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  1. it's simply a numbers game. we need wrs who can possibly contribute this week or the next. that obviously makes a 4th rb expendable. if devonte goes down, hill doesn't go anywhere. all this other narrative is just stupid, but very predictable.
  2. I was surprised that we didn't go 2 te and smash mouth the ball. play action off of that and give the short guys a fair chance to win their matchups
  3. I played football and I knew then that there are lasting impacts from the game. I obviously didn't go pro, but I played 8 years. my knees and ankles and shoulders are on pain often. cte? don't know. but I wouldn't trade it for the world. no one forces players to play. you say it's low on the totem pole. not lower than a factory worker. it's relative to your personal judgement on importance
  4. you can't. just like you can't lower risk of death as a fireman, or military personnel. just like you can't avoid lung cancer if you're a coal worker or milk worker. it's just a hazard of thejob
  5. dude is so tall. he looks like a RE out there. it's the things that helps him the most....his range
  6. it's fake news
  7. we have jarret, poe, crawford, shelby, reed, and McKinley if need be there is also Ben garland....i don't think anyone gets tired....these guys can run things for a while
  8. but where is al the drew breed sux talk? like Matt Ryan got for years while our defense was terrible
  9. Nick Williams
  10. collinsworth said Sunday night that Matt Ryan isn't flashy but gosh, he just gets it done.....
  11. the game was a falcon one wants to watch the falcons win...they only like to see us lose
  12. if your line can't hold up, why would you risk chunking the ball all around the field? Schweitzer had a hard time holding up in his 1st start. protect your man until he gets his feet under him. Obviously, Julio is the man. this is a process of 4 months of football. as he gets more comfortable. you will see more. how about, let's win games and ease the guy into his role. 1 big mistake and that could be Matt Ryan's season.
  13. exactly, we have to get the run game going.....these people want to throw every down.....because it's explosive.....idiots. we can't win consistently without the run game. Matt Ryan will be out for the season of we took that stupid appproach
  14. you don't echo anything. lol! what a fool! the coach never said he wanted to see anything from last year. the coach said this is a new year"ace". what a clown. Matt Ryan is ranked top 3 in yards and q.b. rating, but you want something to change, like being an idiot and throw it every down. what a frigging clueless clown.
  15. that's what's said when you haven't done the necessary work to provide an educated answer. he really doesn't need to, in regards to the falcons, because nationally, people don't know and don't care.