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  1. He is a good developmental coach. His style didn't match Quinn's vision of the defense.....from what Quinn said
  2. I agree with this
  3. He is too big and and too strong to be that quick and that fast.....something has to give. He has injuries but besides the broken screw in his foot, he has only had nagging injuries to the foot. He will be fine, he will miss some time, but I don't think his career will be shortened because Of it. He will play out this contract and the next one.
  4. I love how they did the Neal hit against Evans
  5. I don't know who did the video, they matched music with movement very well!!! Nice slo mo.
  6. Full season of highlights. This will hold us over till preseason
  7. We are fine at RG. We have more depth this year than last year. Replace Chester with we have Garland and Harlowe backing up. With the additions to the Dline, Garland won't get reps unless there are a number of injuries. He is the swing backup interior lineman. Both guards and center. We are fine. Like any team, 2 injuries on the oline and you are toast.
  8. They won't respect it. We have to go 19-0 to get respect. So forget their respect. Go do what we do and RUN, HIT, SMASH!!!!!!
  9. We lost tamme and added a draft pick. No log jam, same depth as last year. Why get rid of anyone?
  10. Absolutely, Julio just might win the award if Sark can get him a big year in TDs
  11. We are witnessing greatness. Don't let it pass by with cynical criticism
  12. Year 6.....4515 yds, 26tds, 89 passer rating, 67% completions which was 3rd in the league behind manning (mvp) and brees. 2nd overall qb ranking by pff. Year 7.......4694 yds, 28tds, 93 passer rating, 66.1% completions Year 8......4591 yds, 21 tds, 89 passer rating, 66.3% completions (statistically worse year as a pro) ranked 5th among and Year 9? Mvp. Keep looking.....the numbers get more compelling
  13. Zero rings still gets him in on the 1st ballot. The numbers are undeniable. Best numbers ever for the 1st 5 years. Consistent over the years. Most consecutive 200+ yards a game in history. No qb drafted since 2008 is better.
  14. Just like most Georgians.
  15. I hope he takes 18 or so to allow for important upcoming free agents.