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  1. D*** - talk about dragging s*** out of the closet - must be one boring night tonight - Lol
  2. Bringing up old threads is like recalling your first piece of @$$ - Sure you thought you knew everything then but now looking back you realize that you didn't know crap and wonder how you even managed to even get as far as you did.
  3. Redman's good games came against the #19th - 22nd - & 29th Pass Defenses -- against a quality pass defense (#1 In Fact) he finished with a QB rating of 0.0. Sure I would like to have him back on the team but if he's not it wouldn't hurt my feelings either. He's a serviceable BACK-UP if anything -- on any other team in the NFL he may be given an "Eh".
  4. Honestly this team has been average/below average over the last couple of years with the exception of few bright spots here and there. I love the Falcons and root for them all the time but really we haven't been all that good. Sure we led the NFL in rushing for 3 years before 2007 - but if you take away YKW's numbers then we fall very short of being the best rushing team. Then again being #1 in rushing was balanced out by being in the bottom third in the NFL in passing during the same time with YKW under center. Our defense in the last 5 years has ranked 32 - 14 - 22 - 22 - 29. Not the making
  5. Look at the pathetic loser "Scrub" that was throwing to him his first two seasons! You'd probably drop 485 passes yourself if you had to stop in your tracks and jump ten feet in the air to catch one of Vick's famous airballs... Or reach down below your knees - behind your back - or a ball thrown hard enough to go down the field 60 yards ---- while you are standing 10 feet from him :w00t:
  6. I am considering going to Subway tonight for a 6" Veggie, but then again I might just have the Roast beef instead. Both taste pretty good and I am a little hungry. Then again I might just go home and eat dinner with the family. Either way both are good options for me. I'll let you know what I decide later. :w00t:
  7. Yeah then we can wait another 34 days until the draft and in the mean time have 1002 threads about who we should pick or trade down or up for. :w00t:
  8. Agree - No More Crump Threads! Wait a minute isn't this a Crump thread? AW F***! :crazy:
  9. Rich McKay always went into an off-season looking to add free agents in positions of need so that the team's hand wasn't forced into reaching for a player in the draft. Problem is that McKay kept signing guys with injury history with the hopes that they will perform here injury-free or with injuries to a minimum -- didn't work out too well did it?
  10. We already signed one QB last year that was injury-proned -- why not sign another to keep the bench warm when the injury bug bites him to. Just Say No To Injury-Prone Players
  11. Rex = Butterfingers McNabb = Glassman Quinn = Unproven (Plus He's Someone Else's McDonald's) So No-No-And No
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