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  1. Hold On -- Chad Pennington came back and played 1 play this year - he deserves it again! J/K - This I can agree with.
  2. Yep Seattle's 30th ranked defense spotted the Panthers 14 then shut them out while their 28th ranked offense dropped 31 on them and won by 17.
  3. You mean the same Saints defense that has allowed 30 points dropped on them by teams with the 20th, 26th, & 31st ranked scoring offenses?
  4. Ryan has to play near flawless football and win all 4 upcoming games Madden Curse to hit Brees Brady to throw 10 INTs and 0 TDs over the next 4 games Rodgers and the Packers not make the play-offs Vick to have another public relations incident Rothensberger to visit another college town night club Jones-Drew fumble in the closing minutes and cost the Jaquars a game or two Manning to continue to play like he has (Never thought I would say that) If all that above happens then he might finish second in the voting
  5. There has been a trend with quite a few of our rookies lately that is kind of concerning me. It seems that their first year in they suffer either some kind of season ending injury or limp through the year injured for the most part. It seems that year two is always better than year one with them.
  6. Instead of giving up draft picks which have been golden for us lately I rather us take a look at next year's Free Agent Pool. http://www.footballsfuture.com/2011/fa/wr.html
  7. Zero - but I predict he fumbles on the sack that knocks him out of the game.
  8. Falcons 51 Panthers 6 We give up 1 big play for a touchdown and the Panthers miss the extra point - get a penalty in their favor move closer - decide to go for two and Clausen fumbles after being sacked still denying them any extra points after the touchdown.
  9. Then why in the heck are you a Vick fan? He has never even had back2back winning seasons as starter? :wacko:
  10. Well he also could have said that Ryan took his girl in college as well but Matt isn't into dudes.
  11. NFC 1)Atlanta 2) Green Bay 3) Philly 4) Seattle 5) New Orleans 6) Chicago AFC 1) New England 2) Pittsburgh 3) Kansas City 4) Jacksonville 5) NY Jets 6) Baltimore RD 1 Chicago over Seattle Philly over New Orleans Baltimore over Jacksonville NY Jets over Kansas City RD 2 Atlanta over Chicago Philly over Green Bay New England over NY Jets Pittsburgh Over Baltimore Championships Atlanta over Philly Pittsburgh over New England Super Bowl Atlanta over Pittsburgh - thus completing our 17-2 season and avenging our only 2 losses of the year
  12. Is it through or threw -- I thought they had Editors that proofread these things.
  13. I sold my tickets to the New England/Philly Super Bowl -- got them for $2500 from a guy who was a season ticket holder for the Jaguars and won a lottery to be able to purchase them - sold them for $4500 after the Falcons lost the NFC Championship. I was so set!
  14. Depends on what calendar you used at that point in time. Roman which had years with 355, 377, 355, and 378 days or the Julian Calendar http://www.calendar-origins.com/roman-calendar.html Hebrew which has 384 days http://www.jewfaq.org/calendar.htm or Egyptian which was actually the only calendar with 365 days at that time. http://www.calendar-origins.com/egyptian-calendar.html Sheesh no wonder histroy can't keep it's dates straight :wacko:
  15. I'm sorry but most draft projection has Anthony Castonzo going top 20 - top 10 in the draft -- He probably won't be availeable for the 32nd pick.
  16. 2007 my girlfriend gave me a Falcons long sleeve shirt for Christmas. Here is what happened since: 1st time I wore it was watching the Seattle game 2007 (44-41 Win) 2008 wore it during 13 games and we went 11-2 - one of the games was the 11 second miracle against Chicago. The three times I didn't wear it was because 2 times work had me travel and I forgot to pack it and one time I wore a new Falcons shirt I had purchased myself. (We lost all 3) 2009 wore it 11 times and we went 9-2. Again work sent me on the road and I forgot to pack it or I packed the wrong shirt again. (Lost all 5 games) 2010 packed the wrong shirt on another work trip for the first game of the season and we lost in overtime to Pittsburgh. Wore it every game since and we are 10-1. I am not superstitious but I know what to dress in for the rest of the season. :P
  17. Knowing Peter King he put us #1 last week knowing the curse hoping we would lose - now it is our turn to make a new trend - never losing again after being #1 on his fine fifteen.
  18. If they aren't rooting for the Falcons then they aren't a true Falcon fan - but their money is welcome in our stadium and keeping local Georgia residents employed.
  19. Will the Panthers call the Clausen experiment done in only 1 year? :unsure:
  20. Not as long as they only show some of the games on the Versus Network only.
  21. UFL average attendance was 14,900 spectators per game - and that was an improvement from last year. Plus in 2 years they already had 2 teams relocate and every team change their uniform colors. Year three they can officially have throwback jersey games if they wanted to. Also they can only be broadcast on the VS Network since CBS/NBC/ESPN/FOX already have NFL contracts in place preventing that.
  22. UFL needs more than an NFL lockout to help it out.
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