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  1. You the original nuccah?

  2. dang jedi, -198? Who did u piss off? lol

  3. thanks for the breakdown, much appreciated!
  4. He also was considered to have the NFL 'intangibles' that are so hard to find. The knocks on him were that he didn't have the strongest arm (improving), lack of accuracy, decision making. Not sure about his footwork, but if Musgrave corrected it, that already improves two of the above. We'll see about his decision making soon enough.
  5. I was convinced JPW would become our eventually #2 even last year. Would like to see him tear up the preseason for the next 2 seasons. He has the tools to become a good QB and maybe our next Matt Schaub.
  6. yo, happy birf day Nuccah! :) Dont do anything i wouldn't.

  7. This is totse material. Theres just one thing missing: Step 1: Drug her Step 2: Rape Step 3: ????? Step 4: PROFIT!!!