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  1. I'm still around some. just not very active lately
  2. I'll only say this once.. If this team Signs Crapernick.. I'm done I've endured a ton of crap as a Falcons fan and many putrid seasons.. but sign that Kneeling piece of poop to this team and I am 100% done
  3. Last time I checked (bout year and a half ago) he was. and in jail
  4. from time to time I still pop in.. life just got me busy ya know
  5. Just bring these back and call it a day.. Old logo or New is fine with me. but please dear God just make these the permanet
  6. Shame. I was truly enjoying having Football in the off season. I was dvr'ing every game and watching one a night. I'm actually gonna miss it
  7. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25876093/bu-cte-center-says-tommy-nobis-had-most-severe-form-cte
  8. BOSTON -- Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tommy Nobis seemed to transition easily into his post-playing career, landing a job as the manager of the team's training camp hotel and rising through the franchise's front office to vice president. For three more decades, the man who came to be known as "Mr. Falcon" never left football. And football never left him. "Growing up, I remember my mom having to call his secretary when he was going out to training camp to let them know what kind of mood he was in. And then vice versa," his daughter, Devon Jackoniski, said in a recent interview wit
  9. Not going to find one ounce of pity out of me, their tears are delicious
  10. Can I have some of what you're smoking? Seriously. We lost to the Browns and the cowboys back to back. Stick a fork in this team they are DONE Like us Falcons fans have been saying since 66, There's always next year
  11. Kinda of expect that with Half the defense on IR and ZERO Safteies
  12. I think that All depends on how Garland Plays... He plays like he did last night and Fusco is done
  13. And the nightmare 2018 season claims another victim
  14. I honestly don't ever want to hear that dudes name again unless it's in an Obituary
  15. Always thankful for the good years Smitty gave us, Hate to see him get canned but you had to see it comming
  16. my guess it's open to let the entire city hear the cries from the stadium
  17. Normally I'd say Please Call this # But you went to Far... I hope they hang up on ya
  18. Great to hear he is ahead of schedule, but for the love of all that is holy...don't rush. be sure to be 100% before stepping back out onto that feild
  19. so he's Familiar with IR.. he's gonna fit right in with this defense
  20. Takk is just awesome. I knew I'd love this guy from the second he said "fine me later"
  21. I'm waiting for 2 more. then I'll have my Powerball numbers to play and maybe turn this ****show of a season into a dream
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