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  1. Well seeing as Dled talks like a down syndrome Muppet on Meth I could totally understand the confusion...
  2. Ok. so I can't locate the Picture in question on my Work pc.. however In looking I found this Old gem So my Fiance asked me a few Valentine's days back for a coach bag. This is what She got
  3. I'll Glady knock back an oil can of Fosters as a Salute to you!!!
  4. Belive it or not Yoohoo is a GREAT hangover cure. don't know hwy it works....it just does
  5. Ok I'm only gonna say this once so pay close Attention: Anyone & I mean ANYONE (My own mother included) who is NOT rooting for the Falcons on Sunday can kindly go **** themselves with a cactus Ok Carry on
  6. Who the **** cares. Seriously And while we are at it. the 2 most annoying things I see in this fan base.. Folks wearing Favre jerseys & the Vickies. Farve never did **** for this franchise & Vick **** near destroyed it. so cut the **** already Please
  7. He'll be workin the glory hole for a few weeks to pay off that debt.....
  8. hate to say it but #8 is NOT a positive for me. I despise when we play on Monday or Thursday Nights
  9. Well no worries.. I won't be causing any traffic.. I'm not even gonna try and get on here till Tuesday
  10. I'm gonna Pass & just wait a week for the SuperBowl Champs Hat...
  11. Seems I wind up having to say this so often around here... Why should I give a flying **** what some asshat thinks???
  12. Sanu's passing stats I'm down for letting him try pass # 6 5 5 100.0 0.1 177 35.4 2.5 2 40.0 0 0.0 73 3 2 1 6 158.3
  13. What is everyone promised to turn the TV on in their house to Fox and then head to the dome then it would not effect the ratings one bit
  14. Not only describes the mood.. The rant @4:25 pretty much is my Life's motto
  15. He had to take pills bro.. a vest isn't gonna allow a dude with busted ribs to Run like the wind.....
  16. Give him whatever the **** Jordy Nelson took before game time. It HAD to be strong if the dude played with 2 broken ribs & Ran ...
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