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  1. I'm still hoping for it, however with news of no single game tickets this year that may or may not put a kabosh on it for many
  2. Congrats. I'm still unpacking... Moving Sucks. but a new home is always a great thing
  3. his TTM proprietary ones,if they suck I'll change them out with some active emgs
  4. ****. He just Posted up a new Design, Had I seen this one first it MAY have changed my order.. Anyone wanna buy me an Early Xmas gift???
  5. I picked the devastator, but in truth I don't think this guy has a bad looking guitar in his lineup. What I'm impressed with so far is the attention to detail it almost feels like I'm dealing with the Gibson custom shop and spending five grand... but I'm only spending $500 LOL. I'm just hoping this thing plays as good as it looks because it's the first time in my life I've ever ordered something without a Hands-On feel first but worst case scenario it will make one **** of a decoration in my music room
  6. So I was in the Market looking for a new guitar as it's been about six years since I last bought one and I stumbled upon TTM ( Yes it Stands for Taller Than Midgets). Not knowing much about them other than the catchy name and some really ****in awesome designs I wound up doing some research and really dug what I saw. And Yes I took the plunge Still Waiting on Mine to be finished and delivered,( I will update with a review once I receive it) but do yourself a huge favor and check out Lance and the boys from TTM. Some of the best and most reasonable prices I have ever seen https://www.ttmguitarsusa.com/ Here's a shot of My new baby still being made Can't wait to get my hands on this beast
  7. being that I just moved, they tossed in the Ticket for free this year for me. Not too shaby, but they keep jacking up the price every year and it is starting to get ridiculous
  8. Yea.. no tickets may mean No go.... Hopefully something will pan out
  9. Dave Z of TSO & Adrenaline Mob. Taken in horrific Accident... http://www.palmbeachpost.com/entertainment/just-heavy-metal-band-member-dies-florida-crash/FXdHEB35sctvRmaxexl2IO/
  10. Where were these hot *** teachers when I was in high school and WTF is up with these pansy *** kids today that can't keep their mouth shut about it. I'd have Loved to be nailing that for extra credit...
  11. Never seen Anthony Anderson & KB in the same room together have you....
  12. And I once named a dog Stains... solely so my ex wife would have to yell come stains when the dog was outside. Means nothing
  13. Neal was a fantastic pick. Can't wait to see him level some more fools this season
  14. Pretty sure it happened to all of us. I have no idea what I lost...but I don't care either
  15. Thanks I Guess???? Oh Well, no idea if he would have even earned a roster spot anyway
  16. Ed Gein had a "Facebook" ages before Mark Zuckerburg created his website
  17. Looks like this guy can Hit.. and LEGALLY. Love it. Hope he sticks arround and brings the Pain
  18. Sounds good to me, but are they OK with the rowdiness this crowd brings??? Late night BBQ, and a Big Loud Hairy MoFo From NJ drinking enough to kill 17 horses?? Oh And IowaHorse Too....
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