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  1. Yes...We have to appeal to a global audience, not just the US.
  2. A few shots of a black bear that we encountered. She looked like she had just recently come out of a den with her cubs and was far too interested in foraging than caring about the people that were around. Black Bear 1 by Jason, on Flickr Black Bear 2 by Jason, on Flickr Black Bear 3 by Jason, on Flickr Black Bear 4 by Jason, on Flickr
  3. I met up with a couple of photographer buddies in the Smoky Mountains last week for a long weekend of photography shenanigans. Here's my first image from the trip. It's a 6 shot vertical panorama from Clingmans Dome. We left the cabin about 1:30 a.m, arrived at Clingmans about 3:00 a.m, shot until about 5:00 a.m, took a quick nap in the car, and then shot sunrise from there. Clingmans Dome Milky Way Pano 1.2 by Jason, on Flickr
  4. So seeing IW a 2nd time was well worth it. There were maybe 20 other people in the theater for the 12:45 showing that I went to on Sunday so I was able to pick up on a few things that I missed. I missed Thor telling the GoG that Thanos killed half his people but I did read about it after the fact. I also missed Eitri (Peter Dinklage) telling Thor that Stormbreaker could summon the bifrost. On that note, I also missed Thor arriving in Wakanda via the bifrost. I picked up on a few other lines that I had missed the first time around. I looked for the blue man in The Collector's collection on Knowhere as a throwback to the show Arrested Development but couldn't find it. Overall, I enjoyed it the 2nd time around as much as the 1st.
  5. The feels man.....right in the feels...
  6. Just sat down for round 2 of the movie. Hoping to pick up on a few new thing that I missed with a mostly empty theater.
  7. So while at lunch today, I swung by the local Toy R Us to see if there were really any decent "going out of business" sales that my son couldn't live without. I went down the Star Wars aisle and looked behind me to see they had moved the Marvel stuff onto the same aisle. I now know a couple of spoilers.
  8. 7-10 is what I was expecting. The theater I'm going to should be about a 15 minute drive home at 10 p.m. I'm guessing we'll pick around 10:00-10:30ish if we stay at 26. I wish my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weren't so crazy though so that I could see it at least one more time this weekend.
  9. I am. Mostly because I won't be able to go opening night or any time during opening weekend. The Thursday night showing here is at 7:00 so in theory, I should be home close to when the Falcons pick, assuming that they don't trade up.
  10. Three from Zoo Atlanta, a spring shot from the Old Mill at Berry College, and my dog. Lion 1 by Jason, on Flickr Panda 1 by Jason, on Flickr Bald Eagle 1 by Jason, on Flickr Old Mill Dogwood 1 by Jason, on Flickr Ellie Mae 1 by Jason, on Flickr
  11. I'm conflicted with the show. Part of me wants to give up on it because I find myself surfing the interwebs on my phone every Sunday night but the other part of me knows that I've invested 8 seasons now and I've got to keep going. I thought the whole "war" was underwhelming for the way that it was hyped in the beginning. I also thought that Eugene, with his pervy watching and fierce Kentucky Waterfall, was fantastic this season. I also agree that Maggie and Daryl would make a fantastic enemy twist for the show. Jesus has been a disappointment to this point given the badassary that was associated with him....maybe I missed it while surfing the interwebs....but I don't think he'll be on board.
  12. I've been watching. I missed last nights episode, but have it on the DVR. I'll probably catch up on it one night this week.