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  1. Honestly I was thinking about this the other day. I would bring in Kubiak, but I would convince Sark to stay as an assistant OC. Let him soak up all he can of the offense. Kubiak wants to come back as an OC but not as a HC. This would take some pressure off of Kubiak with the time commitments as Sark could run some practices during the week. Kubiak stepped down because of health issue and time requirements of the job, let Sark serve as his assistant and if Kubiak has to step away again or moves on to be a HC again, we'll have a replacement ready to roll with a much fuller understanding of the offense. I've talked to a few people this week. Brady same HC and offense since he came into the league. Rodgers same HC and offense since he came into the league. Brees same HC and offense since he became relevant. Ryan is on his 4th OC and can't even keep the same scheme. It sure would be interesting to see what his career would look like in an alternate reality where he has some stability on offense.
  2. This is why Atlanta can't have nice things. After 99 JA32 holds out finally makes it back to camp for the first game shreds his knee and is never the same. On top of that Reeves thinks he can replace Tony Martin with a 7th round pick. After year 1 no one would have hired Shanahan. He finally gets the offense he wants clicking in year 2 and he's hired immediately. Then Quinn instead of promoting from within decides to hire a college coach with almost no NFL experience to run the high flying offense. He quickly drives it into a ditch. Even Atlanta United. Year 1 they break records and look to gave a bright future so obviously the head coach will be hired to lead the US national team and all of the young studs will end up in Europe. I don't even want to get into the Hawks, Flames, Thrashers, or Braves self inflicted wounds. It's really hard to be a fan of Atlanta sports, but here I am 41 years later. Maybe I'm a masochist.
  3. The difference between Dan Reeve's and Shanahan when it came to the TE's is Kyle actually got them all involved in the game. We carried 4 TE's on the roster last year and everyone thought that was to many, but we ended up using all of them.
  4. I hope this lawyer loses and has to pay every dime of court cost and attorney fees out of his pocket. The state kicked in $200 million on a $1.6 billion dollar stadium that they own and use to attract the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic, Super Bowl, SEC Championship, College Football Playoff and Championship Game, FIFA World Cup, Final Fours, and a host of other events. From an ESPN article Blank would cover most operations, but he'd also reap revenue from seat licenses, premium seats and concessions and could negotiate for corporate naming rights. And he'd be a player in making "citywide bids," like those for Super Bowls and college football's new championship game. The Congress Center would retain control over so-called legacy events that Dome already under existing contracts or through regular agreements. That includes the SEC Championship football game, Chick-fil-A's college football regular season and postseason games, NCAA basketball tournament rounds and Georgia high school football championships, among others. It is not clear how much that changes the existing revenue flow at the Dome. Frank Poe, executive director of the World Congress Center, said he was not aware of the financing agreement between Reed and Blank until "the last 24 hours." He said his agency would now re-engage to hammer out a binding contract with Blank. World Congress Center officials have said over the course of negotiations that they didn't necessarily need a new venue, but that Blank pushed the issue because he wanted an open-air stadium. They said the fear was not that Blank would leave Atlanta but that he'd build his own stadium, taking the state's anchor client and becoming a competitor for other events. They also said the public investment is less than what would have to be spent on Georgia Dome upgrades in the next few decades. So, they reason, the public is basically financing the cost of the retractable roof to keep all sides happy. So let's say Blank built the new stadium in Doraville, and then competes with the city for all of those events. They've got the Georgia Dome, that they still need to sink 100's or millions of dollars into over the next decade. Or they can come to an arrangement with Blank where they have a 1.6 billion dollar structure that they invest about 12.5 percent of the cost. Then they give him avenues to recap his investment. Let me tell you, if these other events were choosing between playing in a revamped Dome or MBS I think Blank wins that bid 10 out of 10 times, If you want to call this a long term lease, fine. I don't know about you but when I'm leasing something the owner can't have other events or use the building unless I'm getting something out of it as well. If the Lessor wants to use the building for another event it's coming off my payment or we're working something else out. It seems as though the Falcons and Fulton county worked something else out. Why is a Fayetteville lawyer from Fayette county filing suit against Fulton county regarding their tax assessments. Who is his client ? One would think someone that actually resides in Fulton county would have to bring this lawsuit.
  5. I would hope that Sark is watching every offensive play of every game from as many angles as possible. To pick up every little nuance.
  6. We were so effective in that alignment last year that there were multiple articles about it. But yes we changed personnel package relentlessly. Now we seem to run out of the same 3 or 4 basic packages. http://insidethepylon.com/nfl/teams-nfl/nfc-south/atlanta-falcons/2016/10/06/atlanta-falcons-effective-13-personnel/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2016/11/01/a-close-look-at-the-atlanta-falcons-nfl-best-offense/
  7. One thing I see missing is the 13 personnel alignment that we used a lot last year. We had a lot of success running out of it. It helped with protecting Matt when we wanted to take a shot, it helped with the run game, and it provided us the opportunity to work some of these forgotten men into the passing game when a defense least expected it. Tamme 22 catches with 3 TDs, Hooper 19 catches with 3 TDs, Toilolo 13 catches with 2 TDs, Perkins 3 catches with 1 TD, Tialavea 1 catch with 1 TD. That's 10 TD's to 5 different TE's. and now it's like we're back to playing our TE's like we did when Gonzalez was the starter. We lost Tamme, Perkins and Tialavea. We brought in Saubert and have not played him on offense at all, or at least he has 0 targets. I believe this is one of the dynamics that is missing from our offense. I think Sark needs to turn to page 2 or 3 of the playbook, or was this alignment scrubbed completely ? We had a lot of dynamic plays come out of this set last year.
