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  1. Funny thing is I read the exact same crap about Sanu when he was signed. I've watched his college tape and the can't catch -____- is straight up nonsense. This is what was said about him the year he was drafted. "We all know he ran a 4.65 40 at his pro day. So, either you believe in him and his game, or you don't. He's a natural hands catcher and will win 50-50 balls. He's also one of the best blocking wide receivers in this draft. He's physical, tough and has great hands. I think the Vikings got a winner." -- Mike Mayock Now why it hasn't worked in Minny I won't pretend to know, but we didn't spend a 1st round pick on him. We just picked this guy up from Peachtree Quality Salvage and people are on here crying about it.
  2. I've never used that simulator before, but I would be happy with these results. 16 Round: 1 Patrick Queen LB | LSU 55 Round: 2 Justin Madubuike DL | Texas A&M 78 Round: 3 J.K. Dobbins RB | Ohio State 119 Round: 4 Michael Ojemudia CB | Iowa 134 Round: 4 Jonathan Greenard EDGE | Florida 229 Round: 7 Julian Blackmon S | Utah
  3. Still have until tomorrow to drop the franchise tag on him, if we so choose.
  4. I don't know, but I would certainly find out. TEs routinely go in the 1st or 2nd round. There aren't any game changers in this year's draft. This is a 25 year old TE that has proven he will put in the work and that he can play in this league.
  5. I think they should work the cap so they can franchise Hooper and then trade him. I've seen at least 6 teams mentioned as being interested in signing Hooper.
  6. Looks like the United States Postal Service teams helmet.
  7. They drafted a DE with the 1st 2nd round pick. might not be the one you wanted, but they did pick one.
  8. This is the 7 round mock draft from Draft Blasters. I wouldn't completely hate it. They went all out on fixing the DL, and I can't be mad at that. I'm not taking a QB at all, I let Etling and Benkert battle it out. I also want a RB at some point I might take Patrick Taylor Jr., RB, Memphis in the 5th. 16. Atlanta Falcons Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama View Top Safeties There would be a temptation to say that the Falcons need to draft offensive linemen, but they were more banged up than lacking at that position group. If they can get last year’s draft picks healthy, this team could have an excellent offensive line without having to draft anyone new. The Falcons looked very impressive in the end of the season, and just need to fill a few holes on their defense. 2nd Jon Greenard, DE, Florida 2nd (from New England) Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU 3rd Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri 4th Evan Weaver, ILB, California 5th Steven Montez, QB, Colorado 7th (from TampaBay) Leki Fotu, DT, Utah
  9. Looks like a 2nd round pick that isn't ready to start yet ?? The truth is the way the NBA draft works now you have about 4 guys ready to make any kind of impact in the league and everyone else is a developmental prospect. Some need more development than others.
  10. I like the draft for the most part, but would like to see that 4th round pick used on Ke'Shawn Vaughn RB, Vanderbilt Conf SEC - East Jersey #5 Class RS Senior HT 5'10" DOB 05/04/1997 WT 205 lbs ANALYST'S REPORTS Crabbs TDN PROS: Really like his illustrated vision in zone concepts, he's got a natural feel for the cutback lane and will break contain peeling back against the grain. Has a good burst when he sticks his foot in the ground and has surprised with some of the toughness he's put on display in the open field. Will be tough to box in thanks to wiggle and he's shown active work with his free arm to shiver or stiff-arm a would be tackler. Long speed is above average and he really separates to break pursuit angles when he's able to turn the pads up the field on outside runs. CONS: Highest single season for receiving is just 16 receptions, not to say he's a non-factor but he's ceded those reps elsewhere at both Vanderbilt and Illinois. Not overly stout standing in against pass rushers either, he brings good scrap but he's not overly heavy in the anchor. Don't feel like his feet are his best quality pressing the line of scrimmage -- if he can develop a little more consistency staying balanced as he presses he'll be even more effective to cut and bounce away from that initial arriving defender.
  11. They'll still find a way to Brown it up and clean house in 2 years.
  12. I agree that Kraft and Blank are friends and I doubt Kraft would try the end around. However if McDaniels is under contract then Blank can simply say no, or make it very painful. Say 3 - 1st round draft picks, especially considering how late the Patriots generally pick in that round. Then hope that Brady falls off a cliff or retires leaving us with much higher draft pick compensation. It's a gamble, but it might be worth it. I'm not even saying I want McDaniels, I'm just saying if that's the guy I wanted I wouldn't let possible future unknowns be the reason I don't hire him.
  13. Whether or not we hire him the last part of the OP's argument is a non factor in my opinion. If after 5 years he wanted to go back to the Patriots. 1. In 5 years we will know if we want to keep him or fire him anyway. 2. If the Patriots contact him without team approval that would be considered tampering. (Not that the Patriots are above breaking a rule or anything) 3. If the team were to give the Patriots permission then we're looking at being compensated. I really haven't decided who I want as HC yet, and I'm not entirely convinced that Quinn will be fired.
  14. The fact of the of matter is that pick doesn't belong to the Patriots anymore. The league has never taken away 1 teams resources in order to punish a completely different team which is the scenario you just laid out. The league taking away our 2nd round pick to punish the Patriots. Never happen. If they want to dole out punishment they want to dole it out to the Patriots. Not to some other team unfortunate enough to make a deal with the Patriots. They could take their 1st round pick this year and next year since there is a history of violating league rules.
  15. I wouldn't bring in a free agent either, this season is a wrap and has been since week 8. I'm more curious if there is anyone on another teams PS that might be worth stealing to get a look.