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  1. I'm still around some. just not very active lately
  2. I'll only say this once.. If this team Signs Crapernick.. I'm done I've endured a ton of crap as a Falcons fan and many putrid seasons.. but sign that Kneeling piece of poop to this team and I am 100% done
  3. Last time I checked (bout year and a half ago) he was. and in jail
  4. from time to time I still pop in.. life just got me busy ya know
  5. No lie, check it out. if you screw up in Canada you get punished by having to listen to Nickleback https://www.yahoo.com/news/canadian-cops-well-punish-drunk-drivers-with-nickelback-165352360.html This is how they remind you to not drink and drive. A Canadian police department is taking proactive steps to keep this holiday season safe by threatening to punish drunk drivers with its Nickelback cassette tape. The Kensington Police Service in the Prince Edward Island province posted a message on Facebook last weekend encouraging holiday revelers to divvy u
  6. Isn't a awesome when a great player, possibly the best at his position in the league isn't a **** primadonna....
  7. I'm out. No I'm not a beer snob, but I honestly can't drink 1 Bud Light.. all it takes is 1 and I get a Blaring Migraine. It's pretty much the only beer I outright refuse to drink. I'd rather stay sober than touch one
  8. The hotness didn't level out the craziness or cuntiness. Besides, I've upgraded and found hotter.
  9. Woke up in the hospital with Alcohol poisoning and an IV so it was just one real bad hangover
  10. Got really drunk one Night at a concert in NYC and decided to be responsible and not drive home, so I jumped in the car, laid down in the back seast and took a nap. Only Problem... I got in the wrong car.. Woke up in some random dude's driveway in Connecticut (And the ******* wouldn't even drive me to the train station.. told me he wasn't giving a stranger a ride.. I said you did last night *******, that's how I got here ) and had to find my way back to the city Then find where my car was and drive back to NJ
  11. Drank a 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka in 45 minutes as a teenager
  12. I say we just take care of our own business and let the chips fall where they may
  13. As much as I despise weekends without the Falcons.. I was productive AF this weekend so now all my ***** done so I can enjoy a long weekend this time around just drinkin and watching football
  14. a few years ago I would have loved this, but we got Jake now and no true need for Joe...
  15. Doesn't seem like a bad deal at all. Very reasonable contract
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