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  1. well showing a vet player that thier job is not safe (and proving so by cutting one) should send a message loud and clear to the rest of the team.. play ball or play elsewhere. i hate to see grady go, and think he should have finished the season. but i like petrino's no bs style
  2. geezz where to begin. ok let's see the trade deadline already past. so that means he goes nowhere till next season. so why don't we just keep hall, and draft ol & sign them as fa's. seems to make more sense don't it.
  3. knees & acl's are next to impossible to condition against an injury. now if we were plagued with pulled muscles, hamstrings and stuff like that i'd question the training staff
  4. if you wanted to play the hindsight game.. move up and take joe thomas
  5. can't we have both? we got 53 positions to fill after all
  6. if it's a type-o it's ok, but when the same dolts repeatedly can't get their own players names right.. ala brookings, finerman.. their true colors of stupidity show. however there is always a free pass for quinn ojawhatthehelleverhisnameis
  7. ya know how i can tell your an impostor? the real falconmania, though a complete homer & the modeling dummy and the reason straight jackets were invented,wouldn't tuck his tail between his legs and run off like a little ######. for that i'll give the true falconmania his due props & tell you the impostor to drown in a puddle of a.i.d.s. and us fans won't miss you one bit.
  8. becuase he had riggie bush on his fantasy team??
  9. in all fairness, we can't truly consider our offensive line personal mckay mistakes. those failures were bought here on the suggestion of alex gibbs who wanted "his type" of lineman. now that we run a completely different scheme, with players not suited for it is what is making this line complete and utter garbage
  10. becuse we all know how good florida qb's transition to the nfl. no thanks
  11. b still too many drops, and not consistent for 60 minutes but me giving him a b is a very positive thing, since this time last season i wanted him flipping burgers & not on the falcons active roster
  12. since the creation of the nfc south, the last place team has won the division the following year. we will be in the playoffs next season
  13. look at the bright side. since the nfc south has been in existence the last place team has won the division the following year. (tampa curently leading this season) playoffs in 08 baby!!!!!
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