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  1. Beasley is here at least 2 more years. This will be the Roth year of his rookie deal and I guarantee we'll exercise our 5th year option.
  2. You say that but I'm not sure Gallup makes it to our pick in the 3rd. He's better than you think.
  3. I hope any player drafted by a rival is a complete and total bust.
  4. Here's a never talked about prospect that would be perfect as Mr. Irrelevant. We need a QB to develop later in the draft this might be the guy. Went to Princeton so if he qualified for that college you would assume he's pretty smart. http://draftscout.com/ratings/pyrnotes.php?pyid=127473&draftyear=2018 Draft Analyst's Tony Pauline reports that Princeton QB Chad Kanoff "didn't disappoint" in his pro day. Kanoff hasn't received as much attention as some of the other quarterbacks in this class, but he put up big numbers in the Ivy League, and according to Pauline, there's interest in the signal-caller. "The big-armed passer measured in at 6-foot-4 and 219 pounds, timed 4.90 in the 40 and posted a vertical jump of 32.5 inches," Pauline writes. "His hands measured 10-1/4 inches, a big number for a quarterback. Kanoff threw 55 passes; all had excellent velocity, and all were on the money." He also mentions that the Giants, Cardinals, Colts and Cardinals all attended the former Tigers workout. Mar 10 - 3:57 PM
  5. Everyone wanting to trade TeCo. You want to bring in a rookie that has the same skillset and trade the vet that's still cheap, already knows the offense and is a reliable receiver out of the backfield. It took Coleman until his 2nd year to become the player he is now. So yes, we should draft a back this year with an eye on Coleman leaving in free agency, but a trade is stupid unless you can get someone to give you at minimum a 4th round. If you wait a year and lose him as a FA, he might sign for enough money to net a 3rd round comp. Teams are more willing to throw money around in FA than they are in giving up middle round draft picks. For the record there are several backs in this years draft that I would be fine with spending draft capital to acquire, and I really want to draft Flowers for the fullback position. JONES, RONALD* RB 5'11" 200 USC 6.2 MICHEL, SONY RB 5'11" 220 Georgia 5.8 PENNY, RASHAAD RB 5'11" 220 San Diego St . 5.8 JOHNSON, KERRYON* RB 6'0" 212 Auburn 5.8 CHUBB, NICK RB 5'11" 228 Georgia 5.8 BALLAGE, KALEN RB 6'1" 227 Arizona State 5.4 WILLIAMS, DARREL RB 6'1" 229 LSU 5.3 FB FLOWERS, DIMITRI RB 6'2" 245 Oklahoma 5.5
  6. I think this is my favorite out of all the Fanspeak mocks I've done this year. Our DLine would be stacked with depth, youth and talent. Give these guys to Quinn and Young and let them mold them into a beast outfit, along with Jarrett, Takk and Beasley. 26: R1P26 DL DA'RON PAYNE ALABAMA 58: R2P26 DL RASHEEM GREEN USC 90: R3P26 DL NATHAN SHEPHARD FORT HAYS ST. 126: R4P26 LB SHAQUEM GRIFFIN UCF 200: R6P26 RB DARRELL WILLIAMS LSU 244: R7P26 FB DIMITRI FLOWERS OKLAHOMA 256: R7P38 EDGE MARCELL FRAZIER MISSOURI
  7. Willie Young is still out there as well.
  8. Yeah my bad ....
  9. On Feb 5, 2017, Bennett was a spectator and in town to watch his brother, a player for the New England Patriots. It was just last month.
  10. I like this the best out of all the ones I've done and where we sit at this point of free agency. 26: R1P26 DL DA'RON PAYNE ALABAMA 58: R2P26 DL RASHEEM GREEN USC 90: R3P26 CB M.J. STEWART NORTH CAROLINA 126: R4P26 TE HAYDEN HURST SOUTH CAROLINA 200: R6P26 FB DIMITRI FLOWERS OKLAHOMA 244: R7P26 RB DARREL WILLIAMS LSU 256: R7P38 LB KENNY YOUNG UCLA
  11. Not sure what you're talking about, you're original premise was flawed and stupid so I called you out on it.
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. His original comment was about Matt not being in shape to play into his 40' like Favre or Brady. Now it's SB winners that played into their 40's. There hasn't been a single QB that won a SB at 40 years of age. Brady was 39 in his last win, Elway won a SB at 37 and 38. Gannon took the Raiders to the SB at 37. Peyton Manning won a SB at 39. So much nonsense in his original premise.
  13. There are 6 on that list, 7 if you are Brady. Brad Johnson Matt Hasselbeck Mark Brunnell Vinny Testaverde Doug Flutie and technically Warren Moon retired at the turn of the century. and regardless you didn't mention how YOU know what kind of shape Matt is in.
  14. ??? How in the **** do you know what kind of "shape" he is in ? A guy that has missed maybe 3 plays in the last 8 years, and you think he's not in shape ? I mean you realize that Favre and Brady aren't the only QB's to play into their 40s right ? Rich Gannon was 37 when he took the Raiders to the SB in 2002. George Blanda QB-K -47- 1975 Oakland Raiders September 17, 1927 -44- Steve DeBerg QB 1998 Atlanta Falcons January 19, 1954 Warren Moon QB 2000 Kansas City Chiefs November 18, 1956 Vinny Testaverde QB 2007 Carolina Panthers November 13, 1963 -43- Doug Flutie QB 2005 New England Patriots October 23, 1962 -42- Earl Morrall QB 1976 Miami Dolphins May 17, 1934 -41- Mark Brunell QB 2011 New York Jets September 17, 1970 Brett Favre QB 2010 Minnesota Vikings October 10, 1969 -40- Tom Brady* QB 2017 New England Patriots August 3, 1977 Charlie Conerly QB 1961 New York Giants September 19, 1921 Len Dawson QB 1975 Kansas City Chiefs June 20, 1935 Vince Evans QB 1995 Oakland Raiders June 14, 1955 Joe Ferguson QB 1990 Indianapolis Colts April 23, 1950 Jim Hart QB 1984 Washington Redskins April 29, 1944 Matt Hasselbeck QB 2015 Indianapolis Colts September 25, 1975 Brad Johnson QB 2008 Dallas Cowboys September 13, 1968 Sonny Jurgensen QB 1974 Washington Redskins August 23, 1934 Dave Krieg QB 1998 Tennessee Oilers October 20, 1958 Johnny Unitas QB 1973 San Diego Chargers May 7, 1933 Wade Wilson+ QB 1999 Oakland Raiders February 1, 1959
  15. I might sign McPhee, and then also contact Willie Young who the Bears released. Neither count against comp picks, and could help us with defensive line depth. Both coming off injury years, but should bring their price down, and both can play when healthy.