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  1. I'm with you, win or lose I'd like to see Brady clubbed like a baby seal and in a full body cast after the game. 😆 Sweep the leg indeed.
  2. The Falcons have invested draft capital into the lines, but they have drafted busts. Beasley, McKinley, Senat, it's a little early to say on some of the olinemen, but Jake and Lindstrom are the only 2 that we can have real confidence in at this point. Something that I haven't seen talked about is this, yes Mayfield looked horrible, but we have a new center starting and responsible for making the line calls. We've gone from a ProBowl caliber OC to an unknown OC. I hope he can step up, but we don't really know yet.
  3. IF he is as productive as we all think he will be this year, how do you replace him for his 5th year option price of $5.428 million. I understand (cap, cap, cap) but at some point you have to weigh player value against the cap, and we all know the cap is going to increase significantly next year. I think this was the one wrong decision they made this offseason, but maybe he is a non factor and we're glad we don't have that money eating into the cap. I suspect after this year, with a coach that actually knows how to scheme for talent and likes the tight end position we'll regret not having one more year on a cheap contract. IMO
  4. I hated not picking up Hurst 5th year option. I think it was incredibly short sighted.
  5. I get it but every source all off season have listed Patterson as a WR, EXCEPT the Falcons and their player roster. They've called him a RB ever since they signed him and it hasn't changed.
  6. That list is irrelevant on the Falcons website player roster they list him as a RB Cordarrelle Patterson 84 RB 6-2 220 30 9 Tennessee
  7. You mean his leg wasn't amputated ? With the posts about his health last week I thought he might never play again.
  8. Excerpt from an AJC article about Rosen's good night. "Some quarterbacks will be cut. If the Saints cut Trevor Siemian or the Titans cut Logan Woodside, the Falcons could attempt to sign one of them. Both have spent time with Smith, when he was the offensive coordinator with the Titans." If we go back to doing this kind of stupid crap I will give up on this regime tomorrow. Signing 1 of 2 complete bums because they spent time with Smith somewhere else just reeks of that old Jacksonville pipeline for Smitty, or every Seattle player that ever spoke to Quinn. Trevor Simien is what he is (sucks) and has had more opportunity as a 7th round pick with less talent than Rosen had as a first round pick, and Logan freakin' Woodside ? I personally liked Rosen coming out in the draft and wanted him as a backup when Arizona gave up on him, but Miami signed him with no plan other than the tank for Tua nonsense.
  9. I said when he was hired that one of the advantages to hiring Terry Fontenot is he understands the rivalry, he had just been on the wrong side of it, and I'm sure he has conveyed the importance to Coach Smith.
  10. If it's the moron I'm thinking of I just mostly ignore his whining. The biggest jag off is always trying to tell the Braves how to do their job, but he was desperate to trade Austin Riley and multiple years of control for 1 year of Kris Bryant. Never hear that stupid crap any more, and I'm sure he hopes everyone forgot. I'm actually embarrassed that such imbeciles are paid to discuss topics about which they have so little knowledge.
  11. Bruce Arians has failed with every young QB he has coached except for Andrew Luck.
  12. This is actually ironic and funny. You're saying we should trade for Uncle Rico, because a QB that Kyle Shanahan gave up on has made him expendable. Why don't we just wait and see how the QB Shanny gave up on that we picked up for nothing does playing for us ? 🤔
  13. I'm trying to figure out the whole Bruce Arians as a QB guru nonsense. What QB has he ever develop from rookie to Pro Bowl ? You could argue Andrew Luck, but he was labeled the most NFL ready QB to come out in the draft in decades.. Other than that he has been successful with older more experienced QB's.
  14. I read a report that they were going to be working out QB's last night. They just made the decision and agreed to terms early. Not really much intrigue involved.
  15. Out of RB's likely to be cut from teams that played in that game I would prefer Michel.
  16. I agree, it's over and done. The only reason I even posted the article is it was the first time I had ever heard one of our players admit this, and if Blank was aware of this he should have fired the coaches immediately. If Blank participated I would prefer he stepped away from the team and just paid the bills, or at least I would hope he learned that football is 4 quarters and never allows anything like this to happen again.
  17. If I had been the owner and knew this was going on at halftime I would have cleaned house on the way home. This is why they looked so sluggish coming out after the break and is 100 percent on the coaches. Ex-Falcons Player Made Admission About Super Bowl LI Loss The Atlanta Falcons had one of the most infamous blown games in sports history at the end of the 2016-17 NFL season. The team was up 28-3 on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with just over two minutes left in the third quarter. At the 2:06 mark in the third quarter, James White caught a touchdown from Brady. After a quick Falcons three-and-out, the Patriots kicked a field goal to cut things to 28-12. The Falcons fumbled it away three plays later, and the Patriots scored just 2:28 later, getting within a touchdown at 28-20. After a Falcons punt, New England marched 91 yards down the field, capped by a one-yard run by White and a Brady-to-Danny Amendola two-point conversion to tie the game. The Pats got the ball in overtime, and went 75 yards in eight plays, with White scoring once again to win the game. By now we know to never, ever count out a team with Tom Brady under center. Apparently the Falcons hadn’t gotten that memo, even as Brady had four championships under his belt at that point. Former Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler is now position mates with former Falcon Robert Alford on the Arizona Cardinals. Butler says that Alford admits the team was celebrating very hard in the locker room at halftime, as if the game was already over with Atlanta up 21-3 at the time. “I talked to him about it. I asked him if he wanted his ring back,” Butler joked with Ryan Cody of 12 News in Phoenix. “He told me a story, he said he was in the locker room at halftime, he told me he was about to pop a bottle and things like that, it was so funny. And we came back and beat them. “I’m just imagining him at halftime. Robert, he’s a funny guy, he’s got a lot of energy, tells a lot of jokes, and he told me at halftime they were in there dancing and hooraying, then we came back and beat them, so I think that was pretty funny.” Over four years later, Atlanta Falcons fans are still subject to a ton of 28-3 jokes. This revelation from Alford and Butler somehow makes things even worse. [Ryan Cody via NESN]
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