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  1. I'm afraid I can't make it this year because I am still having health problems due to a wreck I was involved in coming to the game last year. I am going to try and make it to the Falcons/Cowboys game later in the year if I can.
  2. I can't make the hotel because I have to take care of a few things due to the death of my mother. I will be at the game on Sunday and I may keep my room for Sunday night. I sent John Winger a pm on how to get his and UK's tickets from me before the game. If anyone sees him and he hasn't checked the message board, please tell him to do so. It is very important that I get his tickets to him.
  3. I have some bad news. With the death of my mother, I have too much to take care of to get to the hotel this weekend, but I will make the game because I am holding tickets for UK and John Winger and it is too late to mail. I sent John a pm since he and UK are sitting next to each other about how to get their tickets from me before the game. I may have to leave them at will call under Jeff's name and Alan and me can settle up during the game. Sorry about this, and maybe I can bring the beef next year. Doesn't mean you still can't have a cook out. I may still keep my room for Sunday night.
  4. Fairfield Inn and Suites Atlanta Perimeter. Look at the MBGT Hotel and Beer Tour thread for the address.
  5. Bad news about the Bavarian. Turns out it was seasonal and they've stopped selling it. I should have stocked up on it. Good news is they have plenty of Doubblelicious Belgian Ale that is excellent. Green Man Brewery makes a better IPA than Craggy, so I will bring that instead unless I can get by Bryson City before next week, but its doubtful.
  6. I have one extra ticket if somebody needs one. Falcons fan only. Special cheap price. Must be able to meet at the hotel or the Landing before the game to get it. PM or reply if interested.
  7. I need to know how many people are coming to the cook out on Saturday night October 15th around 7 - 8pm until ???? at the hotel. I got half a beef form my sister and brother-in-law when they had two of their cows took to market and I want to bring some prime ground round mixed with chuck and sirloin that's all hormone free. This is some good stuff and I want to treat my friends so I need a head count so I know how much to bring. If we get more people than the meat I have, I'll figure something out. Jabrjo + 1 By the way, I have one extra ticket if somebody needs it.
  8. Sorry to hear that. And is it possible to go anywhere without a panty troll popping up. Don't you dare sell those to any panties fans because those seats are next to mine lol.
  9. Would everyone else let me know if they got their tickets? I've been gone for two weeks due to surgery and everyone should have them by now with the exception of those who I am holding them for.
  10. John Winger has seats 2 - 6 in that row, so it will be someone he is bringing.
  11. Tickets were mailed earlier so most of you should be getting them this week. I don't know how long the shipping time is to OH,PA,and WV just kidding scar lol but the rest of you should see your tickets in a couple of days.
  12. I just spoke with them a few minutes ago and they forgot to send me the link to put up. Since calling is ok, I told her not to worry about sending me the link so just call the number below if you want to make your reservation: Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Perimeter Center 1145 Hammond Drive Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30328 USA Phone: 1-770-350-0000
  13. Ok, I have everyone's tickets in envelopes except for the one's I am supposed to hold and they are going out today.
  14. FYI, when I cancelled the one I had with priceline it did say I will not be charged.
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