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  1. I had yesterday off and spent it catching up on some movies on my media center since my son spent Sunday night and Monday at the in-laws and my wife had to work. I got caught up on the Marvel universe by watching Doctor Strange. I was very apprehensive about watching it and kept putting it off as the previews never really excited me. It was easily the best of what I watched. Doctor Strange had a cocky, arrogant side and I felt like I was watching Tony Stark. I'm assuming most have seen it by now, but was it War Machine that he turned down surgery on right before his accident? It was something about a spinal surgery on an Air Force member in an experimental flight suit. Overall, I really enjoyed it with the low expectations that I went in with. I also watched the new Ghostbuste'rs with absolutely zero expectations of it being good. It wasn't an Oscar worthy film by any stretch, but it was entertaining. It was nice to see some references to the originals with Stay Puft, Slimer, etc but I felt like I was watching some rehashed material from the originals with the hotel, the bellhop that reminded me of the creepy art curator guy in the 2nd film, how they were kicked out of a university in the original, etc. Chris Hemsworth was a pleasant surprise, especially after the comedy in Thor Ragnarok. Overall, entertaining, decent, and killed a couple of hours The last one that I watched was Mad Max Fury road. I really don't see what all the fuss was about with this one. It was nonstop action and was entertaining for the first hour or so, but it really bored me after that. The plot didn't do a whole lot for me. Meh. It wasn't bad, but not what I was expecting or hoping for.
  2. The dumpster fire at UT keeps getting better. Former FSU DC, Charles Kelly, is expected to take the role of Special Teams coach with some defensive responsibilities. Link
  3. Never said anything about throwing out base runners. As I stated, I'm fine with Realmuto but it would obviously mean that we'd have to do something with Flowers/Suzuki. Of those two, I'd prefer to keep Flowers because of his framing ability and how it could potentially help a young staff. The point was how Flowers could be a nice balance to Realmuto as opposed to Suzuki.
  4. I'd be fine with Realmuto. We'd obviously have to do something with either Flowers/Suzuki and I'd lean towards ditching Suzuki. I read somewhere that for the past few seasons Flowers has been one of the best or the best in a category for best framing catcher/most called strikes, or something along those lines. For a young pitching staff, I definitely want that ability get the extra call or two a game and help the confidence of the youngsters. **Edit** Found it. Heading into the 2017 season, Flowers was 4th with a framing rate of 13.3 in framing metrics, turning balls into strikes. On the flip side, Realmuto was one of the leagues worst at -15.7. For the 2017 season, Flowers was 1st at 28.1 while Realmuto was nowhere close with -22.0 Link
  5. So I took my dad to see TLJ today and picked up on a couple of other things, but my favorite was when Luke's hologram appears at the old Rebel base. As he's talking to Leia, he says "I'm sorry" to which Leia replies "I know."
  6. Here are my thoughts on TLJ. - Luke's character was definitely different than his character from the original trilogy. But, I think that was the intent. So much of TFA was about finding Luke and they did at the end. We had the gruff "leave me the **** alone" Luke for much of TLJ and I was fine with it because this is a new trilogy. I was glad to see some semblance of the old Luke towards the end though. I liked his send off of just disappearing. - The Porgs were utterly useless filler. The caretakers of the island had more involvement in the story line than the Porgs strictly because they were described as caretakers. I think Minions is a far too nice way of describing them....Minions had their own movie. - There did seem to be a few references to earlier SW movies. Luke not wanting to be bothered and training Rey with Yoda then talking to Luke was reminiscent of Yoda not wanting to train Luke with Obi-Wan talking to Yoda. The Falcon cruising through the cave system reminded me of a combination of the scene with Rey and Finn in TFA and battle for Endor scene in RoTJ. Kylo spinning his tie fighter and flying into the cargo bay was Vader-like, Luke saying he failed Ben/Kylo was similar to Obi-Wan saying he failed Anikan. Leia's hologram message. Rey/Kylo's connection was like Vader/Luke's telepathic connection. Leia, dressed in all white, shooting Poe in stun mode much like she was shot in stun mode while also dressed in all white (probably the only time a Storm Trooper hit something). The Snoke showdown in his throne room was similar to the one at the end of RoTJ. I'm sure that there were more, but those are what I picked up on. - The boy at the end that appeared to have some connection with the Force. It looked like he stuck his hand out and the broom came to him. - The humor that was in TLJ seemed to be forced at times. - I didn't really have too many complaints and enjoyed it as an entertaining movie. I'll definitely go see it again sometime this weekend to try and pick up on anything that I may have missed. A question for the other parents, do you think TLJ would be a bit much for an almost 5 year old that's really getting into Star Wars to see? I didn't think that there were any scenes that were overly graphic but would be interested to hear the thoughts of others.
