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  1. Doesn't change the fact that on paper, the match-up is not at all in our favor. Good thing games aren't played on paper, and that this rivalry usually gets us playing above our weight class.
  2. Badly. Our defense has survived on blitzing and limiting opposing offenses to a short passing game to counter the rush. Thing is, the short passing game is exactly the strength of NO. And outside of Jones, I don't trust anyone else on defense to limit Kamara..
  3. Only in the sense that Carolina had absolutely no business giving us yet another panic attack at the end of the game. 3rd and 17.. Again? This should have been a blowout
  4. I'm not advocating for tanking. I was legit pissed off when we took a FG on 4th and inches. This is just not a good football team. I don't know how Carolina kept missing the blitz pickups, but that's the only reason we won this game.
  5. Yeah, the performance didn't inspire much hope. That FG to start with inches to go was just a terrible decision along with burning a TO. Running game is still garbage. Defense is still swiss cheese to any competent offense with good weather. I got PTSD watching the Panthers O make the same mistakes over and over and over. OH, and Rico has got to go. He's done. At least Neal still brings the wood. Thankfully, plenty of good teams left to bury us and give us a top end pick.
  6. Possibly, but this is only speculation. A separate thread on here had this tidbit from Blank: Asked why the decision was made now and not at some point last year, Blank pointed to the 6-2 finish to the 2019 season, saying he truly felt as though that would carry over into 2020. He said he felt that he had every reason to think the situation would get better. In the interest of being clear, I'm not disagreeing with you. I believe Quinn should have been fired after that 2-6 start, and McKay should be on thin ice from a football standpoint. However, the above sounds like Blank taking r
  7. I don't understand what everyone above is freaking out about. He said exactly what you'd want to hear - the GM makes the call, and the CEO holds him accountable. The question is, will/does Blank hold McKay accountable? And that's a problem we simply can't fix. What would you guys prefer he said? Whoever we hire will report their decisions to McKay and McKay has to sign off? Or GM reports to Blank directly? I might not like McKay, but I'll take it over Blank (who is a softy, we all know it). The only fault I can attribute to McKay is his choice of GM, but Dimi
  8. Isn't the policy to come off the list multiple negative tests over a couple days?
  9. Looking around at the FA signings this year for below average or straight bad OL is making TD look pretty smart for double dipping on them last year. Maybe one even ups there game to average this year. Saints Andrus Peat - 5 yrs, 57.5M, 33M Guaranteed. Widely considered as their worst OL.. OL with lots of starting experience, regardless if they are even decent, are getting 10M/yr average.. I will not complain about Brown or Carpenters contracts ever again..
  10. Wasn't a big fan initially, but reading the Raven fans comments is making me feel better. General opinion is that they got more than they expected, but that he will blow up for us as the only reason he wasn't putting up stats is the other TE (Andrews), who is also a helluva player. Sounds like a Turner-type situation. If it turns out like that, and Hurst is as good as they say he is, both teams walk away happy. And at least we didn't trade JJ for a banged up RB and a second. Bill O'Brien, I tip my hat to your incredible stupidity.
  11. So it was initially 665$ for 7 games? Or is the reduction in price due to the fact we'll only host 7 home games (plus a little on top)?
  12. Unpopular opinion maybe, but snatching a RB between 1-24 and 1-32 I think provides the best possible value when you're talking about the top prospect. A RB is usually at his prime in his first 4 to 6 years. The problem with snatching a RB in round 2 or 3 is the length of contract. On the other hand, that late first rounder guarantees you keep him 5 years, 6 if you franchise. You don't even need to worry about the 2nd contract. The same applies to other less valuable positions like G, LB and S, but to a lesser extent as their careers often last longer. However, it's positions that I
  13. He just doesn't have the instincts to play at any higher than an average level on defense. I'm not surprised he's a ST ace with his athletic gifts and drive. I think he made some pretty good plays yesterday on ST?
  14. Everytime we throw the ball toward him, I almost have to close my eyes. Gage is going to get himself seriously injured the way he sacrifices his body trying to get the ball or hurdle defenders.
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