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  1. I had a Bart poster on my wall as a kid. He’s still my favorite Falcon.
  2. Seriously, what were his parents thinking?
  3. This guy does more than that though. He can do everything on special teams. You don't hear about them much, but every team has lifer ST specialists. They make a career of it. And their value should not be underestimated. This guy is smart. He could be ST captain for years to come.
  4. Not familiar with Darby. Decent grade though. Shocked we did not take an RB.
  5. from SI: AVERY WILLIAMS | Boise State | DC | #26 | rSr | 5085 | 188 | Pasadena, CA | JSerra Overview: Started in over 30 career games for the Broncos, Williams brings a lot of valuable experience to his resumé. A two-time All-Mountain West performer, he brings versatility as a prospect who contributes in different facets of the game. Williams has dynamic foot quickness to mirror at the line of scrimmage with ease. He translates that foot quickness away from the line of scrimmage when showing excellent short-area quickness driving downhill on throws in off-coverage. An expl
  6. Looks like Avery is a special teams ace.
  7. Wow..this is turning into quite a Defensive draft.
  8. A very good pick at this spot
  9. Well, I think I'm liking this pick
  10. He'll cough up some footballs for us
  11. Seems a bit of a reach for this guy. I guess TF and AS got their guy though and saw something others did not.
  12. I think there is a high chance of that indeed
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