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  1. I guess I am a stupid *** fan but here is are stats about Jenkins that don't lie: 32 out of 107 games - that is how many games he has had with over 50 yards receiving in a game. Only 32 games. 38 out of 107 games - that is how many games he has had with 25 or less yards recieving in a game. He has more games with less than 25 yards a game than he has had over 50 yards a game. But then again they are just stupid *** stats.
  2. #1 New CBA - if we are hamstrung by the 2010 Free Agency Rules we are screwed in getting a high quality anything being a final 8 team. #2 DE - Our pass rush (or lack of one) is killing us #3 Open Up The Playbook - Joe Montana didn't win 3 Super Bowls always throwing down the field in fact he did it with slants/curls/roll-outs -- just not the same slants/curls/roll-outs every game and every week. Heck he drew a play in the grass one Super Bowl. Open Up The Playbook Dammit!
  3. If we go by last year's rules then the final 8 rule which we fall under is that we can only pick up a free agent contract $$$$$ wise to what we lose. So if we lose a player to a 8 million dollar contract we cannot pick up another free agent unless his contract is 8 million or less.
  4. Actually with the Judge denying the stay of her ruling - players can be traded during the draft now.
  5. If the 8th court doesn't rule on the appeal for a few days and the draft is tomorrow --- does that now mean players can be traded during the draft?
  6. But that will be until late May at the earliest - so the lockout lift stands until then. That is almost 4 weeks away. A major decision with implications for the 2011 NFL season will be made in St. Louis when the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears an appeal by the NFL pursuant to Monday's ruling to end the league's six-week lockout. However, even if expedited, the case probably will not be argued until late May at the soonest, according to a court official. LINK
  7. (AP) U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson wrote late Wednesday that the NFL "has not met its burden for a stay pending appeal, expedited or otherwise." The league wanted Nelson to keep the lockout in place while it appeals her ruling, arguing that starting free agency and other football activities before there's clarity on the status of this case could be damaging to the league's competitive balance and general operations. Another Link LINK Now where do we go from here?
  8. Another problem if the NFL goes by 2010 Free Agency Rules -- Atlanta was a final 8 team: In general, they would limit all eight teams to signing one unrestricted free agent (a player with six or more years of NFL service) for each one of their own lost, and can only sign a new UFA to a salary similar to what the departing player gets, with limits on annual increases. The four teams that lost in the divisional round can sign additional unrestricted free agents, but with restrictive financial parameters imposed. LINK Can only gain what you lose basically.
  9. Who in 2008 would have believed that for the next three years the Falcons and Saints would be a marquee game for primetime television. Both of us were the bottom feeders of the division (NFC West/South) for a majority of our existance and now ...... Don't it feel good?
  10. Primetime games are good to see on TV, but screw with me as far as going to see the game live.
  11. Also last year Brees threw the most INTs (22) in his career - and the second most fumbles (9) and second most sacks (25) in his career. I think Fitz is the only one to break the curse.
  12. Actually Williams resigned as GM - he is the new Head Coach at Grambling State
  13. This league is an enigma to me. So far it has had one team cease operations before it ever played a game (Virginia) - 3 teams relocate and rename themselves (New York, San Fransico, & Florida which took the place of the expansion team Virginia that folded (Including taking on the name of the Virgina team) - been sued by Mark Cuban for failure to pay a 5 million dollar loan - only 1 team in the 2 year history of the league has had all its home games in one stadium. (Las Vegas) I just don't understand how this hasn't imploded yet.
  14. I like it just the trade worries me and having a new contract in place before the trade is done. It may cost an arm and a leg in the trade -- sorry I need both of mine. --- But I got a kidney I can throw in for the team.
  15. Jenkins 6 Catches - 67 yards - 1 Fumble - 0 TDs White 6 Catches - 57 Yards - 0 Fumbless - 1 TD That is and always will be my main complaint about Jenkins - Yes he can catch balls but what results does he produce? Heck Finneran caught only 19 balls and had 3 TDs - Jenkins caught 41 and had 2 TDs. Jenkins hasn't caught 3 TDs in 1 year since 2008.
  16. You could also look at this as an indication that there will be no CBA agreement before March 4th. If no CBA is agreed upon by the beginning of the lock-out there may be no free agency at all and all players currently on a teams roster will go back to that teamwith a pay increase that equals 120% of his last year's salary if a CBA is agreed upon afterwards. **** sneaky owners.
  17. The NFL commissioner needs to show some backbone and do exactly what Ronald Reagan did with the air traffic controllers when they threatened a lockout. Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and that is exactly what he wants the commish to do. I do agree though he could do a better job than just sitting by and watching it like a tennis match.
  18. So you are saying fire the owners because they are the ones threatening the lockout. Also the replacement teams weren't due to a lockout, but a strike by the players. Players aren't striking this time.
  19. Owners get paid 4 Billion dollars whether there is football played or not due to the nature of the TV contracts. http://www.forbes.com/2010/12/14/broncos-jets-saints-steelers-business-sports-football-lockout.html
  20. Actually right now there are no restricted free agents - it all depends on how the new CBA is written as far as years of eligibility is concerned. Also I just read an article where there might be NO Free Agency this year where players would have to remain with the teams they are currently with if the CBA is agreed upon after the deadline. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/football/nfl/02/11/nfl-labor-free-agency.ap/index.html
  21. With the collective bargaining agreement expiring March 3, Babin and other would-be free agents face the very real possibility that they get ordered back to their old teams at the bargain basement price of 120 percent of their last salary. Play another season, risk serious injury. And wait. Chance of No Free Agency this year even with new CBA? Uh - DAYUM! :blink: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/football/nfl/02/11/nfl-labor-free-agency.ap/index.html
  22. March 4th is when free agency is set to begin -- the same day the current CBA expires which in turn negates free agency if there is no new CBA in place. Hence a lockout!
  23. If there is no new CBA in place by the draft you can't trade players for picks - you can trade picks only.
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