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  1. LMAO ... and they were really competitive after they let Brady walk.
  2. We don't necessarily need a big bruising guy. That just happened to be what they had when Smith became the OC in Tennessee. A lot of different types of RB will work in this scheme.
  3. Looks like Dave Ragone and Charles London are both joining the Falcons staff. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-bears/dave-ragone-and-charles-london-leaving-bears-for-new-team/%3famp
  4. To be fair 3 out of 4 HC's that Blank has hired have taken us to the NFC Championship game. 1 of them got us within 17 minutes of winning a SB, so he hasn't been a complete flop when it comes to hiring choices.
  5. How are they finalizing a deal seeing as how his team is still in the playoffs ?
  6. They both have 2 things that Matt has rarely had, good defenses and above average OC's. I'm not sure why it's even a little bit surprising. These are things fans have wanted for Ryan ever since his rookie year.
  7. I don't normally do twitter, but I clicked on the link to see the video, and there is some comedy gold further down in the link. Why does an old man Drew Brees look like the dad from Family Ties ? That's Ken Whisenhunt's picture in the Bradley announcement.
  8. If this guys last name wasn't Schottenheimer he would be flipping burgers at the local Dairy Queen, and you think we should look at him as OC ?
  9. Or maybe Blank wants to hire someone better than TD, this would be a lateral move at best, and might even be a down grade. The love this guy gets for his sub par work in Houston is just astounding.
  10. Not that I have seen reported anywhere, but he was on the original list of candidates. I'm not sure why you would interview Brady and not Staley.
  11. I'm really starting to warm to the idea of Holmes and Staley as a GM / HC pairing.
  12. Rams DC Brandon Staley is another candidate we were scheduled to interview.
  13. No worries man, we're all just here to support the Falcons.
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