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  1. My initial post that you quoted was a lot of sarcasm with a touch of truth. The truth part being about Kimbrel and his early struggles and that we should give our young guys a chance to develop instead of backing up the Brinks truck to Kimbrel. You could have kept scrolling just as easily as quoting it. The irrational part is that your comments, to me anyway, come across as brash, irrational, and that your opinion is the correct one. My "Root for the Yankee's" comment was meant as a joke, hence the emoji at the end, but it clearly wasn't taken that way. As for adding to the conversation, I've added comments previously about the Markakis deal, that I'd love to pry away Castellanos from Detroit, and a few other opinions here and there. I just don't frequent the boards or post nearly as much as I used to so I haven't added the quantity of comments that others have.
  2. There's plenty that I'd like to see this team improve, like others. I just go about it in a rational way instead of being a keyboard warrior.
  3. They have a fantastic bullpen though. I thought that's what you wanted. Makes sense to me.
  4. Root for the Yankee's then? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. ah, **** come the angry tweets from the MLBPA.
  6. Couple of things that I'd like to add... Last night, the family and I went out to eat. We were halfway finished when the table behind us was occupied by a family. A college age kid was talking to his dad (who was wearing baseball attire for a local college) about the Kimbrel situation. The youngster stated that if we didn't sign Kimbrel, the season was lost and Snitker would be fired by May 1st. The dad chuckled/ know, the typical "You really need to stop talking our of your *** " dad chuckle/laugh. It reminded me of checking in on the boards and saved me from having to do so last night. Second thing since we're talking about Kimbrel and the bullpen. Anyone else remember when Kimbrel first came up and couldn't escape a full inning without walking at least 1-2 batters? I do. I even remember if he walked 1 batter, it was a great outing! And yet there are some that, by the way don't understand why he's not already in spring training, don't want to give our young arms the opportunity to develop like we did Kimbrel.
  7. I'd rather see him pop one off of Urena.
  8. Your move, Scott Boras.
  9. I was pleasantly surprised with last night's episode. The Whisperer's were just down right creepy and reminded me a lot of the movie "The Strangers" in how they just appeared. I think they could add a much needed level of suspense with this new threat if they do it right. Daryl's way of seeing which was a walker and which wasn't was fantastic. Arrow to the leg and see if he screams. I'm curious about Negan as well. As long as Michonne is around, I don't see him leaving that cell again. But if her character does leave the show, I can see him sliding into a leadership role with a change of heart. My only complaints were Judith (who the **** lets an 8 year old wonder outside of the walls???) and Rosita being pregnant. I literally yelled "Why in the **** do they need another pregnancy on this show?! I get that it shows life continues, but I hate it as part of the plot.
  10. Time to be a glutton for punishment again. Let's see how this goes.
  11. The pitch clock should apply to both pitchers and batters. If the pitcher is ready and the batter isn't, automatic strike and move on to the next pitch. If the batter is ready and the pitcher isn't, automatic ball and move on to the next pitch. The only exceptions to the pitch clock should be the obvious items such as time called, a foul tip that gets a piece of the umpire/catcher/batter, broken bat, substitution, injury etc.
  12. As much as I hate the delay of constant RP changes, I do enjoy the chess match aspect of it as part of the game. However, I'd be on board with a 2 batter minimum to start off with. If a team has L, R, L coming up, I can see a lefty being brought in anyway for the 2 batter minimum and staying in for the third batter that is a lefty. I would assume that injury would the only exception for a batter minimum? Would there need to be a counter measure for pinch hitters though? I know once they're announced, they count towards being used, but could that be changed to as soon as they leave the dugout and a hitter must be present at the on deck circle prior to his AB? I think expanding the rosters is needed, especially if they go to a DH in the NL. I would like to see expansion to 28. That would allow you to carry those extra pitchers in case of a 16 inning game and let you rest starters more frequently.
  13. Don't know about the $2 Tuesdays (and I live in, but even full price is a bargain compared to the big club. Our son is developing an interest in t-ball and baseball and we signed him up for 5/6 year old coach pitch today. It's been SSSOOOOOOOOOOO hard to not cram baseball down his throat but I'm stoked that he's developing an interest in it. I'm hoping to get him to several games this season. If any of you guys ever want to take in a Rome game, let me know. I'd be glad to hang out for a couple of hours.
  14. Jeter is quickly filling the void left by Coppy in terms of probably not being liked by other front offices....just for different reasons.