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  1. It has been a long time since I been here. I have lost touch with sooooo many friends. I see soooo many new people I wonder if my old friends even come here anymore
  2. hey sweetie....email me sometime.......donald.r.glispie@cummins.com

  3. Thank u sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. hey man...u got text?

  6. Just my 2 pennies......... it would be a mistake to get Jenkins. I am from Ohio. I seen him get eatin up several times. For the older folk on here......who remembers Roger Harper? Alot of hipe comin out from OSU.........but couldnt cut it in the pros. I am afraid Jenkins will be the same way. He will not be a shutdown corner
  7. The mods got banned?????????? WHOAAAAAAAAA...........they were Gods around here. I havent talked to Shiney, The Rev in a long time.
  8. thanks darlin. I guess I need to do some work as far as my avator and sig. Not sure if I kept it anywhere or not ****.....feel like a newbie. LOL
  9. I see we have alot of new people on here.............always good to grow the board
  10. hey hey mama.........this board has changed soooooooooo much.
  11. massive changes. Shame I lost all my old info.....oh well :ph34r:
  12. this gonna get ugly quick
  13. U better be gettin ready for the snow headin your way Angel!
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