  8. Everyone that was here then remembers the 0-16 staring us in the face.
  9. 1. This team is not fun to watch, last year win or lose they were fun. This year not so much. Boring and mostly ineffective in every facet of the game. Last year Neal and Jones were play makers from the jump, and Campbell made some plays as well. Now it seems as though defense is making NO plays, and the offense is boring and stagnant. 2. Going back to the Super Bowl the Falcons have allowed 7 out of 9 4th down attempts to be converted. Teams are 6-8 on the season on 4th down against us. It's really hard to win when teams are converting 4th downs at a .750 clip. This is horrendous and really needs to be addressed. 3. As I watched the 2 minute drive yesterday we marched all the way down the field only to turn it over. Let's treat every second of every game on offense as if there's only 2 minutes left. Even if you have a turnover in the red zone it would have been better than any of the horrific punts we witnessed yesterday. 4. Speaking of punts, what in the heck has happened to our "special" teams. Andre Roberts has made some really poor decisions on coming out of the end zone on kickoffs, actually not much different than Weems in this regard.. Bosher suddenly looks like he has the yips or something, like that blocked punt from the preseason is in his head. Our deep snapper hasn't had a single screw up in his 4 or 5 years on the team and then goes full on Mike Person on us. I've been a fan for 41 years but even some of the teams I knew sucked were more fun to watch. I was hoping the bye week would give us a chance to recalibrate, but yesterday tells me we need more training camp.
  10. Especially when Matt Lafleur left to be the OC in Los Angeles where the RAMS lead the league in scoring. Yes you heard that right, the most inept scoring offense of the last 6 or 7 years now leads the league in scoring and points per game. Jared Goff looks like a legit starting QB. I can understand maybe having some apprehension about naming McDaniels as OC as he had the history with alcoholism. Oh nevermind .....
  11. He might be really boring, but he has taken 2 teams to the SB as a head coach.
  12. You don't know that he was cut based on a domestic violence charge. When we cut him he was on the commissioners exempt list which meant he couldn't play, but the team still had to pay him. If he had been suspended the team would not have had to pay him. First I would argue this is the stupidest of all possible scenarios. Why is the team being punished for something the player allegedly did, just doesn't make sense to me. Either suspend the player or don't but take the commissioner exempt list and shove it right up Goodell's. (Well you get the point.) On the exempt list there was no end in sight, they could have left him on that list indefinitely. Now that they have actually handed out a suspension you know when he can return to the field. It would only look stupid to people that don't understand the rules or the difference between the commissioners exempt list and an actually suspension.
  13. On top of that I think he improves when Shraeder comes back, it will be much easier for him playing between Mack and Ryan. Those 2 guys know this offense and have a year of playing together as a unit. They'll continue to bring Wes along. We need to keep in mind that Sambraillo has a total of 5 weeks in the playbook. It's good that he has another year on his contract, that will give us legitimate depth at swing tackle next year. Levitre's first year at LG after coming over the week before the season started was rough as well, that and he was lined up against a center that had no business playing the center position. My only point in that is that it's rough coming into a situation where you don't have the terminology down and you're thrust into a prominent role. I think Sambraillo will be really dependable next year if he has to start, but right now I'm sure his head is still swimming trying to get all the terminology just to know what play we're running much less what his responsibilities are on a given play.
  14. I certainly wasn't trying to say every undersized LB is Tuggle. My point was about your mindset not wanting 2 undersized LB. If Tuggle was on the team and playing like he did and then the next year you could draft his college replacement that played just as well and checked all the boxes. You wouldn't want that guy because he's undersized and you don't want 2 undersized LB's. That logic just doesn't make sense. My point was and is size is not the most important component. That's the reason for the old saying. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog." I think Debo and Duke both have that dog in them. Give Duke a little more time with coach Brick. Give them both more time in the film room and on the field together to really get a comfort level. I'm excited by this LB corps. 100 times better than where we were 3 years ago. For that matter Freeman is undersized, Gabriel is undersized. There have been a lot of teams that missed out on great players because they're more worried about the underwear Olympics. I'll sign Tyrion Lannister right now if he can help us win.
  15. Really.... So when Jessie Tuggle was playing you wouldn't have wanted another undersized LB just like him ? I'm not worried about the perceived lack of size. I only care about their play. Neither Jones nor Riley are finished developing but I have faith in this coaching staff to get the most out of them.