a team that has a "weak arm" QB ,,,,, He would have already been a Free Agent and chosen any "strong arm" QB that he wanted to play for....but obviously Matt was good enough for him to take the loot
  6. If my boss gave me some guarantees...as i mentioned in the post, then yes i would be open to it...read the whole post before responding
  7. No..don't have you on ignore at all.... IF two parties are willing to redo a contract, then a contract can be redone....the NFL Union cannot prevent you from doing that..they may not like it, but they cannot stop you...... I believe Dante Fowler just took a paycut to stay with us because if we would have cut him, his guaranteed money would have been less than what we guaranteed
  8. #1 I never said Matt was greedy...if you would read the actual post instead of the title i said Matt's money was deserved...i also said Matt may have been open to it if they would have made dedication to him right off the bat...it was all just hypothesis... #2 If 6 million dollars is no big deal, then why havent we freed it up, already....therefore giving us more levarage in the JJ situation Some of you guys get too wound up...this was all hypothesis...sit down, put your feet up, and have a drink.................****
  9. Yeah...if he would have taken the pay cut initially, then we would not have had to restructure again......i think..lol
  10. I think Reeves being fired was more of a Rich McKay thing...if i remember correctly, McKay was at an owner's meeting or something...still employed by TB...mysteriously stepped out in the middle of a meeting.....and then returned...soon after, Reeves was released ( they told him they wanted to move on but asked that he coach the rest of the year and he refused and asked for his release)....soon after McKay got his release from TB and was hired by us..all of this happend withing like a week
  11. No...they took his base salary and converted it to signing bonus...there was no pay cut...its just going to balloon our cap hit next year No, thats why you put in a no trade clause and increase his base for 2023..he gets the money back in 2023. His base is only 20 million in 2023.. make it 30, which will still be well below market value..and guaranteed....i could be wrong...cap guru's could say if i'm right or not
  12. Desperate people do desperate things... I think if they would have fired DQ a year earlier, we wouldnt be in the cap situation we are in.... DQ and TD were fighting for their jobs so their moves the last couple of years was an all or nothing thing
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