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  1. I would just as soon sign the undrafted free agent Chase Vinatieri from South Dakota State. Yes Adam is his uncle. Bring him in and let him compete.
  2. Forgive me if this has been posted. I'm not a twitter guy and could not even tell you how I came across this post, but the Falcons schedule release cracked me up. Especially week 11 and 13 against the team that shall remain nameless. 🤣 https://twitter.com/AtlantaFalcons/status/1260939499212869633
  3. I was just going to list Audrey Bruce he was drafted with the 1st overall pick in 1988 and lasted 42 games between the Falcons and Raiders. Then to add insult to injury we drafted Marcus Cotton with pick 28 at the top of the 2nd round. Meanwhile there were 5 HOF players in that draft, 3 in the 1st and 2 in the 2nd round.
  4. I will take back 1 thing I said in the original post. No vaccine has ever been approved for use against previous forms of coronavirus. As of April 22 2020 we have the first in human trials on a vaccine for MERS. 8 years after the first case. Normal vaccine development takes 10 - 15 years. So best case scenario rainbows fly out of a unicorns butt and we develop a vaccine for Covid-19 in 12 to 18 months. Are you taking that vaccine From a Politico article If we try to shut down the world and wait for an answer that may never come there won't be much of a world left. I'm pretty sure the idiots are the ones that are surrendering their rights to over reaching government entities.
  5. Wonderful rebuttal, clearly you're an educated man. If you want to disagree give a valid argument for your position.
  6. That's what they keep telling us, but it's a load of horse crap. Have you received your vaccine for SARS, MERS, H1N1, or Bird flu ? There are many corona viruses in existence and there has NEVER been a vaccine for a single one of them. They've got people locked up in their houses cowering under their beds though. Stop living in fear, this country would have never gotten off the ground with this current mind set. https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-vaccine-may-be-impossible-to-produce-scientists-covid-2020-4
  7. Last year the Falcons made the mistake of signing Kenyon Barner on March 14 so very earlier in free agency. The job was basically his to lose. Marcus Green was never really given a chance to take it. I know their hope was that they could stash Green on the PS for a year and then let him take the return job this year. The Falcons cut him on final roster cut down August 31st and he was signed to the Eagles PS September 1st. It looks like maybe this year they will finally develop a return man instead of signing one, at least I hope that is the case. We've almost completely remade the special teams units in the last 2 years.
  8. I don't remember drafting Grimes because he was an UDFA.
  9. I've seen all the complains over how AJ Terrell was over drafted. The funny thing is I looked at 3 mock drafts from just before the draft 2 had him going to Oakland at 19 and 1 had him going at 22 to the Vikings. So not really over drafted, just not who some of us wanted in the first. *Side note that same draft had Matt Hennessy going to the Vikings at 26 in the first round.
  10. Any name cut by another team..... That's not who I like, but you asked about TATF.
  11. Actually Clay and Bruce Matthews both played for 19 seasons, that is some serious blood lines.
  12. If he blows up we franchise tag and keep him or trade him if he doesn't want to be here.
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