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  1. I've been on both sides of the fence (conservative and liberal) and this article, for me at least, rings oh so true. As a conservative I thought that the poor were fully responsible for being poor and that government programs were for "bums" who didn't want to work. Then life handed me a "simple twist of fate" as Dylan might say and I found out what it was like to be one of the working poor. As someone who is now left leaning, I am outraged at the social injustice in this country, at how the healthcare system is a mess, at how black people are STILL treated like garbage (trust me on this one w
  2. I like Newcastle, Sam Adams Cream Stout, Abita Springs Turbo Dog, Rolling Rock... No light beer, please!!!!!
  3. Bad comparison. Really bad.How so? Watch the movie Downfall and you will hear Hitler making almost the same statement .
  4. Why the **** does religion have to be injected in to politics? We are fighting for secualrism in the Middle East....trying to move away from the Isalmic Republic mentality. Here in the United States do we really want a Christian Republic? Why? Why do we want to govern our nation based on the writings of a bunch of Bronze Age goat hearders? The Founding Fathers set this country up as a secular nation. It's such a shame for a Harvard educated man like Obama to have to drag out his religion and make it an issue because cult leaders like Dobson have sway over a group of zombies.
  5. The irony is that as we become more and more enslaved to corporations and foreign oil, July 4 is turning into an illusion.
  6. Carlin was my favorite comic simply because of his "Religion is Bullsh*t" routine. Funny thing happened yesterday. I was over at my son's place and he was watching Jay and Silent Bob. The part comes up with George Carlin talking about hitchhiking. The last image I'll have of George is that of him going down on a truck driver!
  7. Well, just remember the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. I've got a better one. If your information is correct...then what? What are we going to do aboit it?
  8. Deregulation? Is that what helped to cause this? Good lord, that's all consevatives talk about is getting government out of things...less government...less government...less government... Less government regulation=corporations gone wild.
  9. If I remember right, the Ayatollah Jerry Falwell pointed his finger at homosexuals and feminist and said that they caused 9/11. Let's not forget to teach children that theory too.
  10. No matter what happens, religion will always be there like a fly you can't kill. Its too bad, I know. Correct. Faith allows religion to adapt to any hostile enviroment. No matter how many things science discovers that disprove the story, Christians will continue to believe that we got here because a talking snake got a woman to eat a piece of fruit.
  11. Fundamentalist Christianity is fighting a rear guard action against science. Creation "science" consists of trying to discredit evolution and very little else. I wonder why the fundies don't just give up and form their own country. They could teach all the bogus crap they wanted to with no problems. I even have a name for their country: Dumbfu*kistan.
  12. They all share the same "brain". Like Republicans all share the same stall with Larry Craig?:P
  13. My great grandfather was a cotton farmer. I still live on the land he bought in 1904. He worked his plow mules from sun up to sundown, but when they were sick he still fed them and took care of them. To my knowledge he never worked them till they fell over dead. Should business owners follow the same rules? I ask because of an article I just read: Will You Be Paid for Sick Days? By Matt Bushlow, PARADE Magazine Nearly half of all Americans who work in the private sector-including more than 75% of low-wage workers-do not get a single paid sick day. Now the federal government and lawmakers i
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