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  1. Inexcusable last 5-7 minutes of this game and so indicative of this season so far.
  2. Trash points cause of play calling and clock control late game
  3. Broken record but we continue to refuse to run the ball with a lead...smh
  4. Felt like watching a totally different team out there today. Like some kind of weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Just good clean football. Way to go, Ra!
  5. Hallelujah! Now for an 11 game winning streak!!!
  6. No...that would indeed not happen. Most candidates are under contract anyway. And simply not prudent either cause team wants to talk to those guys at the end of the season like your Bienemys'.
  7. I abhor Knapp. I honestly did not know he was even affiliated with the team again. He sucked as an OC.
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