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  1. Grimes was my favorite Falcon when he was here. Hated to see him go. Glad he continued to have success, although unfortunate he ended up with the Sucs.
  2. Yeah, I was going to say that I'd like to see what he does under a new DC. He's not that far removed from leading the league in sacks, and he's quite an athlete.
  3. I think Dirk Koetter is loyal to finding his next coaching job, not Mike Smith. What in the world does Mike Smith have to do with anything. Koetter was a fine OC and definitely not the problem as Mike headed out the door. Tony, Roddy, Turner - you are talking about guys that were very much declining in the last couple of Koetter years. Far more talented offense right now. Koetter will be far more consistent than Sark will ever be.
  4. Totally fine with Koetter back at OC edit: This is real news, by the way. it's up on AJC.
  5. Rankings can be very misleading. So we had some decent offensive days against poor teams. But the offense whiffed badly on many occasions. Just inconsistent. Falcons talented O should be top 5.
  6. I liked that scheme a lot myself. And Koetter will have much better talent to work with.
  7. I'd take Koetter back at OC in a heartbeat. He is not a trash OC by any means.
  8. Tankers are pansies and losers Our fanbase will never get any respect with a tanker mentality. Tanking is BS. Time for these particular fans to try to change to a new perspective.
  9. Interested in yall's thoughts on bringing back Koetter if he gets fired...
  10. Here's to Julio playing every minute of his HOF NFL career in a Falcons' uniform
  11. Hot ****! This is the guy I wanted. I wasn't sure he was stil available. This is an awesome pickup!
  12. atmosphere in Phillips was best I've seen in ages