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  1. but that was only in last minute other teams has to chuck it in the endzone for a hail mary play. Not sure it's worth actually risking your star wideout playing coverage
  2. I've seen all I need to see of Sark.. he's pure trash. God I hope he proves me wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it
  3. sweet Jebus that's a buttload of cash
  4. I'd love to, but I don't think I can swing this year however. But ya never know....
  5. I got a feeling he's going to be great and man will we have a Trio of wideouts
  6. 316 lb safety?? D-Led at his finest yet again. I mean I think it's great the AJC hiring the Autistic but come on man
  7. Twice in my life I got the Flu shot because work claimed it was Mandatory...Those were the only 2 years in my Life I EVER got the flu. You'll never get me to get a flu shot as long as I'm this side of the dirt
  8. Put the crack pipe down brother. Not saying Gurley isn't good, but we have 2 outstanding backs already. you don't give up the best WR in the game for something you already have 2 of...
  9. I personally loved it and just so you know we are 2-0 when Matty Ice breaks FCC regulations.... Always great to see the face of the franchise fired up and not taking any s***
  10. ahh I love the follow up to get the **** off my field, anxiously awaiting the next installment more than star wars....May the ****s be with you Iceman
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/charles-manson-whose-cult-slayings-horrified-world-dies-055844949.html R.I.P Uncle Charlie
  12. Can't really stand most of what theese guys have done since Cliff's death, but this was always a great riff
  13. My take was the defense finally found a way to win us a game. That's something we are not used to seeing
  14. Pats win helps us more in the division and conference so....**** the Saints
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