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  1. Awesome! Just have him stay away from home the night before a game so he can get some sleep and be rested on gameday.
  2. We would need a 106 man roster if we got all the pick-ups people wanted.
  3. Yes their defense as a whole is tight - throughout the history of the Bears their defense has been up there. More recent telling signs of how good their defense is that 1) It made Rex Grossman a Super Bowl starting QB - 2) Jay Cutler never had as winning record as QB until he came to the Bears.
  4. First 5 games of the season Vick 0 INTs 2 Fumbles/0 Lost - last 8 games of the season 7 INTs - 9 Fumbles/3 Lost - he didn't regress he just got cold in Philly.
  5. My question is who would we cut to pick him up?
  6. There has been one for the past few years, but I haven't seen anything about one this year. Is there going to be one?
  7. So the NFC North is #1 because of Detroit? :blink: - I remember when everyone said the Bills would be the next big comeback a few years back and they fell flat every year and soon everyone jumped off the bandwagon. Now the Lions are the sexy pick and they are 8-40 over three years. Sorry but Stafford has shoulders of glass for both years in his NFL career.
  8. 100% of the time in the 11 second drill.
  9. No - in fact it looks as if the only games televised are Den/Ari & Ind/Cin on NFLN. Tonight is the NCAA's big opening night with a game on ESPN UNLV/Wisconsin
  10. Detroit's preseason record since 2008 (12-2) - regular season record since 2008 (8-40). Preseason wins don't matter.
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