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  1. What I've seen from our defense makes my eyes hurt.
  2. That BS overturned fumble screwed us hard.
  3. Agreed, our defense isn't 1 player away, and that's way to much to give up. Not even counting the contract.
  4. He was only supposed to be depth and ST's player. With Rico out now we're going to have to sign someone for sure and hopefully Richard's is back on the bench. It's only week 3, our defense is decimated, and they're playing like it. Gonna be a long season.
  5. I said it then and I say it again now, that was nutless play calling at the end of the half. Especially with this M.A.S.H. unit we are running out there on defense.
  6. I was honestly shocked when we did sign him. I like Free, but this system works, and has worked with a lot of different backs. I would have let him walk recouped a 3rd round comp pick and started Coleman with a rookie backup and free agent signing. Way to much money to spend on a RB in a zone blocking scheme like we run.
  7. I'm in pm me and give me the info to join
  8. I hope we never win a preseason game again, but win every post season game we play. Fair trade as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I'm pretty sure if you go back and watch the Jets game that Sark was on the sidelines and Knapp was in the booth for that game as well.
  10. And in other Atlanta sports news the Hawks paid Carmelo Anthony 27 million dollars to go away. Stop worrying about what these players get paid. It's the going rate and it's not your problem to figure out the cap. We can sign anyone we want with cap tricks, but our team is not about that, they have a plan to draft, develop and sign our own. Free agency is supplemental, but not the way to build a team.
  11. Beasley will be playing on his 5th year option and you can bet they'll throw the 5th year option on Neal meaning he'll be here for 2 more years. That leaves Grady, Jones and Campbell. Being a good GM you can sign all of them.
  12. I was going to look for it, and then I realized I don't give a ****.
  13. I'm not upset by your opinion, I just think it's ridiculous that in 2 different topics about Saubert that I've seen you make the same basic comment. Yes, that was the knock on him coming out of college, but with better coaching that can improve and by all accounts he's had the fewest drops this off season. Which is why they used the term "uncharacteristic" in the first place. Yes Julio is an elite talent but he still has drops that are infuriating at times. I hope all 3 of them catch everything in their vicinity for the rest of their careers but it's unlikely. The same crap was said about Julio and Ridley coming out of college. They both had issues with "drops", I don't see you pointing that out in every topic about them.
  14. **** dude, are you going to stalk this guy and whine anytime he has a drop? So far as drops since college so have Julio and Ridley, maybe we should just cut all of them.
  15. DT/DE from Georgia.