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  1. under shanahan, he schemed guys open. toilolo was open all year, the fullback was open all year. this year everything was extremely hard. zero rhythm for the entire season. stats this and stats that. bottom line, none of the offensive talent felt comfortable. the defensive coordinators knew the plays and route combinations. stupid play calls.....yes we have to make plays, but it's not ALL the guys.
  2. that's ridiculous to even suggest. he practices stuff and had a plan. but when they get into the game, the plan doesn't work because they aren't practicing against the other professional defensive coordinators in the league. in the simply doesn't work. it's not the plays, it's when the plays are called and the lack of vision to set up plays in the future...... I thought this was pretty obvious
  3. this topic is about the offense, not the defense. dropped passed are a function of repetition, concentration, and comfort. yes that is on the receivers, but the of had to put them in situation in which they are comfortable. haphazard play calling gives no rhythm. true it' never one guy, but this topic is about sark. we score 20 pts. we won. simple...get 20 pts out of julio, Freeman, and co.
  4. this team scored 10 points per game less this season....players across the board regressed.....common denominator is Sark.
  5. time to draft the guy who will bookend with takk. Beasley will command a huge payday. he is a speed guy who can't hold the edge against the run. if tackles can stop his speed rush, he is stoned. i like the man, not impressed with the player. he is ok.
  6. the scouting reports said that he was too short and arms not long enough........... so much for the measurables
  7. he said we have to play better to win the super bowl. he said he hasn't heard from Beasley in a minute. both are true. now is not the time to give excuses for Beasley. he hasn't made any plays. our defense gave up gash runs and long passes. We have to play better.
  8. except they can't find a kicker....could be the difference in the game
  9. where in the world do they come up with these crazy fines? 12,154? wft? why not 12,000 or 13000?
  10. I formation? I was thinking stretch runs with boot to pass options. shula lacks imagination. cam will miss on plays that most qbs make, and make plays that most can never make. should be easy to have a more diverse attack offensively
  11. dude, I know was just my way of saying how simplistic their offensive attack is
  12. the QB sneak offense they run offers it's challenges. it' not about Cam, but disciplined play. he only gets free if someone breaks down with the technique. this year, discipline has been the teams downfall
  13. absolutely
  14. Ike is horrible