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  1. I do remember a 47 In the Picture too but not sure if it was Duke or Kazee with it
  2. Was on Facebook earlier, but I think it was pulled. Saurbert had 85.. Takk 98 and the rest I can't say 100% 50% Hill had 28
  3. Do we have a hotel in mind that world just going to book at or are we still in the early stages of planning I am trying my very best to make sure I get there and right about now I'd say there's an 85% chance hopefully increases the closer we get
  4. I hope he's yelling Fine me later to the refs each and every time he knocks Cam, Drew & Jamies to the ground...
  5. So 3 more starting caliber players added to a championship team.....yea I can live with that
  6. None...unless of course you are a narrow minded incestuous *** guzzling gutter slut ,then it's a huge deal...
  7. Nah dude, it's called sarcasm If you had at least a nugget of intelligence or humour you might have detected it....
  8. So who's up for starting a go fund me page to pay the newest member of the brotherhood's mother ****in fine.....
  9. Never too soon Bro. never too soon...especially when taking jabs at a scumbag POS
  10. Might just be the biggest loss of the Year for Music.... http://ultimateclassicrock.com/paul-oneill-trans-siberian-orchestra-rip/
  11. For once in his career I'm thankful for him... he gets that **** Phil Simms off of the broadcast..... THANK YOU TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. My usual response is a simple **** You, 99.9% get the hint before pushing me any further into slapping the **** out of them
  13. Not 1 single current Falcon, I'd hate to see any of them get suspended for the shenanigans that would most likely occur if they spent a day with me... Former Falcons? I'm Taking Abe & Jam out on a drinking binge..those to would be fun as long as we don't wind up 4 wheelin with Rod Coleman
  14. Well there's a guy who loves a Slovakian Traffic cone.... click link for definition of Slovakian Traffic cone if you are brave & or mentally twisted https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Slovakian+Traffic+Cone
  15. I'll NEVER watch it again. Nope can't do it, won't do it and You can't make me do it
  16. Texans ship Osweiler to Cleveland. Houston trades QB Brock Osweiler, a second-round pick and a sixth-round pick to Cleveland for a fourth round pick, league sources tell ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Browns take on the QB's $16M salary.
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