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  1. I was just curious, my son bought PSLs and season tickets but when I asked him about his hats he didn't know what I was talking about. It's sad that there are such lowlifes that feel the need to steal at every little opportunity. Sadly the Falcons should have taken into account that such scum exists and should have given the hats out as people entered instead of just laying them in the seats.
  2. Did all PSL holders get this hat or only at certain levels ?
  3. Takk may not have registered a sack in the stat sheet, but I saw him get a couple of hits on Rodgers.
  4. Yeah that was a little over the top. When he was talking that nonsense I was hearing it more like. Now with 10 seconds left if Aaron Rodgers can pull a unicorn out of his butt.
  5. Really ?? And who is it that keeps Bennett and Sherman in line ....
  6. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/trevor-knight?id=2558267 Doesn't look all that promising, but could it really be worse than Simms ? QB Trevor Knight Texas A&M SEC Combine Results Grade 4.8 ? 4.54 SEC Top Performer 35.5 INCH Top Performer 125.0 INCH Top Performer 7.04 SEC 4.14 SEC Top Performer 11.28 SEC Top Performer Blue Star = Combine Top Performer More Draft Video 6'1" Height 30 5/8" Arm Length 219LBS. Weight 9 7/8" Hands Overview Knight had the Aggies rolling in 2016, winning seven of eight games to start the year. However, he injured his throwing shoulder against Mississippi State and the team finished at 8-5. For the year, Knight completed just 53.3 percent of his passes for 2,432 yards, 19 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. He was the team's second-leading rusher as well, with 614 yards and 10 scores on 102 carries. Knight transferred from Oklahoma as a graduate student after the 2015 season (22-40, 305 yards, two TDs in six games), as two-time Heisman Trophy finalist Baker Mayfield had a grip on the starting job there. In 2014, Knight not only started 10 games (56.6 completion pct, 2,300 yards, 14 TDs, 12 INTs; 339 yards, five TDs rushing) but was a Wuerffel Trophy finalist for his academic and athletic achievements. He sat out three games, however, after suffering transient quadriplegia (a stinger that affects both sides of the body) against Baylor. The four-star recruit from San Antonio actually started five times as a true freshman (59.0 completion pct, 819 yards, nine TDs, five INTs; 445 yards, two TDs rushing). Analysis Strengths Looks the part with a muscular, athletic build. Has the ability to hurt teams with his legs or extend plays outside of the pocket before striking downfield. May possess packaged play potential with zone-read capabilities on short yardage. Able to generate velocity on intermediate throws. Kept a clean sheet on his short passing attempts with 10 touchdowns and no interceptions. Weaknesses One of the least accurate starting quarterbacks in college last season. Operates in the pocket with an excessively wide base as a passer. Has an elongated pitcher's windup and his arm slot drops down slightly below a three-quarter release. Location of his throws is a coin-flipper from snap to snap. Struggles mightily to attack outside the hashes. Lacks anticipation as a passer and allows defensive backs to close out throwing windows. Draft Projection UDFA Bottom Line Knight is a tough guy and a very capable runner, but he's never thrown with any functional accuracy and he doesn't have the anticipation and delivery quickness necessary. Knight is a longshot to make an NFL roster. -Lance Zierlein
  7. I was just getting ready to post this, but wanted to go back at least 3 pages to make sure it was not previously posted. Was originally at Oklahoma transferred to Texas A & M is all I can really tell you at this point.
  8. What kind of stupid nonsense it this ....
  9. I'm completely missing your point. I admit it. Maybe we agree and neither one of us can communicate it so the other can understand. I'm not even sure what the heck the disagreement is at this point. My initial post in this entire thread is I trust the decisions made by this coaching staff, because they have earned it. This coaching staff has demonstrated that they have an eye for talent. They look for "traits" in a player and then have a plan to develop them. The previous staff earned the reputation of an unclear vision and next to no interest in developing players. Now I will say that some of these players we might have replaced with a younger player such as Nick Williams might have a roster spot today because of a coaching staff holdover from the Smitty era. Keith Armstrong might have felt more "comfortable" with Williams and Andre Roberts on special teams. So we had to let go of Hall and Davis. So the special teams players might get a pass in some cases because they are a "vet". But if Quinn and Young decide to keep Reed over Odom. I'm going to trust their evaluations until they're proven wrong.
  10. But you're basing your entire argument on what you've seen in 4 preseason games. Quinn is basing his evaluations on vast film study, every off-season practice, training camp, preseason games and his positional coaches recommendations. I think this coaching staff has earned a little trust over the last 2 years. If the team regresses and these players we cut go on to become stars you'll have a valid argument. Until then it's just an argument without validation.
  11. So you think it was great coaching choices that led to Steven Jackson starting over Devonta Freeman. Or it was great developmental programs that the coaches under Smith implemented that led to Worrilow and Bartu starting ? False, it was lack of development and poor choices that led to those disasters. The point I was making is that the coaching staff we have NOW, have a plan in place AND they've demonstrated the ability to develop players. So I don't feel the need to keep a Philip Wheeler around while we develop Duke Riley. Every guy you listed that "outplayed" vets were UDFA, and they played against bottom of the roster players on other teams. Yes I would have most likely kept Hall or Davis over Nick Williams, but that is about the only change I would have made to the roster from what the coaching staff decided. Yes it would have been nice to keep Odom around to develop and we still might on the PS, BUT at the same time who are you cutting to keep him on the 53 ?
  12. I'm sorry but this philosophy seems to come from Mike Smith's book of craptastic coaching choices. You don't play a guy just because he is a "vet", you play the better player regardless.
  13. I think it's extremely moronic that law enforcement and the courts can come to a resolution in his case faster than the NFL. If you're going to suspend him just do it. Right now the team is being punished. They're paying a player that they can't use in a game and he's not injured. Then if the NFL decides to suspend him we lose him for that time as well. Either let him play or suspend him and be done with it.
  14. I think we also want to keep in mind that he was drafted when Kubiak was the head coach because he fits the ZBS that Kubiak preferred and we also run. Not sure what Denver is running since they brought in the new coaching staff.
  15. I feel exactly the same way, I want Ward replaced, but he's outplayed all of this competition this preseason. There's always the hope that a better RB is cut and picked up before the season.