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  1. I will agree with this. They play together because they have been together. Tillman, Harris, Urlacher, Briggs, Roach have been there for how long?! They are all 30 plus except Roach. The only pieces fairly new are Peppers, Wright, Okoye, Melton, Jennings. The strength of their D is the LBs, similar to ours. But Tillman and Harris aren't to be taken lightly. Wright and Jennings won't be able to hold Julio, HD and Tony.

    Yes their defense as a whole is tight - throughout the history of the Bears their defense has been up there. More recent telling signs of how good their defense is that 1) It made Rex Grossman a Super Bowl starting QB - 2) Jay Cutler never had as winning record as QB until he came to the Bears.

  2. Vick only played one bad game last season against the Vikings but he got injured on the first play of the game trying to go deep to Desean, but he still played. This non sense about Vick regressing at the end of last season is ridiculous and makes his haters look stupid. Even though they lost to GB Vick still had good stats and people dont mention Celek didnt keep his feet in bounds on a 2 point conversion and Vick got injured on the next play. Akers also missed two field goals. The Eagles only lost by 5, do the math. Matt Ryan on the other hand got blown out at home and fans left the game by half time.

    First 5 games of the season Vick 0 INTs 2 Fumbles/0 Lost - last 8 games of the season 7 INTs - 9 Fumbles/3 Lost - he didn't regress he just got cold in Philly.

  3. Starting Line-Up:

    Tom Brady - QB

    Jeremy Maclin- WR

    Hakeem Nicks - WR

    Marques Colston - WR

    Rashard Mendenhall - RB

    Brandon Jacobs - RB

    Vernon Davis - TE

    Austin Collie - WR/TE

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis - WR/RB

    Joe Flacco - QB/WR/RB/TE

    Matt Bryant - K

    Billy Cundiff - K

    New England - DEF

    Chicago - DEF

    Bench (Which I use to plug into during bye weeks)

    Cedric Benson - RB

    Colt McCoy - QB

    Lance Moore - WR

    Thomas Jones - RB

    Mercedes Lewis - TE

    Derrick Mason - WR

    Oakland - Def

  4. So the NFC North is #1 because of Detroit? :blink: - I remember when everyone said the Bills would be the next big comeback a few years back and they fell flat every year and soon everyone jumped off the bandwagon. Now the Lions are the sexy pick and they are 8-40 over three years. Sorry but Stafford has shoulders of glass for both years in his NFL career.

  5. My link

    :angry:Go Away! How could this affect the new CBA?\

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- The NFL lockout is over, but the legal wrangling is not.

    Lawyers for the NFL, the players' union and a group of retirees were back in federal court in St. Paul, Minn., on Wednesday. The retirees, led by former Vikings star Carl Eller, say they were shut out of the settlement that ended the lockout.

    At issue before U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson is whether to order everyone back into mediation before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, who helped broker the deal.

    Nelson said the retirees face an uphill battle, but held off on an immediate decision. She told the lawyers to meet with Boylan on Wednesday afternoon to discuss informally whether mediation would be helpful ahead of another hearing scheduled for Sept. 15.

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