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  1. Looking around at the FA signings this year for below average or straight bad OL is making TD look pretty smart for double dipping on them last year. Maybe one even ups there game to average this year. Saints Andrus Peat - 5 yrs, 57.5M, 33M Guaranteed. Widely considered as their worst OL.. OL with lots of starting experience, regardless if they are even decent, are getting 10M/yr average.. I will not complain about Brown or Carpenters contracts ever again..
  2. Wasn't a big fan initially, but reading the Raven fans comments is making me feel better. General opinion is that they got more than they expected, but that he will blow up for us as the only reason he wasn't putting up stats is the other TE (Andrews), who is also a helluva player. Sounds like a Turner-type situation. If it turns out like that, and Hurst is as good as they say he is, both teams walk away happy. And at least we didn't trade JJ for a banged up RB and a second. Bill O'Brien, I tip my hat to your incredible stupidity.
  3. So it was initially 665$ for 7 games? Or is the reduction in price due to the fact we'll only host 7 home games (plus a little on top)?
  4. Unpopular opinion maybe, but snatching a RB between 1-24 and 1-32 I think provides the best possible value when you're talking about the top prospect. A RB is usually at his prime in his first 4 to 6 years. The problem with snatching a RB in round 2 or 3 is the length of contract. On the other hand, that late first rounder guarantees you keep him 5 years, 6 if you franchise. You don't even need to worry about the 2nd contract. The same applies to other less valuable positions like G, LB and S, but to a lesser extent as their careers often last longer. However, it's positions that I don't believe warrant the second, massive contract except when talking about great players. That 5th year tender just isn't expensive compared to premium positions (see Vic vs Neal). So my best possible scenario if someone doesn't slide? Trade back if we can. I don't see many premium position players that I want at 16 unless someone slides.
  5. He just doesn't have the instincts to play at any higher than an average level on defense. I'm not surprised he's a ST ace with his athletic gifts and drive. I think he made some pretty good plays yesterday on ST?
  6. Everytime we throw the ball toward him, I almost have to close my eyes. Gage is going to get himself seriously injured the way he sacrifices his body trying to get the ball or hurdle defenders.
  7. I can't tell if this should be in purple?
  8. I'm extrapolating based on the stats I can find, what he's asked to do, and his measurables. If you have detailed stats showing his effectiveness (# of routes ran, targets, results), I'd love to see them and I'd gladly change my opinion. After looking up a bit more, I didn't realize that Evans and Hopkins are having relatively poor years from what I expected, so I definitely give Thomas the nod into the top three. I'd still keep JJ on top, and I don't think I'm being a Homer in that opinion.
  9. I'm not saying he's a product of the system, only that the system is clearly perfect for his skillset. He's not 'the best receiver in the NFL' as many are saying since he broke the record. I'm only making the argument that he is a great possession receiver, and that's not a knock on him. He is a top 5 receiver, but my opinion stands that I would take JJ, Hopkins, and possibly Evans over him because they have the deep game that Thomas does not. Wes Welker was never the 'best receiver in the NFL', and Thomas' stats are very comparable from a statistical standpoint. The difference being that Thomas is more athletically gifted. Edit: Also I replied to the poster stating that Thomas not being a top 3 receiver is as asinine as this thread. That is definitely not the case as an argument can be made. This thread however is clearly asinine.
  10. I'm not entirely sure he's off the mark. Great hands, great route running, knows how to use his body to gain leverage, but he's not taking the top off your defense. You're not double teaming him because he doesn't go deep often enough for it to matter. His average yards per catch supports this argument. He is well below that of great wide receivers (by great, I mean generation talents). And it's consistent - he's never been higher than around 12 yards per catch so far in his career. His target rate on deep throws down field? I've seen 0.6 per game. For comparison, JJ has 2, Evans 2.6, Hopkins 1.6. I think that can support the argument that Thomas is a great possession receiver. He has the benefit of a truly great QB and masterful play calling to pad his stats.
  11. I'm surprised I haven't seen mentioned 'playing' with Mack's contract. If he doesn't retire, I doubt he has more than a season left in him considering his age. Why not approach him to restructuring/extending his contract, moving 2-3 million to the following year + 1m all as guaranteed with an inflated salary for appearances? Kick the can down the road. Wants to keep playing but not worth the money? Cut. Retires? Gets the guaranteed that he would have got this year anyway. Win/win for everyone.
  12. I had written a whole analysis on this subject but lost in on clicking a link I'd suggest you read up on our linebacker core, specifically Deion Jones. He is arguably the top cover LB in the NFL, with a lot of (deserved) freedom. Peter King did a good video on his ability to recognize plays and react instantly. He will probably be charged with covering Cook out of the backfield. Our second linebacker, Campbell, excels at covering TE's while our third linebacker, Foye Oluokun, was a big bright spot on our defense last year. Big, smart, and unreasonably fast for a man of his size. This makes for arguably the top cover LB core in the NFL. We do have one weakness and one big question mark regarding our front 7: They are not stout against big, overpowering offensive lines. We rely on speed and athleticism. Cook is a great RB, but he will have a lot of work to do in the backfield if that isn't your OL profile. Our pass rush is a question mark. We have the talent to be very disruptive, especially from the DT spots with Jarrett and Crawford. Our DEs have been lights out this preseason, so they may finally be what we expected when we drafted them. We don't know yet.. Our secondary is stout (CB1, FS, SS, NB) and all mentioned are probowl caliber. Our CB2 is a relative unknown to us. 2nd round pick last year, flashed but also had his issues as a rookie. Our defense is built essentially to force opposing offenses to earn every yard. We won't let you go down field, and will force you to convert on 3rd down all the way to the end zone. If you are in a 3rd and long situation, watch out (in particular, Kazee our NB is a ball hawk) ... Our offense is a known quantity except for our rookie right side. I won't get into details there, but Matt Ryan is definitely elite. If our investments in the OL pan out like it did for the Colts last year, it is (definitely) the best offense in the NFL. Here's to a great game! It is one of the better match-ups of the week
  13. You the original nuccah?

  14. dang jedi, -198? Who did u piss off? lol