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  1. Where did I ever say I was wiping out his first 10 years? Did you even comprehend what I wrote? I mean, I literally agreed with you that for his first 10 years, he was putting up great numbers. Put your homerism aside and look at the full picture for once. Here's a counter for you. Just because the first 2/3rds of his career was great doesn't mean we can wipe out the last 1/3rd. It doesn't work that way either, but I'm sure you're not doing that.
  2. For those 10 years, yes he was putting up HOF numbers. Unfortunately, a HOF'er isn't decided on 10 of his 17 years. If it was, then he should have retired after the 2006 season.
  3. He absolutely had a great career prior to his last season with the Brave's. I think those last 5-6 seasons are what's going to hurt his chances and put him in that Dale Murphy category in terms of getting into the HOF. Speaking of which, their offensive numbers are eerily similar.
  4. Let's not forget that Andruw's last 5 seasons were pretty terrible and his last year with the Brave's was rocky at best. He also struggled with weight and injuries in LA and became a bench player at that point in his career for Texas, the White Sox, and the Yankees.
  5. I had yesterday off and spent it catching up on some movies on my media center since my son spent Sunday night and Monday at the in-laws and my wife had to work. I got caught up on the Marvel universe by watching Doctor Strange. I was very apprehensive about watching it and kept putting it off as the previews never really excited me. It was easily the best of what I watched. Doctor Strange had a cocky, arrogant side and I felt like I was watching Tony Stark. I'm assuming most have seen it by now, but was it War Machine that he turned down surgery on right before his accident? It was something about a spinal surgery on an Air Force member in an experimental flight suit. Overall, I really enjoyed it with the low expectations that I went in with. I also watched the new Ghostbuste'rs with absolutely zero expectations of it being good. It wasn't an Oscar worthy film by any stretch, but it was entertaining. It was nice to see some references to the originals with Stay Puft, Slimer, etc but I felt like I was watching some rehashed material from the originals with the hotel, the bellhop that reminded me of the creepy art curator guy in the 2nd film, how they were kicked out of a university in the original, etc. Chris Hemsworth was a pleasant surprise, especially after the comedy in Thor Ragnarok. Overall, entertaining, decent, and killed a couple of hours The last one that I watched was Mad Max Fury road. I really don't see what all the fuss was about with this one. It was nonstop action and was entertaining for the first hour or so, but it really bored me after that. The plot didn't do a whole lot for me. Meh. It wasn't bad, but not what I was expecting or hoping for.
  6. The dumpster fire at UT keeps getting better. Former FSU DC, Charles Kelly, is expected to take the role of Special Teams coach with some defensive responsibilities. Link
  7. Never said anything about throwing out base runners. As I stated, I'm fine with Realmuto but it would obviously mean that we'd have to do something with Flowers/Suzuki. Of those two, I'd prefer to keep Flowers because of his framing ability and how it could potentially help a young staff. The point was how Flowers could be a nice balance to Realmuto as opposed to Suzuki.