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  1. They haven’t brought a championship to Atalanta so why do the “deserve” to retire a Falcon?
  2. There was some interesting points in this article. He didn't say we would or would not draft a QB. https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/blank-has-studied-nfl-quarterback-transition-plans/6YYRYXL22RDJ3KNS2QU23MCWTU/
  3. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/falcons-report-terry-fontenot-expected-to-join-atlanta-this-week/
  4. I would like to see more of this okay from him going forward.
  5. **** good post dude. I appreciate it big time. If AJ can get his hands off the wr after the 5 yds box and turn his head more to track the ball I feel her will have a great career. Thanks for the video breakdown.
  6. I like what I see. I hope it can translate to the pros.
  7. This video made this kid look good. I think he should do well in zone but his man to man skills need some work. Haven't seen him get his head turned around to find the ball in the air.
  8. Out of 12 and a half minutes I saw this guy make for plays. Say he had a problem with reaching and grabbing and he do not get his head turned around to find the ball.
  9. I stopped reading after you said pick up linemens in the third and forth round. We have been doing that for years and its clear that do not/did not work for us.
  10. I read some where that Robiskie would be kept on the staff as WR coach.
  11. Smith isn't doing anything that no other coach hasn't done. All coaches hire guys they worked with in the past. Even if Nolan was the HC, he would bring in guys he have worked with in the past too. I thought I would just add this...
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