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  1. He'll look much improved out in the desert because they have a DL that can generate pressure. If we can ever get a DL that gets consistent pressure our CB's will improve too.
  2. No don't misunderstand I want as high a pick as possible and the flexibility that comes with it. I was just saying that based on the short time he's been here Schlenk has shown the ability to recognize talent no matter where we draft. Not only that he's hired a coach and assembled a roster that is young, exciting and mesh together very well.
  3. It's funny everyone is worried about trying to have the worst record possible for that #1 pick. I think Schlenk has proven he can draft no matter where we pick in the first round. Look back at the 2017 draft is there anyone that was selected before John Collins that you would be willing to trade him for straight up ? Looking at last years draft other than the Doncic / Young trade that people will debate forever. Was there anyone available at 19 or 30 that you would look back and say I wish we had drafted them over Huerter or Spellman ?
  4. This is almost as stupid as the nicknames you give to players and coaches. Accusing someone you don't know of lying. I was born at Kennestone hospital, yes I lived in Denver for 7 years including 2002 when i created this account, hence the nick name. However I've lived 42 of my 50 years in the great state of Georgia, and have a great deal of pride in this city and state. I can tell from your posts that you also love this city but I can also tell you're quickly slipping into senility. Reverting back to grade school immaturity. I disagree with your opinion, you disagree with mine, and maybe the only things we agree on are our love for all Atlanta sports. We just disagree on the direction of the teams and the solutions to get them where we want them at the end of the day.
  5. Born and raised in the metro, but much prefer Pepsi to Coke. When I was a kid I could drink either, and then Coke decided to come out with NEW Coke which sucked, then they went back to Classic Coke and it's never been the same. Apparently they've fooled a lot of people into believing that Classic Coke is the original formula, but I don't believe it for a minute. Oddly Coke from a fountain is still okay, but a bottle or can from the store is a hard pass. I have less and less trust in your "trust me" by the day. Based on a lot of your football opinions and now this one I'm just SMH.
  6. What no one here is realizing or at least has failed to mention. Todd Gurley was NEVER going to be drafted by the Falcons. The draft is a joint effort between the FO and coaches. We had just hired an offensive coordinator whose entire career has been built around making lower round RB's stars. That's the allure of an OC from the Mike Shannahan tree, the highest drafted RB by this group was Portis and they traded him for Champ Bailey before paying him a big money deal. If Shanny had stayed I would be willing to bet that Freeman would have hit free agency and we would have drafted the next RB to replace him in the 4 - 7th round. This offense should never wrap a ton of salary cap into the RB position, and if I had made the call Freeman would be dealing with his injury issues somewhere else and we would have another comp pick.
  7. He's not wrong. It sounds like he might read these boards and see some of the ridiculous opinions that emanate from them. If you're not a pro bowler setting the world on fire in your first or second season you're a bust around these parts.
  8. I've done several this year, but I think this is my favorite. I know there will be questions about taking 2 RB's but Teco is gone, Freeman has had injury issues so it's hard to count on him, plus Ito and Hill are unproven. Besides if we can grab Harris in the 4th and Jacobs in the 6th I'm running to the podium with the picks. Mock draft sites are completely unrealistic. 14: R1P14 DL ED OLIVER HOUSTON 45: R2P13 CB TRAYVON MULLEN CLEMSON 79: R3P15 OT CODY FORD OKLAHOMA 117: R4P15 RB DAMIEN HARRIS ALABAMA 138: R4P36 C LAMONT GALLARD GEORGIA 153: R5P14 OT TYTUS HOWARD ALABAMA STATE 173: R5P34 QB RYAN FINLEY NORTH CAROLINA STATE 188: R6P13 RB JOSHUA JACOBS ALABAMA 232: R7P16 WR HUNTER RENFROW CLEMSON
  9. Do you mean per play, per possession, per quarter ? Because 2 or 3 per game is off by at least a factor of 10.
  10. Yeah those first four guys have already started moving up the board and we haven't even gotten to the combine yet. A lot of teams place an awful lot of stock into the underwear olympics.
  11. The only problem is i think your first 3 picks in this mock all go in the first round and your 4th pick might be gone before our 2nd round pick.
  12. The 57 yard field goal by far, because it happened in the Saints stadium, and kept them out of the Falcons locker room and training facility.
  13. Right there with you, I joined in 2002, the year of divisional realignment.
  14. I bet he could, I found this on Mike Conti's twitter. I'm sure he will fit in well with the training we do every year with former seals.
  15. You would have the same reaction if Jameis Winston was your QB.
  16. What i believe the OP is trying to convey is that DLed is saying the job has been offered to Koetter but there has been no agreement reached at this time.
  17. Whatever I'm done here.
  18. That is not my argument, and if you read my original post. You would not even make such a ridiculous statement. 1. He didn't compare the firings to the holocaust. 2. The comparison was to 1 vile act that the Nazi's perpetrated, and even then not as it pertained to the Nazi's but to their victims. 3. It was moronic like most of Stan's "takes" over the last year, and I won't miss him on my radio. Were you listening in when he made his comments ? Or is your opinion based on what was "reported" ? I'm sure he felt safe in using a Nazi analogy, as that term has been tossed around more in the last 2 years than in the previous 50. The fact is he could have made the exact same analogy without ever throwing out the word Nazi or holocaust. So is it the word Nazi that's offensive ? If so I expect about 6 major news channels to lose audience and funding and 100's of reporters to be fired. He mentioned the holocaust in explaining he learned about this act when visiting the holocaust museum ? Is it the word holocaust that's offensive ? This is why I said listen to what people are trying to say and not necessarily the words coming out of their mouths. It was a stupid and twisted analogy, but if taken in context there was no reason to be offended.
  19. Ok let's assume your comment has merit. When every faux pas or misstatement is treated as a reason to label someone or have them fired because of hurt feelings it gets to the point that sane people reject the "outrage". Is all outrage equivalent ? No, but that was kind of my point. These days even the stupidest of outrages are treated as though they're equal. I guess your blind donkey is the one searching for offenses, and finding them under every rock.
  20. I was actually listening to the show driving back from Tennessee when he made the comments. The comparison was moronic but he didn't really compare the firings to the holocaust. He was referring to 1 particularly vile act committed by the Nazi's as it pertained to forced survival. He happened to learn about it while visiting the holocaust museum. I was never really a fan of his on air, so no major loss, but if people would really listen to what others are saying, and try to understand the thoughts they're trying to convey. Instead of looking for a reason to be offended the world would be a better place. It's getting to the point that no one can offer any kind of opinion without someone getting their feelings hurt.
  21. Cool, thanks for the info.
  22. I don't think that has much to do with it, the difference is in draft position Vic's is so high because he was the 8th overall pick. Neal was picked at 17 if I recall correctly.
  23. It's been obvious for years, every returner we had with the exception of Hester made the exact same plays at PR. They were coached that way. Hester wasn't going to play that way and had the cachet to do it the way he wanted.
  24. Man that is DUMB.
  25. The Falcons have some of the dumbest excuses for fans in the league. The knee jerk moronics displayed on this board any given day are more embarrassing than any thing the team has ever done, and that is really saying something.