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  1. If there is a lockout there will be No Free Agency Until A New CBA Is Agreed Upon. Currently if a new CBA is agreed upon before a possible lockout Free Agency begins on March 4th - if there is a lockout and it extends for a significant amount of time how will that affect the signing of new free agents? Teams cannot even negotiate with any players during the lockout period. Also during the lockout no players can be traded this includes during the draft as well - picks can be traded but not players. Also even though the draft will happen this year - players drafted cannot be signed until a new CBA is agreed upon. So what strategy could/would/should the Falcons organization use in case this does happen? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/01/12/ten-things-to-know-about-the-labor-situation/
  2. Matt Bryant - Same as the last time - kick for the win!
  3. Warm weather Vick played good - **** good -- it got cold in Philly and --- well Vick never did like the cold.
  4. If there is no new CBA by March 4th - it may be longer than that to save this thread.
  5. Our running game should be even better this game than the last - remember Snelling left the game with a hamstring injury (one he that had been lingering for weeks before this game) and Turner had to pretty much carry the rush load by himself -- not the case this time. Mix it up between the two and keep fresh legs on the field. Turner only had 5 yards rushing in the 4th Quarter last time we faced the Packers.
  6. Kick-Off To The Packers - INT Run Back For A TD Kick-Off Again - Fumble - Recovered By Falcons - 3 Plays TD Kick-Off Yet Again - Sack - Fumble - Recovered By Falcons - 1 Play TD Kick-Off One More Time - 3 And Out - Punt Return For TD Kick-Off (Hope Keonen Doesn't Get Tired In The 1st Quarter) - 3 And Out - 4 Plays TD End the 1st Quarter With A 35-0 Lead. That is how I want to start the game.
  7. Don't you also mean even players who aren't free agents as well?
  8. But there were people on here that were pizzed that we didn't!
  9. I don't think Coach Smith was on anyone's radar and the Falcons have taken on his identity. Flying under the radar to 3 winning seasons and the #1 seed this year. We Just Win!
  10. Just for perspective - Champ Bailey was drafted in 1999. Matrix was the top grossing movie. Lance Armstrong made his big comeback from testicular cancer and won the Tour De France. Bill Clinton was President and G.W. Bush became the front runner for the 2000 election. Y2K was fast approaching. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time was the song of the year. Backstreet Boys - Millennium was the CD of the year. Falcons lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Champ is old.
  11. When it comes to the Eagles - Vick is 0-3 in the play-offs. He can't beat them or win with them.
  12. We beat them once - we'll do it again. Just get ready for everyone to pick them to beat us.
  13. Hopefully there will be a game of any kind in September.
  14. Also means that there will be no free agent negotiations during a lockout either - so unless a new CBA is agreed upon before March 4th there will be no start to the Free Agency until there is one. Also even though there will be a draft - no drafted players can be signed either.
  15. Nobody is going to sign him if there is no new CBA and a lockout occurs - No free agent signings - no player trades - nor even draftee signers during a lockout. Draft day the only thing that can be traded is draft picks only.
  16. This year was also Brees threw for the most INTs ever in his career.
  17. March 4th - Free Agency is scheduled to currently begin ...March 4th as well.
  18. Absent a new labor agreement, the NFL is poised to lock out its players and cease business operations in what would be the sport's first work stoppage since 1987. Teams would be unable to negotiate with their players, acquire free agents or make trades. Rookie camps, organized team activities and minicamps would be shuttered. Players would not be able to visit their team's campuses to receive medical treatment or even lift weights. http://www.twincities.com/ci_16999951?source=most_viewed&nclick_check=1 Clubs would be able to trade draft choices but not players already in the league. And teams would be prohibited from signing rookie free agents, Aiello said.
  19. Big problem - if there is a lockout no free agents can be signed - or can you trade players/picks - or even draftees. We definately need the new CBA to be resolved and soon!
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu_auIX1nEc
  21. I was thinking more along the lines of --- "DAT'S ALL FOLKS!"
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