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  1. I find it comical that Ryan could be considered the best QB in the division on a team that went 4-12.
  2. Taysom Hill doesnt play defense.
  3. There’s nothing about this team that says they can run the table. The Brown game was proof of that.
  4. Or better yet, if the guys can all get on the same page and line up without so much direction from Rico, watch out.
  5. I think that play we attempted to run against the Panthers where the ball was snapped (rolled by the center) and Patrick Dimarco picked it up and ran toward the line was a designed trick play. There was a false start penalty on the play which killed it.
  6. I thought the uniforms looked good...especially the Jets. Did you notice the shiny Christmas ribbon look of their helmet logo? Nice!
  7. I didn't know enough about him to have an opinion about how good he might be. He's quickly becoming my favorite player on the team, though. Not only is he super productive, but he seems humble and understands from whom his blessings flow. His attitude is determining his altitude.
  8. That play was the result of the criticism he received two years ago when he slid on the 6 yard line against the Saints.
  9. What these guys are doing that they haven't done well in the past is get off the field on 3rd down.
  10. Quinn is in as long as his choices for OC and DC are not Mularkey and Van Gorder.
  11. I wish the Panther's players would say something. Falcons seem to play better with chip on their shoulders.
  12. **** no. My favorite children's story is "The Little Red Hen". The moral of the story is, if you don't put in the work, you can't enjoy fruits of labor.
  13. Since the Detroit game, I've only been looking at this season one game at a time. I love how our defense has been starting to gel. Our ability to make the Super Bowl will depend on them continuing to grow and get better as a unit and the offense taking advantage of opportunities when given. But one game at a time, folks. It all starts by whipping the Panthers on Sunday.
  14. My problem is that there is a different theme or rallying cry for every year. Leads to a lack of identity. This team likes to sway with the wind on whats trending in the league. I think you need a plan for the type of team you want to be and a blueprint for the type of players that fit the plan. AND, you have to be committed to it. I haven't seen that from this regime. I don't know who to blame for that.
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