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  1. I would be shocked if Taggart kept him on staff. The rumor is that Taggart would like to bring Leavitt in from Oregon to be DC but it likely won't happen until after both Oregon and FSU's bowl game. I've heard that Leavitt would like to get a HC position somewhere, but would likely come to FSU if one doesn't come open that he likes.
  2. Tim Brewster following Jimbo to TAMU and FSU DC Charles Kelly has been offered the DC job at Colorado State. I sincerely hope that he takes it.
  3. The fan theory's out there are saying the same. That he was likely bitten by walkers in the woods when he was helping Siddiq a couple of episodes ago. Some are also theorizing that Caaaaarrrrrl could be immune and he lives despite The Talking Dead saying that it will be like the other bites meaning that he'll die.
  4. It may have been because I was on my phone for half the episode, but did Coral even encounter a walker?
  5. Auto-correct gets me again!
  6. Thank God that Gwinnett didn't add a 2nd "p" to the new team name. The confusion that might have caused could have been awkward for a family outing.
  7. Jurassic Worl: Fallen Kingdom trailer
  8. FSU president, John Thrasher, fires back at Jimbo that hiring Taggart was also a "no-brainer."
  9. Willie Taggart will see Jimbo's band reception and awkward "Saw 'em Off" dance and raise him a a better reception with a Tomahawk Chop!
  10. Contract Numbers for Wllie Taggart In depth terms of hiring Taggart released by FSU Willie Taggart has a six-year deal with FSU that will pay him $5 million annually. FSU also releases bonus details and incentives in a letter of agreement TALLAHASSEE -- Willie Taggart's letter of agreement with Florida State calls for him to receive $5 million annually as part of a six-year contract that expires in January 2024. Taggart's agreement is loaded with incentives, including $500,000 for a national championship, $150,000 for an ACC title and more. The bonuses are non-cumulative. He will also receive bonuses based on APR, with greater than a 950 score earning him $100,000. If his APR goes below 930, Taggart will lose all postseason bonus payments. FSU will pay Taggart's buyout to South Florida in the amount of $1.37 million within 30 days. The school will also pay Oregon $62,224 monthly as it pays off Taggart's $3 million buyout. If Taggart leaves FSU before the full Oregon buyout is paid, he will have to make up the remaining amount to the school. If Taggart terminates the contract, he will owe FSU the sum of $5 million. FSU has allocated $5.5 million for Taggart to hire 10 assistant coaches as well as a director of football operations, director of recruiting and a strength and conditioning coach. The assistants' salary pool at FSU in 2017 was $5.224 million for nine on-field coaches, strength and conditioning coach Vic Viloria, director of player personnel Bob LaCivita and director of operations Mark Robinson. Taggart will also receive a car allowance of $2,000 per month, country club initiation/annual membership fee, tickets to home games and a suite at Doak Campbell Stadium for home games. The letter was dated on Tuesday and signed by president John Trasher, athletics director Stan Wilcox and Taggart.
  11. "Arrow? Arrow? NOPE not dealing with that bullsh|t name. Arrow?! Oh, hi, I'm the Flash!"
  12. Sources saying that Jim Leavitt is in line to become the first FSU assistant to surpass a salary of $1M.
  13. Taggart is expected to make $30M over 6 years.
  14. I've seen this as well. I don't think Fields will flip, but I do expect Taggart to make a run at him.
  15. I'm fully aware of how the recruiting landscape works. With two of the best recruiters in the nation in Right and Taggart now coaching in Florida, they're going to make it increasingly difficult for the top tier talent to choose to go out of state.