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    mookie3127 got a reaction from JDaveG in The Walking Dead   
    It was easily the best episode in a while.  I remember hearing so much hype about Jesus and I never saw it.  Was I expecting too much or was his character just underwhelming?  As for The Whisperer's, I'm looking forward to how it plays out.  The scenes from the 2nd half of the season were creepy with them standing in fields staring at The Hilltop. 
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    mookie3127 reacted to k-train in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    Yeah, your route for the desert trip is nearly spot on to the one we did, just in the other direction.

    Day 1: We flew into Vegas, but aren't really fans go the place, so we got our rental car at the airport upon arrival & immediately drove to where we were staying in Washington, Utah as our base for visiting Zion.

    Day 2: We spent the entire next day in Zion exploring both sides of the park.

    Day 3: Drove to Bryce Canyon & hiked around all day, watched sunset from Inspiration Point, then stayed the night in Hatch, Utah.

    Day 4: Got up while it was still black out & returned to Bryce Canyon to watch the sun rise over Bryce Point. Then had a beautiful short drive down to Page, AZ. In the late afternoon, we had a lengthy photo tour of Lower Antelope Canyon... which was absolutely amazing. Thought about doing Horseshoe Bend, but opted to get a nice dinner & some much needed rest instead.

    Day 5: Had lunch at Lake Powell & then drove to Monument Valley, where we had a private cabin with unobstructed views of the Mittens. Explored the immediate vicinity a bit & tried my hand rather unsuccessfully at astro photography that night.

    Day 6: Got up while it was still pitch black out to meet our guide for a private sunrise tour of the Valley... another absolutely unforgettable experience.

    Day 7: Drove to Grand Canyon (South Rim) & stopped off at a ton of different viewpoints from Desert View & the Watchtower to Yuma Point. We camped in the park, so we checked into our spot, got set up, ate dinner, and then watched the sunset from Mather Point.

    Day 8: Drove back to Vegas, stopping off near Lake Mead to witness another outrageous sunset & then flew home happy, trying to process all of the incredible natural beauty we had witnessed that week.

    It was truly an amazing experience that I highly recommend. We've been talking about doing it again because there's so much we couldn't get into that one week.
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from k-train in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    I'm in the same boat about St. Lucia.  It's been on our radar for a while, but it seems a bit limited.  My wife would be content to just sit on the beach for however many days but I'd be bored within 30 minutes. 
    Dominica and PR are options that we'll look into also.  Hawaii would be a dream for the wife and I would love to go also, but I'd want to island hop and spend 1-2 weeks taking it in, so budget wise it's probably out.  The SW is my personal pick.  Fly into Vegas, check it out for a couple of days and then road trip to the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Zion NP, and then back to Vegas.  I just know the wife wouldn't be up for the early mornings and photography.
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    mookie3127 reacted to k-train in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    St. Lucia is intriguing & has been on my radar for a while now, so it's a place that I've looked into a ton over the years. It's not the most affordable island in the Caribbean & from everyone I've talked to that's been there, outside of the same boring but beautiful shots of Pitons & Marigot Bay, it's somewhat limited for photography. Also, if you stay in the resorts along the beach in Soufriere that are close to the Pitons, you are pretty limited in your view. Staying at a resort in/near Hummingbird Beach is a much, much better option as it will give you a full view of the coast & Pitons. The thing I've always wanted to do is get a few couples or family member together to go in on one of those fancy vacation rentals up in the hills above Hummingbird Beach. Some of those places are absolutely incredible, like having an entire resort to just you & a few friends, but they are not cheap by any stretch.

    Having been to nearby Dominica, I can tell you that it is chock full of great options for photography... from beaches, to waterfalls, to mangroves, to rocky red cliffs, to mountains, to small islands, to lush rainforests, to colorful coastal villages, to whale watching, to a boiling lake (yes, a boiling lake), to snorkeling  (including a "Champagne Reef" where tiny bubbles constantly come up due to thermal volcanic springs under the sea floor), to all kinds of plants & animals, to old forts, to the only remaining population of pre-Columbus indigenous Carib peoples in the Eastern Caribbean, etc., etc. It's beautiful, it's full of a variety of visually stunning scenery, and it's cheap.

    There's also the idea of going to Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Culebra... super cheap flights & they need the tourism industry to be revived so there are tons of great deals available. Spend a few days checking out Old San Juan, then head to El Yunque National Park. From there, ferry or fly to Vieques & get your resort on while checking out the bioluminescent bay, etc. Then head to Culebra for the beautiful beaches with an abandoned army tank here & there. You'll have these the beach mostly to yourselves & the sea turtles.

    Going to Kauai is what got me started as a photographer, and now that I'm much better I really hope to get back there some time soon. It really is amazing... but not cheap.

