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  1. 9 hours ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

    And save 20 mil in contracts (best case) and most likely 25-30 mil by Trading TRU (first). And yes several teams would give ATLEAST a first. He was drafted as a first and has shown pro-bowl caliber. Who would draft a first rnd CB?  Also Freeman is borderline first but easily a second rounder to anyone that saw him break the ankles of the best defenders in this league. I';d add we would get a third this year(TRU or 2nd next year.) Also Free will fetch us atleast a 6th rnd also. IF we lost gabe for a second we would be BETTER OFF. 2 first rnd picks, 3 second round picks with two in top 45 most likely. 2 thirds. & top 100 players, gets us a 4.3. receiver to replace Gabe, A 4.4-4.45 tight end, an all around rb with a higher gear, a stud RG. And 2 DE/edge rusher/DTs. All in the first 3 rounds. And all we miss is Trufant(Collins is better and dont need a huge contract for a third outsside cb without aggression or ability to strip a ball or pick one off. ALF has 3 pick sixes that I can think of. I'd rathar have a stud pass rusher.Freeman is fun to watch but doesn't have that second gear. THere are ALOT of balanced rbs in the 3rd-5th rounds, or just pick up a FA, like dude from Oakland. Toilolo can be replaced by that 295 pd OT that runs a 4,7-4.79, and athletic enough to keep edge rushers from getting past him on either side. A swing tackle that can play tight end is a DQ guy.

    Can someone explain why we don't keep 25 mil capspace and load up on picks and replace everyone lost with better and younger players? THat is the Patriots way. It's obvious to me. Being able to watch someone that can get to the 25 on kickoffs would be electric. Weems kills us with that lost field position. We start out needing 40 yards to score 3 ( 8 out of ten times), but Weems makes it 55-60. If we would have put Gabe, or Alford, or collins, or Jones, or Robinson, or Coleman, orJones, Neal, Allen, Poole, Goodwin, or Freeman we win the superbowl. Why Weems? He's a gunner, and shyt returner. We should have sat Weems for Nick Williams and won the Superbowl. Why not?



    Because this isn't ****in Madden

  2. 1 hour ago, weezy01212 said:

    To be fair KS took that job before he thought that Johnny Manziel was ever a possibility. And when he was in Washington him and his dad wanted to go with Cousins but the owner insisted on RG3 or better known as RGME.

    So the fact that he's going to have a say in what QB runs his system will be huge.


    I agree, but two things. The talent level around that QB is pretty questionable & in recent years the 49ers have proven to not exactly be patient. they look like win now mode and Shanny...**** Jesus Christ himself won't have a winning season there till at least year 2


    He'll be canned before he truly gets a chance to develop HIS team

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