  7. So the Star Wars facebook page posted premier pictures of the cast. This was fantastic.
  8. I enjoyed it. I agree with both mdrake and Steve. Better than TFA but there did seem to be a lot of rehashing from the original trilogy mixed in, but not enough to take over the story....just enough that you pick up on it. I also may have moved the Porgs up to #1 in my most disliked character(s).
  9. A few new ones. The first is from last Friday morning at Berry College during the snow. We ended up with about 6 inches at the college. The rest are from the following day of the eagles in the snow. Berry Field 1 by Jason, on Flickr Snow from an above branch fell as it was melting and created the look of it actually snowing. BC Bald Eagle Female 1 by Jason, on Flickr BC Bald Eagle Female 3 by Jason, on Flickr BC Bald Eagle Female 4 by Jason, on Flickr
  10. Man, that sucks! I remember meeting him and getting his autograph on a football at one of the Falcons draft day parties at the dome. Should have been in the HOF a long time ago.
  11. I would be shocked if Taggart kept him on staff. The rumor is that Taggart would like to bring Leavitt in from Oregon to be DC but it likely won't happen until after both Oregon and FSU's bowl game. I've heard that Leavitt would like to get a HC position somewhere, but would likely come to FSU if one doesn't come open that he likes.
  12. Tim Brewster following Jimbo to TAMU and FSU DC Charles Kelly has been offered the DC job at Colorado State. I sincerely hope that he takes it.
  13. The fan theory's out there are saying the same. That he was likely bitten by walkers in the woods when he was helping Siddiq a couple of episodes ago. Some are also theorizing that Caaaaarrrrrl could be immune and he lives despite The Talking Dead saying that it will be like the other bites meaning that he'll die.
  14. It may have been because I was on my phone for half the episode, but did Coral even encounter a walker?
  15. Auto-correct gets me again!
  16. Thank God that Gwinnett didn't add a 2nd "p" to the new team name. The confusion that might have caused could have been awkward for a family outing.
  17. Jurassic Worl: Fallen Kingdom trailer
  18. FSU president, John Thrasher, fires back at Jimbo that hiring Taggart was also a "no-brainer."
  19. Willie Taggart will see Jimbo's band reception and awkward "Saw 'em Off" dance and raise him a a better reception with a Tomahawk Chop!
  20. Contract Numbers for Wllie Taggart In depth terms of hiring Taggart released by FSU Willie Taggart has a six-year deal with FSU that will pay him $5 million annually. FSU also releases bonus details and incentives in a letter of agreement TALLAHASSEE -- Willie Taggart's letter of agreement with Florida State calls for him to receive $5 million annually as part of a six-year contract that expires in January 2024. Taggart's agreement is loaded with incentives, including $500,000 for a national championship, $150,000 for an ACC title and more. The bonuses are non-cumulative. He will also receive bonuses based on APR, with greater than a 950 score earning him $100,000. If his APR goes below 930, Taggart will lose all postseason bonus payments. FSU will pay Taggart's buyout to South Florida in the amount of $1.37 million within 30 days. The school will also pay Oregon $62,224 monthly as it pays off Taggart's $3 million buyout. If Taggart leaves FSU before the full Oregon buyout is paid, he will have to make up the remaining amount to the school. If Taggart terminates the contract, he will owe FSU the sum of $5 million. FSU has allocated $5.5 million for Taggart to hire 10 assistant coaches as well as a director of football operations, director of recruiting and a strength and conditioning coach. The assistants' salary pool at FSU in 2017 was $5.224 million for nine on-field coaches, strength and conditioning coach Vic Viloria, director of player personnel Bob LaCivita and director of operations Mark Robinson. Taggart will also receive a car allowance of $2,000 per month, country club initiation/annual membership fee, tickets to home games and a suite at Doak Campbell Stadium for home games. The letter was dated on Tuesday and signed by president John Trasher, athletics director Stan Wilcox and Taggart.
  21. "Arrow? Arrow? NOPE not dealing with that bullsh|t name. Arrow?! Oh, hi, I'm the Flash!"
  22. Sources saying that Jim Leavitt is in line to become the first FSU assistant to surpass a salary of $1M.
  23. Taggart is expected to make $30M over 6 years.
  24. I've seen this as well. I don't think Fields will flip, but I do expect Taggart to make a run at him.