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  1. And I'll be pissed till the day I die...
  2. I've already gotten more errors than Cybil had personalities.
  3. No worries, when the Imigrants they hired mess up the Kitchen, demand Doubble to go back
  4. I'm just rolling with it. It'll work itself out in a few days, or months.........
  5. Yes Folks, Falcons Life was born today & It is my belief that fans of losing teams drink more, Don't believe me check out the Cardinals fan base. Anyway Since it's a brand new Board, I figured we can keep track of those PWI (Posting while Intoxicated) and we'll keep it alive as long as we can. But, No Cheating, No lying just post a total of alcoholic beverages consumed since This site was born at Roughly 4PM EST 11/30/07 And to start off. I entered work today with a 1.75 liter bottle of Captain Morgan (yes I have a great job while it lasts, but it won't last long ) and since 4pm 1 Liter is
  6. Cool, I thought you got whacked. Glad to see ya are still here.
  7. Found a real odd one on Both IE & Firefox. From the Main board menu, it shows new topics, posts, ect.. But when opening the actual forum those "new" topics don't show. But from the Main menu you can enter, read & reply to em. Odd....
  8. Don't feel too bad. Some day we'll refer to This version as "the good" old days:D
  9. Here ya go.. I'm too lazy to type the steps so check the link
  10. The Mod did mention the post counts were hosed. They are working on that. They didn't set to zero, cuz somehow I had 200 and change before I made a single post
  11. Hey Now, that is Blasphemy. Never Insult fine alcoholic beverages by comparing them to the Bucco Bruce Clan
  12. Ever see the Statur of Rocky in Philly? That is more mobile & agile than Bledsoe
  13. I'm ambibraindexterious I can see both versions
  14. Ok the disabling Sigs seems to be fixed now. As well as topics per page & Posts per page Thanks Mod You guys really did earn a Jelly Doughnut today
  15. Replied to one topic & the reply wound up in another thread
  16. Wow I can finally post Basment again
  17. I hit reply in one thread and it sent me to make a new topic. Same happened here the 1st time I tried to Quote JDave. I think if you hit Quote, Then reply it opens a new topic
  18. I may just have to see how much more disturbing my old Charlie avatar is in large format :w00t:
  19. 1. Signatures.. They Work.. But I don't want them to. I can unselect "show signatures" it saves, says successfull, but defaults right back to showing sigs 2. Topics per page. Changed to 50, says save successfull.. defaults back 3. Post per topic view.. changed to 50, defaults right back after a successfull save
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