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  1. I agree with this scenario. TD can find offensive skill players with high accuracy. The defensive finds are there but there are far too many misses. Both could stay if they move TD to a vice president of something and hire a hot guy for GM and find a pass rush. They both just got contract extensions. But at this point, who is the great guy out to replace Dan Quinn? I just don't see anyone
  2. It would have a chance if there were 3 DTs, we are already small then we play even smaller with 2 DTs and 3 DEs. Dan Quinn has quit on the falcons
  3. what game has hill been active for?
  4. yes
  5. yes he did
  6. senat wont get to play in this scheme.....foye doesn't even play DQ is betting his whole wallet on takk and VIC
  7. just like kirby smart, kept running chubb when sony michele was dominant that day
  8. stubborn coaches get fired...they have guaranteed contracts so I think it clouds their judgement at times
  9. i don't think we need to bench anyone. 1st we need to get a scheme that all the players know. next we need to find a pass rush.......but before you can do any of this, you have to run the ball on offense. you have to establish a ball control game that takes pressure off of your defense. we havent been able to run the ball. why did we keep 4 running backs on the active roster, yet only 2 of the them dress? sit the fullback or 1 of the TEs and lets see what the rookie RB can do. he is bigger than both the guys we have and may even be faster than freeman at this point....he is showing no burst, no quickness, no ellusiveness. the 1st guy rarely got to its rare when they don't
  10. whats killing us is that we have 3 DEs and 2 DT in on most plays and its just not enough quickness and change of direction to play against these wide open offenses. we have taken deion jones out of the games in favor of TAkk and VIC. Foye never sees the field. we need more LBs on the field, not DEs. this throws off everything these guy have learned and practiced for 4 years.
  11. i agree.....why not have a linebacker play linebacker, and let DEs play DE. I think DQ is overthinking everything. line up and play. now we have too many guys confused on too many plays. we NEVER got long deep passes completed on us. the guys are out there guessing. just go back to 4-3 cover3 and play more fundamental ball
  12. why in the world did we trash the defense that freed up the Linebackers to make plays? now we have Takk and Vic beasly standing up. a total waste. if they are going to be out there, let them come of the edge from the LOS. this crazy defense has everyone just thinking too much. no one is comfortable with where they are supposed to be on any given play. I understand that DQ is trying to get his best players on the field at the same time. they just arent meshing around this new scheme
  13. Take luke stocker out as a passing option. Problem solved
  14. Sam Baker got hurt. He wasn't a bust of a pick. He went down to injuries. That can happen to any football player. You create a post as if Sam Baker couldn't play. He wasn't great, but neither is Jake Mathews.
  15. Still need a guy to compete. Oluokun is a good player