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  1. Right Now 0-0 if the owners have a Lockout! If no lockout -- 11-5 - 2-1 Play-Off w/NFC Championship Appearance.
  2. Depends on how the new CBA is written - I expect it to probably stay the same as before Free Agency (4 Acurred Years To Qualify For UFA) - but who knows . 32 days and counting until Lockout!
  3. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Passing&range=NFL&rank=230
  4. I guess he should have been like Dan Marino then. Go to the Super Bowl his rookie year, lose, and never go back. ...but at least Dan Marino is respected as one of the best QBs in the history of the NFL.
  5. I am comparing their first three years as starters to Ryan's first three years - they had no play-off wins either but eventually they claimed the ultimate prize. Everyone needs to be patient.
  6. How so - everyone I listed has Super Bowl rings where those you listed have none.
  7. Sure - but those guys you mentioned have ZERO Super Bowl rings. What's more important? Play-Off wins or Super Bowl wins?
  8. Well since you know it all and joined just today to prove it to everyone then I guess I have nothing to prove to you. And for that matter I could care less. Have a nice day.
  9. ...in their first three years as starters. Matt Ryan 0-2 Peyton Manning 0-2 John Elway 0-1 Troy Aikman 0-1 Phil Simms 0-0 Joe Theisman 0-0 And what does 0-4 combined mean to those guys in their first three years as starters? Only 9 Super Bowl trophies between them. Patience.
  10. That is why I also included the 12 come from behind drives over 3 years as well.
  11. Funny thing is that they are more likely to suspend your account because you called them out and still continue to allow the trolls to roam.
  12. Ravens game this year he took over - 316 yards & 3 TDs when the run game only produced 60 yards. 12 come from behind drives in 3 years - most coming with less than 2 minutes in the game. If anything the inability of our defense to keep teams out of the game should be addressed.
  13. Best case scenario - bring him back 1 year as a mentor and rotate him during the games with whomever his replacement may be. Worst case scenario - go see our first year with Coach Smith and hope we have more production than our TEs then with whomever we throw out there.
  14. Agree to him slowing down - especially at towards the end of the season. Almost have to play the game at fast-forward to watch him at normal speed.
  15. Harry Douglas? The year before TG got here Douglas had 23 catches for 320 yards and 1 TD - not actually #1 numbers. And for comparison - this year with Gonzales Douglas had 22 catches - 294 yards - 1 TD. With or without he still catching and producing the same.
  16. He relied on him due to no one else (except Roddy) able to get open - So is that TG's fault or all the other receivers who couldn't get open.
  17. Not trying to highjack it - just a fact that has to be addressed. No CBA - No Free Agency. I agree with a majority of these free agency threads that we need some quality free agents - seriously we have either resign people already on the roster or just one high quality player a year only and that is not going to cut it. One of our glaring weaknesses over the past 5/6 years plus is pass rush - Abraham cannot continue to be our only main threat - yes others have had good games every now and then but we need consistency at this point. Another weakness is our receiving corps. Roddy has done great, but other than slants to the sidelines what has Jenkins done? 11 games and only 2 TDs don't cut it - Finneran caught 22 less passes and had 3 TD catches - 7 years in the NFL and not 1 100 yard game - other teams don't consider him a threat. TG may be back for one year or this may be it - over the last 2 years he has been our #2 receiver. Now imagine how our passing game could be if he is not here.
  18. They have been that stubborn so far or it would have already been agreed upon by now - it was the owners who voted to void the last year of the last CBA to get us to where we are now. So yes I think they are that stubborn.
  19. I got a negative for speaking the truth. Seriously if anyone signs an agreement that could possibly screw them over long tern is a friggin' idiot and besides millionaires on unemployment? There are millions of Americans already doing that and have never had the opportunity to make 1% of what some of these people who play a game make in a year. I have no sympathy for NFL players on unemployment.
  20. Actually owners want an 18 game season and it is one of many things that is preventing a new CBA. Players want a rookie salary cap and health benefits for retired players. Owners want to reduce revenue sharing with the players as well as an 18 game season. Coaches should have a union, surprised that they don't already - but without players what can the coaches do?
  21. Do the players want to agree to a CBA that will screw them over for years to come? They have to think long term not short term.
  22. No CBA = Lockout = No Free Agency (To include signing any players drafted). Until that is fixed we can't do anything.
  23. No CBA = Lockout = No Free Agency. Until that is fixed TD can't do anything.
  24. No CBA = Lockout = No Free Agency. Until that is fixed TD can't do anything.
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