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  1. I suspect that these stats have a correlation to the amount of play action and motion on offense uses. Ryan has said countless times how motion helps him to see what a defense is planning and nothing helps reduce pressure on a QB more than a decent (or better) running game allowing for effective play action. I'm very excited to see Ryan in an offense that uses more RPO as well.
  2. As I mentioned in another thread, the lone bright spot was Dalman. His head is clearly still spinning as far as a Center's responsibility goes, but I want to see him have a shot at Guard. I think he has a decent chance of starting week 1 if he does.
  3. I just re-watched the entire offensive first half, focusing the entire time on Dalman at Center. I assumed that because our OL was garbage that he was part of the problem. I was pleasantly surprised. One of the biggest knocks on him was his strength. I didn't see it. Granted, he got pushed back a few times in pass sets but he more than held his own on the majority of plays in pass protection when 1 on 1 with a defensive lineman. He even straight bullied 1 on 1 a few times, crushing his man and consistently got push or to the second level on running downs. It was mostly the rest of the OL that completely flopped. However, I don't think he's ready to play this season at Center. The game is still moving too fast - he got caught on a stunt, too often had trouble finding a man to block when he wasn't head up. I do think though that those are rookie problems - I'd love to see what he can do at Guard.
  4. I totally agree, when he's lined up against first team OL. Against second team, I expect impact.
  5. Because he SHOULD be doing at least that with where he is in his development. I'd like to see more impact instead of just solid play.
  6. Helped Marlon Davidson Pretty much dominated the 2nd team oline. Good moves. Got what I expected from him. Hawkins Wasn't the superstar he was made out to be, but a very good showing. Ogundeji Only knock in him is I find him a lot slower (straight line) than I expected. Thompson and Etheridge Both of these guys played top notch. If I'm not wrong though, when lined up together, Thompson stole the show. Etheridge showed up later when Ellerbe replaced Thompson. Avery Williams He turned his head. Might be a CB after all. Also nice returns. Franks Didn't do much with his arm and took too long with his reads. But. - WRs all sucked. All of them. - OL sucked. - Penalties. - Knows how to use his athleticism and size. - Much better pocket awareness than I expected. - I absolutely loved how he kept his eyes down field until the very last moment. And his overall decision making was excellent as far as throwing it away or tucking it. I'd say to give him a shot with the second team, not necessarily because he was good, but wow was McCarron bad. Hurt McCarron. That was bad. Pretty much every single offensive player outside Franks and maybe Sharpe. Lots of players deserved to get cut tonight. Grant. Don't know why others think differently, but right now, he's thinking too much. He's squarely behind Hawkins and Greene (?). We might need to carry 5 Safeties to keep him on the squad, and that's not good for a second round pick. While I didn't have as much an issue with the play calling as some here, one set of plays I really didn't like was how we played 1st and 5. I'm a strong believer in that if you get 5 free yards, you come out with either play action or a deep shot. Instead, we ran for -3 yards and followed with a telegraphed play action. Comments One silver lining was the initial run game. Not so much for opening holes, but for initial push. That is somewhat promising at least. Another was defensive aggressiveness. It was refreshing, and the players responded to it.
  7. Who? I know his name shows up every now and then, but I'm pretty convinced he doesn't exist or is in some basement somewhere with a red stapler.
  8. No doubt a gem, and a contract year to boot. He and Foye will be a great benchmark to see how this FO handles their free agents coming off (hopefully) career years.
  9. Really hope so, but not holding my breath. How often do these fluff pieces actually pan out?
  10. I really hope our ST coordinator knows what he's doing at punter. With an offense like ours has the potential to be, we need a coffin corner punter. I'm still salty as **** we let Ryan Allen go. He was money at pinning those.
  11. Super excited to see the combo of Pitts and Hurst. Ridley going to open so much for them. Don't get me wrong, I really like Gage, but I'd put a wager on him missing at least 4 games just due to the way he sacrifices himself unnecessarily.
  12. The question is, and you answered it, is whether a 1300 yard receiver is worth a top 5 pick. I actually didn't like what I saw when I watched his tape - at least not for a top of the 1st pick. JJ was much tougher coming out of college, and I don't see it with Chase. I'm happy with Pitts, but only time will tell
  13. I really like Avery Williams as our PR and ST ace. What a great pickup and doubly so for not settling on Cord at PR.
  14. I think we're overlooking one aspect of our defense, and it's one everyone complained we didn't use enough until Morris took over: Peas is going to rely on our LBers + Fowler to create pressure. We are going to blitz, like a lot. One of Foye/Walker/Jones is coming down on every single play. They've all shown to be very productive in blitzing roles. Not a bad thing at all, but I am a tad worried about our lack of depth behind those 3, and whether Fowler shakes off a very low effort season..
  15. With what we have invested in the OL, we better get some payoff. He doesn't need to be anything more than average as long as the rest of the line pull their weight and AS schemes appropriately to keep whoever our LG is and Hennessy from being exploited. We should be fine.
  16. I love his potential out of the backfield. Don't think he's much more than a 3rd down back as his size isn't ideal to take the punishment of NFL talent..
  17. I noticed that too, but it's a double edged sword. Makes the situation more obvious. One play that sticks out to me is the hustle on the blitz. Sifts through traffic, recovers to the ball carrier and punches it out at the last second. That speaks volumes about him.
  18. In man coverage sure, but Neal was an excellent box safety and ALWAYS stopped his assignment before the sticks on 3rd down. We will miss that.
  19. Nothing,but I'll play your game. He was passed on by everyone and picked by the Raiders. What does that tell you?
  20. I'm actually not so worried about defense, at least against the run and coverage. Our pass rush though.. Just gotta have faith that Peas can design pressure. I think defense is much more unpredictable year over year to offense in general.
  21. There's one other staple of Ryan's early years that's vanished with no easy explanation : that back shoulder throw to Roddy White.
  22. I really do hope we can find a way to keep Jones. The only other option, and I'm not even sure it's enough, is to extend Grady by any means necessary. Seeing Jones and Pitts on the field at the same time, I can only compare the excitement to Kerney and Abraham (which the football gods deemed unfair, so let us have it this time).
  23. It does warm the soul even seeing them realizing Pitts will be a nightmare for them to deal with.
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