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  1. That requirement was one that board members requested to prevent people creating an account just to troll, and generally after 100 posts you know what kind of poster they are going to be. I think one of Quinn's biggest mistakes as head coach was ever relinquishing play calling over the defense. He's had 2 different DCs calling the defense and it always looks better when he takes the reins. Quinn is the full time DC now. Koetter has been OC in Atlanta before and been very successful but had no defense to help put games away. Sarkisian was a college coach with no NFL experience, and wasn't up to the task. Our offense was still top 10. Matt Ryan is an elite QB, period. He's not flashy he doesn't run his mouth. He just shows up and does his job every week. He's also one of the toughest SOBs at the position. He was sacked 42 times last year, hit probably 4 times that and still put up numbers right in line with his MVP season. We have 3 new coordinators so we might start the season slow or we might bust out of the gates. It's anyone's guess at this point.
  2. No it was reported at least 6 months ago that they were working on a deal, and then all of Hill's legal issues came back around. They were going to sign him then but didn't know if he might find his way out of the league with his domestic abuse drama.
  3. Maybe go back and look at Bryant's first 5 seasons. He wasn't all world with the Giants, indy, Miami, or Bucs. Yes the years he was with the Falcons were some of his best, but kickers often times take longer to develop than the other positions. Maybe it's because teams cling to the older kickers like security blankets, so the young guys don't get a real chance until their late 20's. Walsh had it, and then lost it, so you can bet he's hungry and wants it back.
  4. As long as he kicks it through the uprights first he can do what ever he wants to with it.
  5. I would not be surprised if we reach out to Mike Myers. He spent a couple of seasons competing in PS and learning from Bryant.
  6. It's on the CW in Atlanta, channel 69. I'm out of town and just had the wife set it up to record, we also have Directv, so it's definitely available in Atlanta.
  7. I don't think we will. We put Benkert on IR which keeps him from being cut and claimed. I think Schaub is the backup 1 more year no matter what and then we cut him for cap, and Benkert is the backup for 2 years.
  8. Or we put Benkert on IR, still on roster but doesn't count against the 53
  9. He's been straight garbage for the last 3 preseasons. Maybe when he was signed it was useful to have him around from the understanding Shannahan's scheme aspect, but at this point Ryan has already been in this system 4 years. Ryan will also understand the "tweaks" made to the scheme better as he already has the experience playing under both Koetter and Mularkey. I NEVER want to see him step on the field in a meaningful game and have to throw the ball.
  10. Kubuiak could actually play when he had to though.
  11. Could you point to evidence in the recent past that Schaub is a "pretty good QB". Every game I've seen him play in the last 3 years as backup, have been straight dookie. If you could see him pulling a Hostetler or Foles you must be named Mr. Roarke, because you are on Fantasy Island.
  12. I saw him get held bigger than **** on that same play.
  13. The Murphy deal is why I'm leaning toward believing Jackson was in the package.
  14. I'm seeing differing reports on the Shane Greene trade. This is from the Detroit News. The Tigers had yet to confirm what they got back, but multiple media reports cited three players in the package: ► Left-handed pitcher Joey Wentz, the Braves No. 7-rated prospect, who is pitching in Double-A. ► Left fielder Travis Demerrtte, a 2013 first round pick of the Rangers, who has found himself at age 25. He's got 20 home runs and a .994 OPS at Triple-A Gwinnett. ► Catcher-outfielder Alex Jackson, 23, and a former first-round pick of the Mariners in 2014, has 23 home runs and 53 RBIs at Gwinnett. Other sources only show Wentz and Demeritte.
  15. The incentive is playing on a strong team headed to the playoffs. A team that will be even better next year with some of these young guys maturing. What the heck do they have in San Fran to keep you from waiving your no trade clause.