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  1. Sweet This Little guy should be getting an upgraded T shirt soon.....
  2. Sorry Kyle, but you are about a ****** as a quadriplegic hanging out on the shore line as the tide is about to come in...
  3. I agree, but two things. The talent level around that QB is pretty questionable & in recent years the 49ers have proven to not exactly be patient. they look like win now mode and Shanny...**** Jesus Christ himself won't have a winning season there till at least year 2 He'll be canned before he truly gets a chance to develop HIS team
  4. Nope, not gonna happen besides the fact he is an arrogant asshat that could very doubtfully work with DQ.. he runs a 3/4 D and we run a 4/3 Under we do not have the personnel required
  5. As Confucius once Said... Well not really Confucius it was my old Drunk Uncle **** Happens
  6. Stop Already. We Lost. Get over it and stop making excuses. We ****in Choked
  7. Y'all know me...I'm one that just finds a way to roll with the tide...but how in all that is holy did we find a new way to set yet another embarrassing record.....
  8. Well the World pretty much hates Bellicheat and the Cheatriots so outside they dump they call home, Pretty sure the rest of the World is with US
  9. Seriously. How could ya NOT Love Julio. He quite possibly might just be an even better person than he is a Football player and we all know he is one hell of a football player
  10. Trust me, you asshats won't be here Monday. You think you guys are the first fan base to ever come here, talk **** and never return? It's ok though. We sure as **** won't miss you douchebags
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