    A roadtrip to various parks in the US Southwest is awesome, did that a few years ago & was also in that area a ton back when I was in a touring band... but I'd be hesitant in late Spring/early Summer because some places could be brutally hot by then & the sun will be relentless... making it hard as heck to get ideal light for photography. From my experience, March-April or Sept-Oct are the best times to be there.
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from jidady in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    We didn't.  Our plans didn't put us over there during a meal time.  I wanted to try it though, I've heard that it's awesome.  I enjoyed both.  We went to AK twice during our trip.  First day, I had my wife and son with me and walked as fast as I could to Pandora at rope drop and still had an hour wait for FoP.  They rode Na'Vi River Journey while I did FoP because my son was right at the height requirement and I didn't want them waiting in line only for him to be turned away.  FoP was pretty incredible though.  Second day there, they slept in and I went solo for the morning and was able to run to Pandora.  We had fast passes for River Journey at 9:30 that morning so I cancelled my wife and sons since they slept in.  I was able to do both FoP and River Journey by 9:45 and the park opened at 9:00.  There was a time around 11 that FoP was a 4 hour wait....4.....freaking.....hours.
    Did you guys stay on property?  We were at Port Orleans Riverside and it was nice enough.....HUGE resort though.
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    mookie3127 reacted to jidady in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    Oh man, we were there at the same time! Was this your first time at Pandora?
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    mookie3127 reacted to WOR in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    When I went to Yosemite I spent a few days in San Fran before and after. If you've never been to the bay area it's worthy of a few days of your time. Very easy to navigate(on foot if you want to) and there's tons to explore. Would also help your "nice restaurant" requirement. 
    As far as photography goes.... You're not gonna get much better than Yosemite. It's breathtaking. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from Billy Ocean in Vacation & Travel Thread   
    Let's revive this now that summer is over and fall is on its way.  I didn't go anywhere over the summer, but did take a long weekend to the Smoky Mountains with a couple of photographer buddies.  I'm leaving next week to stop in St. Augustine, Fl for a day to visit family before heading to Disney with the family for a week.  What about you guys?  Any good trips that you've been on or have coming up?
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from biloxifalcon in The Movie Thread   
    So it looks like the plug has been pulled on the latest Transformers movie, but Bumblebee is still getting his own spin-off.  The first trailer doesn't do much for me, but I'm so glad that they went back to the 1980's version with the VW Beetle.  This will act as prequel as being themed in the 1980's.  I really wish they had started the franchise with the 80's versions to give us the back story, kind of like the MCU did with their characters.  The write up seems intriguing at least.
    The “Transformers” franchise may appear to be dead in the water after Paramount pulled the sixth film in the main series from its schedule, but that’s not so because “Bumblebee” is still coming right at you later this year. And in the middle of the night Monday night we got our very first look at the spinoff. You can check out the trailer in the embedded video above, or on YouTube right here.
    “Bumblebee” will take the series back in time to the 1980s, thus serving as a prequel to the main series as well as a spinoff. As often happens in these things, the trailer shows us Bumblebee striking up a relationship with a young woman named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) by accident — while Charlie is poking around under her beat up new yellow Beatle, she spots Bumblebee’s real face.
    During that bit, the trailer calls back to the first time we saw Bumblebee come into the possession of the human protagonist of one of the movies, with the sequence narrated by Bernie Mac’s used car salesman in “Transformers,” when he tells Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf’) that cars pick their drivers — “a mystical bond between man and machine.”
    The “Bumblebee” trailer is notably light on the sort of large scale action and wacky humor that the “Transformers” movies are known for. The tone of the trailer is in keeping with how producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has described the film — as being an “emotionally complex story” which he compared to “The Iron Giant.”
    Though it does give us a shot of Bee catching a flaming helicopter, as well as a villainous Decepticon disguised as a jet. That Decepticon, by the way, is Barricade, who features prominently in the main series. We also get a glimpse of John Cena and John Ortiz with a whole bunch of soldiers — because no “Transformers” movie could be complete without a military aspect.
    In case you haven’t been keeping up with the continuity of the live-action “Transformers” series, Bumblebee has been hanging out on Earth a while before the events of the film series and even a few decades before this movie is set. As revealed in last year’s “The Last Knight,” Bumblebee has been around at least since World War II, in which he was part of an Autobot team who fought the Nazis alongside human forces.
    How he ends up in Hailee Steinfeld’s possession is anyone’s guess. But I’ll guess we’ll find out when “Bumblebee” hits theaters on December 21.
    The film is directed by Travis Knight of “Kubo and the Two Strings” fame, and is written by Christina Hodson.
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from falconsd56 in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Yes...We have to appeal to a global audience, not just the US. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from ya_boi_j in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Yes...We have to appeal to a global audience, not just the US. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from DonOfThemBirds in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Hopefully this applies here.  It does have the Marvel logo in the trailer, so I'll go with it. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from sdogg in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Hopefully this applies here.  It does have the Marvel logo in the trailer, so I'll go with it. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from RandomFan in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Hopefully this applies here.  It does have the Marvel logo in the trailer, so I'll go with it. 
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from biloxifalcon in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Hopefully this applies here.  It does have the Marvel logo in the trailer, so I'll go with it. 
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    mookie3127 reacted to falconsd56 in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Let's be real.....dc has shat on themselves.
    And it is only to get worse if the disney and fox deal (which is back on) is completed and marvel gets the rights back to FF and Xmen.
    If that happens DC won't stand a chance
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from falconsd56 in Marvel Cinematic Universe   
    Just came to post the trailer.  I'm stoked.
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    mookie3127 got a reaction from DonOfThemBirds in The Movie Thread   
    So, I don't know how to feel about this.  Rampage was one of my favorite games growing up.  From a nostalgia perspective, I really want to enjoy this but I can also see it bombing.
    Part of me hopes that Jeffery Dean Morgan asks The Rock if he's wearing his s***ting pants.
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