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  1. The question is, and you answered it, is whether a 1300 yard receiver is worth a top 5 pick. I actually didn't like what I saw when I watched his tape - at least not for a top of the 1st pick. JJ was much tougher coming out of college, and I don't see it with Chase. I'm happy with Pitts, but only time will tell
  2. I really like Avery Williams as our PR and ST ace. What a great pickup and doubly so for not settling on Cord at PR.
  3. I think we're overlooking one aspect of our defense, and it's one everyone complained we didn't use enough until Morris took over: Peas is going to rely on our LBers + Fowler to create pressure. We are going to blitz, like a lot. One of Foye/Walker/Jones is coming down on every single play. They've all shown to be very productive in blitzing roles. Not a bad thing at all, but I am a tad worried about our lack of depth behind those 3, and whether Fowler shakes off a very low effort season..
  4. With what we have invested in the OL, we better get some payoff. He doesn't need to be anything more than average as long as the rest of the line pull their weight and AS schemes appropriately to keep whoever our LG is and Hennessy from being exploited. We should be fine.
  5. I love his potential out of the backfield. Don't think he's much more than a 3rd down back as his size isn't ideal to take the punishment of NFL talent..
  6. I noticed that too, but it's a double edged sword. Makes the situation more obvious. One play that sticks out to me is the hustle on the blitz. Sifts through traffic, recovers to the ball carrier and punches it out at the last second. That speaks volumes about him.
  7. In man coverage sure, but Neal was an excellent box safety and ALWAYS stopped his assignment before the sticks on 3rd down. We will miss that.
  8. Nothing,but I'll play your game. He was passed on by everyone and picked by the Raiders. What does that tell you?
  9. I'm actually not so worried about defense, at least against the run and coverage. Our pass rush though.. Just gotta have faith that Peas can design pressure. I think defense is much more unpredictable year over year to offense in general.
  10. There's one other staple of Ryan's early years that's vanished with no easy explanation : that back shoulder throw to Roddy White.
  11. I really do hope we can find a way to keep Jones. The only other option, and I'm not even sure it's enough, is to extend Grady by any means necessary. Seeing Jones and Pitts on the field at the same time, I can only compare the excitement to Kerney and Abraham (which the football gods deemed unfair, so let us have it this time).
  12. It does warm the soul even seeing them realizing Pitts will be a nightmare for them to deal with.
  13. This is probably the best observation I've read in a while and totally on point. And if there's one thing not a single person on this board can disagree with is that Ryan + no huddle = $$$
  14. Nah, they still having flashbacks of Julio dismantling their secondary.
  15. '04 I think? Was a wee lad back then. And I barely got 2K 😁 Anyway, I was really hoping this was all smoke to get someone to pay big. Not unhappy with Pitts, just hoping he turns out to be as good as he can be. He's a physical freak Ala Jones when we drafted him. That turned out nice.
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