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  1. What baggage are you referring to? Things that we know: La'el Collins ex girlfriend was murdered. La'el Collins is not a suspect in said murder. Collins was a potential top 10 pick and not average at all. The Falcons have stacks of cash and a need along the o-line...they would be crazy not to go hard for him.
  2. Terrible call. He barely grazed the facemask and it was clearly unintentional.
  3. Defense doesn't even matter in this league. Just use the resources to make the offense as good as possible. All that money and talent on the SF D and they didn't have a chance at stopping the Falcons O.
  4. From what I can tell Kaepernick seems to be a good kid. I'm not a tatoo guy by any means but his look pretty cool. Should be a great game.
  5. Anyone know how I can get ahold of Teddy? I'd bet however much he wants on the over. Not that he'd take the bet of course...stupid media people just say something outlandish to get attention.
  6. I figured he must be a troll but I haven't been here in a while.
  7. "I was at that game in Miami. Vick came in and was unbelievable. We got so jobbed in that game. Bob Christian with a TD that never was. " I was there too and remember it vividly. I was with my dad and his friend (both Dolphin fans). Along ride back to GA with them braging and me complaining about refs.
  8. Chris Chandler stands at the top of my list as well. followed by Lofton and Brooking. I can't stand guys that run their mouth after they leave.
  9. Joe Horn doesn't belong anywhere near this list. He had no effect on the field himself but he has had a big impact on the state of the franchise today. He is one of the main reasons Roddy became the player he is now. Roddy will tell you that himself. Horn taught him what it was to be a professional football player.
  10. Haven't been here in a while....need to update the sig lol. Chandler and Lofton are among my least favorites. Brooking too to a lesser extent.
  11. Bob Christian is undoubtedly my number 1. Finneran and Dwight are next. I'm not racist, I promise.
  12. That's a terrible trade. Start locker week 1 and roll with it. I would cut Braylon over the Williams'.
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