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  1. No but discussions about Julio should absolutely be retired.
  2. Dennis Quaid has been in a lot of great movies, but he wasn't in Tombstone. He was in Wyatt Earp as Doc Holiday, which was so so. Tombstone was far superior and Val Kilmer is Doc Holliday.
  3. **** it has been almost 30 years. About halfway between my oldest and youngest children. Where has the time gone.
  4. I'm curious why you're on these boards, when there is absolutely nothing about this team that you like.
  5. That is one of the greatest movies of all time. Such great acting, fantastic script, still quoted almost 20 years later. I still watch almost every time I see it flipping through the channels.
  6. I love it, he interviews like an old school coach. No gimmicks, no rah-rah, no smoke and mirrors crap. I hope it stays that way for the next 20 years.
  7. Does coach kind of remind anyone else of this guy during his interviews.
  8. Yeah I understand he would be a potentially good comp pick, in 2023. Where as if we pick up the option and decide to let him go I think we could have traded him for a 3rd in 2022, or had another year of stellar play for low cap dollars. Either option is better than the one our front office chose. IMO Either way I think it was a pretty poorly calculated gamble.
  9. I honestly thought then and still think now, that not picking up his extension was a mistake. At a little over a 5.5 million cap hit, there was no reason not to pick up the 5th year. I think now that he's had a year to settle in and get comfortable with Matt. Plus a competent play caller that knows how to implement TE's I think he has a break out year. Worst case we could have traded him next off season if we didn't want to keep him or pay him. That was really the one move this off season that I didn't like, there were other things I might have done different but I could understand where
  10. A more relevant what if ..... What if the Falcons fielded anything approaching an NFL defense in the last 20 years.
  11. Maybe Arthur Smith told him every player would be held accountable and he would have to practice. Then he asked for a trade.
  12. No I'm not in any way blaming Terrell Owens, I'm blaming Julio. We've all been there sometimes, having the devil in your ear telling you how great you are and it's everybody else's fault, for whatever. (If you had a better QB you would get more TD's, if he threw a better deep ball you would have more chances) Nope, he's no longer a Falcon / dead to me.
  13. I honestly think going back to 2018 and his skipping mandatory minicamp while whining for a renegotiation, and his working out with Terrell Owens was no coincidence. Now it comes out that he's whined about his QB's arm strength (A very Terrell Owens move). It's also ironic that Julio is the only WR on the roster who seems to have **** timing with Matt on the deep ball. The guy that doesn't show up and work out on the regular has timing issues. Matt hits all these other "lesser" WR's in stride. I don't care anymore, this is TATF and Julio isn't a Falcon
  14. Maybe true, but if that's the case I don't give a flying flip about what Julio wants. Everyone knew 2 years ago when he started working out with Terrell Owens it was going to be a problem. That was the first time he whined about his contract. Now in the first year of his extension he's whining again, and wants to be traded. I might be petty, but if he's acting a fool and trying to screw us on compensation in a trade. I would waste the next 3 years of his career, since we've got to pay him any way. If Julio is not traded by mandatory camp reporting date next week he will be at camp,
  15. No it doesn't make sense, maybe we should just tank the season so we get a higher draft pick.
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