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  1. Awesome! Just have him stay away from home the night before a game so he can get some sleep and be rested on gameday.
  2. We would need a 106 man roster if we got all the pick-ups people wanted.
  3. Yes their defense as a whole is tight - throughout the history of the Bears their defense has been up there. More recent telling signs of how good their defense is that 1) It made Rex Grossman a Super Bowl starting QB - 2) Jay Cutler never had as winning record as QB until he came to the Bears.
  4. First 5 games of the season Vick 0 INTs 2 Fumbles/0 Lost - last 8 games of the season 7 INTs - 9 Fumbles/3 Lost - he didn't regress he just got cold in Philly.
  5. My question is who would we cut to pick him up?
  6. There has been one for the past few years, but I haven't seen anything about one this year. Is there going to be one?
  7. So the NFC North is #1 because of Detroit? :blink: - I remember when everyone said the Bills would be the next big comeback a few years back and they fell flat every year and soon everyone jumped off the bandwagon. Now the Lions are the sexy pick and they are 8-40 over three years. Sorry but Stafford has shoulders of glass for both years in his NFL career.
  8. 100% of the time in the 11 second drill.
  9. No - in fact it looks as if the only games televised are Den/Ari & Ind/Cin on NFLN. Tonight is the NCAA's big opening night with a game on ESPN UNLV/Wisconsin
  10. Detroit's preseason record since 2008 (12-2) - regular season record since 2008 (8-40). Preseason wins don't matter.
  11. Fox 54 has decided to air the Tampa game instead but the game is being aired on ThisTV and it is on the following channels. Broadcast 54.2 Atlantic 245 Comcast WFXG 383 Knology WFXG 169
  12. My link Go Away! How could this affect the new CBA?\ ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- The NFL lockout is over, but the legal wrangling is not. Lawyers for the NFL, the players' union and a group of retirees were back in federal court in St. Paul, Minn., on Wednesday. The retirees, led by former Vikings star Carl Eller, say they were shut out of the settlement that ended the lockout. At issue before U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson is whether to order everyone back into mediation before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, who helped broker the deal. Nelson said the retirees face an uphill battle, but held off on an immediate decision. She told the lawyers to meet with Boylan on Wednesday afternoon to discuss informally whether mediation would be helpful ahead of another hearing scheduled for Sept. 15.
  13. If they drug test gameday and they pop positive are they automatically banned for that game or what? If not then what is the point of drug testing gameday?
  14. Fox 54 (Channel 11) has it live in the Augusta, Georgia area.
  15. Isn't part of the trade deal is "IF" Haynesworth could pass his physical. Now that e has failed what does that do to the trade?
  16. My link Cam is reportedly only going to get 22 million over 4 years - 36 if the 5th year option is picked up by this new scale.
  17. Normally UDFAs don't get me too excited but this one does.
  18. Just another example of how the media keeps up with the Falcons. Finn is already gone as well, that news has been out since March if I recall.
  19. Tampa beat 1 team with a winning record New Orleans in the last game of the season after the Saints had clenched a play-off berth. of the other nine teams with losing records they beat - 5 of those games were won by 3 points or less.
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