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  1. I would love to see Georgia go as well but unfortunately LSU has 2 advantages over UGA#1 - LSU won the SEC Championship #2 - Georgia is 1-1 vs possible BCS teams (Tenn - Florida) - LSU is 3-1 vs possible BCS teams (Tenn (2X) - Florida - Arkansas) :ermm:
  2. Fixed the User Name finally -- now to do something about these smilies :sick:
  3. And another thing -- I changed my User Name to reflect Bruce Reville and it still shows up as just BRUCE!!!!!WTF?! Oh and these smilies blow :doze:
  4. OMG!OMG!OMG!My post count is small :crazy: - one more little thing I have to worry about now :crying:
  5. For argument sake I went and researched the possible teams in the BCS Games and their record vs other possible BCS bound teams -- interesting :hehe: LSU 3-1 Oaklahoma 2-1 Missouri 2-2 Tennesse 2-2 Arkansas 1-1 Georgia 1-1 Illinois 1-1 Texas Tech 1-1 Virginia Tech 1-1 Florida 1-2 Michigan 1-2 Wisconsin 1-2 Kansas 0-1 Ohio State 0-1 Virginia 0-1 Hawaii 0-0 Southern Cal 0-0 West Virginia 0-0 Only 2 teams with a winning record against other possible BCS Bowl Bound Teams -- man that would blow if both of those teams leap-frogged over everyone
  6. At Least I Can Still Bold Everything That Is So Awesome To Me
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