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  1. I'm still around some. just not very active lately
  2. I'll only say this once.. If this team Signs Crapernick.. I'm done I've endured a ton of crap as a Falcons fan and many putrid seasons.. but sign that Kneeling piece of poop to this team and I am 100% done
  3. Last time I checked (bout year and a half ago) he was. and in jail
  4. from time to time I still pop in.. life just got me busy ya know
  5. Go Easy on Chris, this is a rare photo of him uninjured
  6. Just bring these back and call it a day.. Old logo or New is fine with me. but please dear God just make these the permanet
  7. Shame. I was truly enjoying having Football in the off season. I was dvr'ing every game and watching one a night. I'm actually gonna miss it