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  1. Saints lost to 3 teams this year that have a combined 18-31 record -- impressive. :mellow:
  2. You know what - I didn't notice it until this thread but the Saints/Falcons "Dirty Bird Can't Fly With A Broken Wing" commercial hasn't been seen in like forever -- ever since we beat them in their dome.
  3. I was actually sitting on the throne when it happened and heard me girlfriend screaming GO!GO!GO! -- when I found out what happened it was almost a real stinky situation for me!
  4. From ESPN Rapid Reaction Comments: banthum: I blame this loss on our stinkin kicker. If it weren't from him missing a 25 yard field goal vs ATL we would have the one seed again and a bye... Which would have gave us time to get our stars healthy. But, shiit happens. Still crying over the loss to us on their home field. http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/35411/rapid-reaction-seahawks-41-saints-36-2
  5. If there is a lockout next year then really there is nothing ANYONE can do. Absent a new labor agreement, the NFL is poised to lock out its players and cease business operations in what would be the sport's first work stoppage since 1987. Teams would be unable to negotiate with their players, acquire free agents or make trades. Rookie camps, organized team activities and minicamps would be shuttered. Players would not be able to visit their team's campuses to receive medical treatment or even lift weights. http://www.twincities.com/ci_16999951?source=most_viewed&nclick_check=1 There would be nothing other than the draft as the NFL said that would continue, but then again - no one could sign their draftees until a new CBA is done and the lockout ended. Clubs would be able to trade draft choices but not players already in the league. And teams would be prohibited from signing rookie free agents, Aiello said.
  6. Oh I know -- and since ESPN has connected the dots how often have you seen Mel's face since?
  7. No he said the Falcons would lose to the Saints @ home in the play-offs.
  8. Such a big hit they even showed it on Fox -- we need more Frisbee Dogs at Halftime!
  9. Yep. Hopefully it never happens again but then again the NFC West will still be around next year.
  10. 4-5 is still a losing record - Seahawks are the first Division winner to have a losing record. If 4-5 doesn't count because of the strike shortened season then no need to count the Redskins Super Bowl win that year either.
  11. I'm saving my money for a Falcons Super Bowl Champions package!
  12. 1982 - The 4-5 Lions & Browns went to the play-offs - Seattle would be the first Division Winner with a losing record.
  13. If Seattle wins it will be the 3rd team in NFL history to make the play-offs with a losing record. Can you name the other 2?
  14. 1991 we played on the road both games - the other home game we had was in 1978 our first play-off game against Philly 14-13
  15. We have had 4 home games in the play-offs and we are 3-1 at home. We beat the Eagles - 49ers - Rmas -- lost to the Cowboys in 1980 where we collapsed and gave up 20 points in the 4th.
  16. Scary thing about the 2011 Free Agent list is that without knowing how the new CBA is going to be written we could either be in a good position to resign our guys or screwed depending on what the new rules may be. The unknown factor. :unsure:
  17. Steve Smith -- 1 Rush for 9 yards - 2 Catches for 17 yards last time we played the Panthers. :unsure:
  18. :blink:? Never having back-to-back winning seasons as a head coach and in his entire NFL career only once has a team he coached on (Assistant or Head) ever had back-to-back winning seasons. (89/90 Steelers) No NFL team has had back-to-back winning seasons with him on the coaching staff since then. (1991-2010)
  19. I don't own a Jersey because of all my Uncle Bills. Uncle Electric Bill - Uncle Water Bill - Uncle Gas Bill - Uncle Insurance Bill - Uncle Mortage Bill - Uncle Credit Card Bill & Aunt Child Support Bill. But I do own various T-Shirts & Long Sleeve shirts I have amassed over the years.
  20. http://www.bloomlegal.com/blog/2010/06/04/new-orleans-ranks-1-in-murder-rate-per-capita/ #1 in murder rate per capita -- nice stat to own and also New Orleans ranks in the bottom 5 of quality of life as well. All that above money coming in and much of it not going into the city but the pockets of the industry executives instead. It's like bragging about the rich Uncle that has nothing to do with the rest of the family. http://www.portfolio.com/business-news/us-uncovered/2010/05/24/raleigh-north-carolina-tops-us-metros-with-best-quality-of-life/ Step aside New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. When it comes to living the good life, Raleigh has it all: from high-tech jobs to good education and economic stability. Also in the bottom five are New Orleans, Memphis, and Riverside-San Bernardino, California.
  21. Very short week for the Eagles if they happen to slip up and lose.
  22. That's right - I forgot it was the 8:00 game tonight.
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