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  1. but where is al the drew breed sux talk? like Matt Ryan got for years while our defense was terrible
  2. collinsworth said Sunday night that Matt Ryan isn't flashy but gosh, he just gets it done.....
  3. the game was a falcon one wants to watch the falcons win...they only like to see us lose
  4. if your line can't hold up, why would you risk chunking the ball all around the field? Schweitzer had a hard time holding up in his 1st start. protect your man until he gets his feet under him. Obviously, Julio is the man. this is a process of 4 months of football. as he gets more comfortable. you will see more. how about, let's win games and ease the guy into his role. 1 big mistake and that could be Matt Ryan's season.
  5. exactly, we have to get the run game going.....these people want to throw every down.....because it's explosive.....idiots. we can't win consistently without the run game. Matt Ryan will be out for the season of we took that stupid appproach
  6. you don't echo anything. lol! what a fool! the coach never said he wanted to see anything from last year. the coach said this is a new year"ace". what a clown. Matt Ryan is ranked top 3 in yards and q.b. rating, but you want something to change, like being an idiot and throw it every down. what a frigging clueless clown.
  7. that's what's said when you haven't done the necessary work to provide an educated answer. he really doesn't need to, in regards to the falcons, because nationally, people don't know and don't care.
  8. learn the game, then respond to me. I don't have time to teach you the game
  9. really, well block better for your running backs and that exactly what you get. Matt Ryan isn't going to force the ball anywhere.
  10. matt ryan threw for over 300 yards and no turnovers...what do you want? 50 for 50 and 700 yards?
  11. some Steelers fans. the ones that don't know football, just like the ones in this post. they made it to the afc championship game and have made it to 2 super bowls with tomlin. someone needs to reevaluate when and why you change coaches
  12. football is about controlling the line of scrimmage. dropping back throwing on 1st down is just playing into pass rushers hands. balance is the key to sustainable success in football "chief" playing aggressively isn't about throwing on 1st and 2nd down, leaving you in 3rd and long. you have to stay on track with down and distance. playing aggressively is taking yout shots when they are there, just like we did. throwing like it's Madden is exactly how you by off track and get your qb hurt. lets make smart sound football decisions "chief" turn the video gameoff....its football season
  13. it's exactly what was needed. run the football. when we lost 6 in a row 2 years ago, we abandoned the run. when we lost the superbowl, we abandoned the run. sark stuck with the run. sark won. sark is finding out what the RG can handle. we must establish the run early in games....its the only way to set up play action and draw safeties off of Julio and Co. come on big guy, I know you understand this.
  14. the Steelers barely beat tomlin and cut big ben....after all they played Cleveland......they are the worse team in football