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  1. I didn't get the shot this year and have avoided it. Conversely, when I worked in IT in healthcare, I never got the shot (and never came down with the flu) until they mandated that we get the shot. Then every year for a 4 year stretch, I had to get the shot and got the flu at some point. Since leaving the health care world for a better job that doesn't require the shot, I've declined it for the past 3 years and have been flu free. Kind of interesting and makes me give a little more thought to the whole "conspiracy" about the flu shot and whatnot.
  2. The wife and I took our son to Jurassic Quest at the Georgia World Congress Center over the weekend. Since it's right across the street from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, I ran over and snapped a few shots of the Falcons statue without the crowd. MBS Falcon 2 by Jason, on Flickr
  3. One from this past weekend. Berry College Old Mill by Jason, on Flickr
  4. Great Blue Heron going after a fish during the golden hour. GBH 1-3 by Jason, on Flickr Female eagle at Berry College on a close fly by. BC Bald Eagle Female 3 by Jason, on Flickr Berry College Old Mill during the December snow. Old Mill by Jason, on Flickr Frost Chapel at Berry College, also during the December snow. Frost Chapel 1 by Jason, on Flickr
  5. I may be in the minority, but was I the only one that was screaming "Die already, Coral!" after the first 30 minutes? I guess knowing that he was bitten and would die in the first episode kind of spoiled it for me. I was fully expecting an anti-climactic scene of Rick stabbing Carl's temple once he passed and then they show Carl reaching for his gun and giving his speech and I was thinking "This is going to be up there with losing his eye and showing the carnage." Nope. Just the sound of a "pew" in the background. Didn't care for the dream sequence either, but I like that they showed that it was Carl's dream instead of Rick's.
  6. Where did I ever say I was wiping out his first 10 years? Did you even comprehend what I wrote? I mean, I literally agreed with you that for his first 10 years, he was putting up great numbers. Put your homerism aside and look at the full picture for once. Here's a counter for you. Just because the first 2/3rds of his career was great doesn't mean we can wipe out the last 1/3rd. It doesn't work that way either, but I'm sure you're not doing that.
  7. For those 10 years, yes he was putting up HOF numbers. Unfortunately, a HOF'er isn't decided on 10 of his 17 years. If it was, then he should have retired after the 2006 season.
  8. He absolutely had a great career prior to his last season with the Brave's. I think those last 5-6 seasons are what's going to hurt his chances and put him in that Dale Murphy category in terms of getting into the HOF. Speaking of which, their offensive numbers are eerily similar.
  9. Let's not forget that Andruw's last 5 seasons were pretty terrible and his last year with the Brave's was rocky at best. He also struggled with weight and injuries in LA and became a bench player at that point in his career for Texas, the White Sox, and the Yankees.