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  1. MLBTR updated the report that we will receive cash considerations for Roe.
  2. Atlanta RP Chaz Roe headed to TB. Atlanta's return is unknown at the moment. Link
  3. So in terms of trading Teheran, I get that we have plenty of young arms just around the corner, but unless we received a Quintana like package, wouldn't it make just as much sense to keep him if we were to acquire a legitimate #1 ace? With the goal of competing in the very near future, wouldn't the idea of heading into a playoff series with a #1 and Teheran make more sense than a #1 and potentially unproven prospects? Not saying that trading Teheran should be off the table, but just trying to look at the possibility from a different angle. I'm all for improving the team and bringing more October games to Atlanta.
  4. I was just about to post something similar. She'd look fantastic in Brave's gear. We just need a split screen of the games with one feed on her as long as she does the Dougie or Cat Daddy every so often.
  5. Went over to DeSoto State Park near Fort Payne Alabama yesterday with a couple of buddies. One of them had another friend with this view of the falls from his back porch. He was nice enough to allow us to snap some images, showed us the property and shared the history of the area with us. We enjoyed the rest of the evening sitting on his back porch sharing more stories and watching the sunset on the old boathouse and the falls. DeSoto Falls by Jason, on Flickr
  6. We went to WDW in June of last year. The particular week we went was during the "Gay Days" as it's called. We were at a couple of the parks for the designated days and it really wasn't bad. About the worst we witnessed were couples holding hands. I really didn't know what to expect from the happiest people on earth at the happiest place on earth.
  7. There's also the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Haven't been in December, but they might have it decorated for Christmas. There will also be plenty of opportunities to see Christmas lights. Stone Mountain usually puts on a big "winter" to do.
  8. All day wedding photographer needed Craigslist ad wants wedding photographer to also shoot the... uh... consummation Published Jun 29, 2017 | DL Cade The Craigslist ad headline reads 'All Day Wedding Photographer Needed,' followed by a small, but extremely important, parenthetical: (see details). That bit is important because when the couple in question says 'all day,' what they actually mean is 'all night long.' The ad, posted to Craigslist in Wisconsin and sent to PetaPixel by one of its readers, is seeking a wedding photographer who wouldn't mind sticking around and photographing the couple's first time. Their consummation. The... moment of truth, if you will. "We are hoping someone will document the whole day from beginning to end," reads the ad, innocently enough. "We are specifically hoping someone will document the end, which we are finding difficult to find someone who will." Now you see where this is going. "We have both saved ourselves for marriage and understand our first time will be awkward," writes the bride and groom. "But [we] do not think it will be that much more awkward for the photographer to be there and we’d really like it documented (in a beautiful and tasteful way)." So... any boudoir photographers want to take their work to an extremely awkward new level? We've got a job prospect for you.
  9. Pregnant woman runs down purse thief Pregnant SUV driver arrested after allegedly running down suspected thief A pregnant woman was arrested in North Carolina on Wednesday after she reportedly mowed down an alleged thief with her SUV in a Wal-Mart parking lot, police said. After an investigation, police said that Christine Braswell, 26, of Canton, was returning to her parked car outside a Wal-Mart in Asheville on Wednesday afternoon when she saw a man enter her unattended, unsecured vehicle and rummage through her purse. When she confronted the man, he dropped the purse and ran across the parking lot in an attempt to flee, according to the Asheville Police Department. Braswell, who told authorities she is pregnant, then got into her 1999 Ford Explorer and chased the man, eventually striking him with her car, police said. The man, identified as 34-year-old Robert Raines of Leicester, suffered cuts and abrasions and was transported to a nearby hospital, according to Asheville Police Department spokesman Wallace Welch. The Asheville Police Department arrested Braswell for misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon and transported her to the Buncombe County Detention Facility. The department has issued warrants for Raines for breaking and entering a motor vehicle, larceny after breaking and entering a motor vehicle and damage to property, according to Welch. It's unclear whether they have entered pleas. ABC Asheville affiliate WLOS-TV obtained exclusive footage of the alleged incident and interviewed Braswell afterward. The expecting mother said she ran over Raines because she was unable to pursue him on foot after he allegedly took off with her purse. "He was with my purse, and he took off, and I took off after him," she told the station. "Me being five months pregnant, I chased a little ways, then come back, jumped in the car, threw it in gear and come across the curb and ran him over. I was not going to let him get away with it. It's not right. It's not fair."
  10. These next few are from the Teton Raptor Center. The first is an American Kestrel while the rest are of a 5 year old bald eagle named River. TRC American Kestrel 1 by Jason, on Flickr TRC Eagle 5 by Jason, on Flickr TRC Eagle 8 by Jason, on Flickr TRC Eagle 14 by Jason, on Flickr TRC Eagle 17.1 by Jason, on Flickr TRC Eagle 23 by Jason, on Flickr