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  1. I think the OP has confused the words radical and stupid .... although in the present maybe they are synonymous.
  2. I was just making the point that they've had good teams over the years and have never won ****. Yes they have some good players, and a good team, but life in the NFL changes quick.
  3. And you seem to forget that after they lose the Super Bowl they are on to their Super Bowl hangover. Let's not start counting the Eagles as a constant contender until they prove it on a yearly basis. They've had good teams in the past with Buddy Ryan and Andy Reid, but they haven't won anything more in that time than we have.
  4. The main advantage I see is that they have almost all of the draft eligible players listed in 1 spot with links to their college bios. CBS and Walters at this point don't have all the players listed.
  5. Every year I find it hard to find a good source for draft prospects especially early in the process, but this might be the best prospect and projected round list I have seen this early in the draft season. Much better than Walters or CBS listings this early. http://www.ourlads.com/nfl-draft/
  6. Honestly this is exactly what we want. Draft so well that even our fringe players get paid big money in free agency and bringing us comp picks in the draft every year. It will take time but this is the ideal situation that we should strive for. Identify and lock up your core and then recoup comp on non core loses.
  7. Don't understand the thought process at all. Why could Garland or Harlow still develop but not Wes ? Why is Wes maxed out after 1 year of starting experience ?
  8. I would take a chance on Mike McDaniels. He's been at Shanny's side for the last decade. He will understand the offense better than Sark and not have to learn it. If you look through the list of previous stops, he's also worked for Kubiak, and Mike Shannahan, this is where Kyle learned his offensive principles. Down side is he's never been a play caller, but could it really be worse than the regression we've already seen ? That's 1 viable option that hasn't been mentioned. As coach: Denver Broncos (2005) Coaching Intern Houston Texans (2006–2008) Offensive assistant California Redwoods/Sacramento Mountain Lions (2009-2010) Running backs coach Washington Redskins (2011–2012) Offensive assistant Washington Redskins (2013) Wide receivers coach Cleveland Browns (2014) Wide receivers coach Atlanta Falcons (2015-2016) Offensive assistant San Francisco 49ers (2017-present) Run game specialist
  9. Why would you even put this speculation out there ?
  10. The Seahawks also beat them in LA earlier in the year. 5 Oct 08 SEA 16 @ LA 10 Final 60,745 Jared Goff 288 Yds (LA) Todd Gurley 43 Yds (LA) Tyler Higbee 98 Yds (LA)
  11. I think they have spent this entire year trying to develop Saubert so they can get back to the 13 formations. Hopefully he develops, Hooper continues to develop and we only need the 3 that are already locked up on the roster for the next 3 years. I might also be interested in Austin Seferian-Jenkins. He'll only be 25 next year, and has begun to turn his life around. He's been sober just under a year, and having an OC that has been through the same struggle with alcohol, plus this locker room might really pull all of the talent out of him. I think with his past we could also get him at a little bit of a reduced rate. I don't want to pay big money for a free agent TE. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/austin-seferian-jenkins-shares-2017-transformation-news-article-1.3724294
  12. To be fair a lot of the players drafted in the Smith era were effective ST's players and not much else. Now that we draft players that can actually have a viable role on offense or defense the ST's have suffered.
  13. Please elaborate on exactly what number is misleading ? We have more sacks at the 14 game point, than we've had in a 16 game period going back a decade. So far as Clayborn getting 6 in one game, that's ideal, and any sack artist will tell "Sacks come in bunches". (Really do a google search for that phrase and find out how much of a cliche it is), but like all cliches there is truth in it. The Jags lead the league in sacks at 51, but they've had 10 sacks in 2 separate game against crap teams in Houston and Indy this year. Do we discount or take those 20 sacks out of the total ? Not to mention the fact I was responding to you comment "But our sack count is really down this year." I was pointing out that our sack count is already above where it has been in any year since Rod Coleman, John Abraham and Patrick Kerney were here in 2006.
  14. 2 teams are tied for 3rd, Three teams are tied at 7th and 3 teams are tied at 10th. My numbers are coming from ironically ESPN. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/defense/sort/sacks
  15. we're the 10th ranked team in sack total for the year, which was unheard of 3 years this year we have 36 in 14 games we had 22 in 2014, 19 in 2015, 34 in 2016 how are they down this year ? Yes I want more I would be good with 5 or 6 a game, but I have to be content with steady progress Teams below us in sack totals for the year Philadelphia Washington Minnesota New Orleans Seattle Dallas Green Bay New England Arizona Denver Houston Detroit Oakland Cleveland Kansas City NY Jets San Francisco Miami Buffalo Indianapolis NY Giants Tampa Bay