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  1. I'd take Gurley in a heartbeat. Bring him home. We can still draft an good RB this year for the long term. If Gurley is indeed healthy he should still have a few years in the tank. Steven Jackson was much older than Gurley when we signed him. Gurley technically should be in his prime, thought who knows with the knee thing.
  2. Hooper caught that ball. It never touched the ground, but hit the top of his shoe. I was staring at the screen dumbfounded that no one mentioned that possibility at all nor did anyone in NY see that. There was nothing in the replay that could be considered irrefutable evidence that it was not a catch. Instead every analyst had tunnel vissioin on the whole control rule instead of actually seeing that the "ball touching the ground" itself was very much not clear.
  3. this was hard to find..thought this was stickied last time. needs bump
  4. Indeed, and PSU is quite renowned for having major RB of all time
  5. KJ UGA always been rbu
  6. He is a rb/wr hybrid. Ran ball quite a bit for da Hoos. Also, all time leading Hoo wr.
  7. indeed, and one of my favorite players of all time
  8. Northwest Missouri St. WR Shawn Bane Jr. signs a UDFA deal with the Falcons.
  9. As someone who as been on the board for about two decades or more, I learned a long time ago to just ignore most of the whiners here. I don't contribute much here since must of the stuff is just negative bs all the time. And I certainly avoid getting caught up in the nonsense, although at one time long ago I probably did some. I mainly come here to "read between the lines" in gauging overall fan reaction to certain falcon events..and gameday, ofc.
  10. Cincinnati WR Kahlil Lewis will sign as an UDFA with the Falcons (multiple reports on this signing...seems like a sleeper dude) Here is the "confirmed" list so far from Falcoholic, for simplicity, although I think a couple of names mentioned are missing: Boise St. DL Durrant Miles Virginia WR Olamide Zaccheaus San Diego St. S Parker Baldwin UCF CB Rashard Causey Temple OL Jaelin Robinson Illinois LB Del’Shawn Phillips Ferris St. OL Devon Johnson Southern Arkansas DL DaVondrick Lison Texas Tech DL Preston Gordon Wake Forest DL Willie Yarbary UAB TE Logan Scott Cincinnati WR Kahlil Lewis Alabama A&M Yurik Bethune Penn State LS Kyle Vasey
  11. Well, I'd say that goes for most teams. Just cause a player is "known" in some way ...local? good college player? whatever, does not mean he will be a great player. While there are a lot of UDFAs in the league, most end up as role players. Success is quite rare. It is fun to follow them though to see who pans out or is that diamond in the rough.
  12. UAB TE Logan Scott has signed (again ..would not take as confirmed...darn you Tre Lamar!)
  13. Wake Forest DL Willie Yarbary (not confirmed but likely)
  14. Should be noted that Olamide Zaccheaus "Oz" plays running back too.
  15. Falcons sign Ferris St. UDFA OL Devon Johnson.