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  1. 3D Printer 1st print job - JESSICA ALBA!
  2. Plead no contest to 1 count of misdemeanor possession given 1 year probation.
  3. If they would stop bar hopping from city to city and actually work this **** out!
  4. True but if free agency only takes place for 2 weeks and not the normal 6 weeks then the potential is there to overbid. The period length is usually determined by the RFAs where teams can bid for their services and the RFAs owning team can match or decline. UFAs can sign all the way until the trade cut-off I believe, but I could be mistaken on that.
  5. Thing that worries me about free agency this year from what the rumor mills are saying is that it may only be a 2 week period this year. Big potential to overprice a player when you got slots to fill and very little time to fill them.
  6. IMO the biggest obstacle we have and still have is a consistent pass rushing defense. One can put up 21 points but when you give up 41 (Not including the INT returned for a TD) then it doesn't matter. Falcons 2 sacks and little pressure - Green Bay 5 sacks + pressure all night.
  7. Hall was the #8 pick that year and was active 10 games and only played in 4. :blink: So between 2 #1 picks in 2004 we got 9 total games of play out of them. Hall 2004 Splits
  8. He may have been active for 16 games, but that is where you need to go into the split stats which shows the actual games he played. Last year he was only active for 11 games and played in 11.
  9. 2004 Jenkins only played in 5 games. I do agree though he was brought in not under the best of coaching staff with Gnapp as an OC followed up by Petrino & company. I do believe that under a better coaching regime he probably would have been more productive. He did show he could be in 2006 despite low receptions and yards. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/J/JenkMi00/splits/2004/
  10. That is why I only used Jenkins stats and not Gonzos - regardless of what Gonzo caught Jenkins best year was 53 catches - then 50 - 50 - 41 (Injury Shortened). That is a trend - so by going off of Jenkins trend then one can hypothesize what Jenkins trend would continue as. All I did was take into account what he has done over the last 4 years regardless of who else was playing and came to my conclusion. I never took Gonzos stats into consideration - I just brought up what was Jenkins trend would have continued as with Gonzo here. Now if because of Gonzo's stats is the reason Jenkins hasn't been targeted as much then answer me this why wasn't he targeted more in the 2 years when he caught 53 & 50 when Gonzo wasn't here? Who stole his targets then?
  11. Jenkins best year with receptions caught was 53 in 2007 - since Gonzo has came here it has dropped to 50 & 41 (But he also missed 5 games lasts year). So with Gonzo here Jenkins has lost a grand total of 15 receptions from his best year and that is with missing 5 games. So if you average out what Jenkins might have caught in his injury year with what he was on pace for (3.72 average a game - round-up to 4) then he would have caught 61 passes. In that case then Jenkins would have actually gained 5 catches over the course of two years with Gonzo here. So much for taking away anything.
  12. His best year Yardage - 2008 - Ryan's 1st year His best year Receptions - 2007 - Harrington - Leftwich - Redman His best year TDs - 2006 - Vick Jenkins Career Jenkins Game Log
  13. That would be average - but if you go back and look at the career as a whole then he doesn't stack up too well. 107 games played and only 32 with over 50 yards receiving and 38 with 25 or LESS yards receiving.
  14. Actually it was a scrimmage game that was not televised so it is most likely he didn't see it. Jenkins never played in any PreSeason games last year.
  15. David Gettis - 3 TDs - 4th in catches for Carolina Brian Robiskie - 3 TDs - 5th in catches for Cleveland Anthony Fasano - 4 TDs - 4th in catches for Miami Jenkins either tied or beat everyone but Harvin from Minnesota for TDs caught David Nelson - 3 TDs - tied for 3rd in catches for Buffalo These are the bottom 5 passing offenses for 2010 - but it should be noted that Jenkins only played 11 games in 2010. Statistically if he had played 16 games he would have probably 3 TDs for the year since he averaged 1 TD every 5.5 games
  16. What is really funny about Jenkins best production year is that it was under a Greg Knapp offense. :wacko:
  17. They are definately racking up some sky miles from all these meeting locations. :ph34r:
  18. Also Ryan's 1st NFL pass. You know I was once a Jenkins believer. 2006 was an incredible production year for him despite the low catches (39) and yards (436) - he had 7 TDs that year and I was like WOW! Since then he has steadily his catch and receiving yards went up and his TDs have went down.
  19. Distribution: Roddy/Gonzo going down. Jenkins hovering around where he is now. Jones for a first year around 50-55 a year if he catches on - 35-40 a year if he is a work in progress. Who I see getting the biggest increase are the running backs coming out of the backfield. With the added strengths to the deep game it opens up the screen and short passes underneath.
  20. Even though Jenkins is not my favorite by a long shot I say keep him for the experience and as a stop gap in case someone goes down. I don't see him getting bumped out of rotation just yet as Julio is still unproven on the NFL field, but if he does he still could be a big target on the sidelines which he does play good.
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