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  1. Well 100 brings 4 grand. Go for it.
  2. Yet they make the playoffs and win a playoff game because of the offense. They dont have mack at center either. 2 rookies, 1 rookie and 2 2nd year guys....whatever. there is no light that needs to come on. If we draft a tackle at 14 and get a guy to fit our system, he will be better than anyone we have had since Tyson Clabo. A 2nd round guard will be better than anyone we have had since justice. You know why its taking years for lights to come on? Because they are late round picks or undrafted. Why would it take a guard 2 years? Our issue is WHO we draft for the line. TD has not had a good record of drafting linemen. Enter mike mularkey. A guy who knows what linemen look like.
  3. Cowboys, saints, and colts disagree with you.its not like we dont have mack and matthews there to balance out the line.
  4. 1st round tackle 2nd round guard this fixes the offense. the defense won't be fixed with this draft. it will be better though. let's get back to scoring 28+ points per game and have a defense ranking 10th to 15th. we need to invest in the Oline heavily.
  5. A poorly coached team makes the superbowl.......come on bruh
  6. it's gonna be a great year for anyone they choose. watch. New OC with 2 or 3 upgraded Oline. freeman(hopefully) Will be close to the old Freeman. veteran WR. Matt Ryan and Julio have career years....2nd best for Matt. the OC is fired for style. the style won't change much. but the approach will change
  7. I really don't see where the coordinators did a bad job this year. defense was destroyed by injuries and offensively, we just didnt execute consistently. this past year was matt ryans 2nd best season of his career. best season of julios career, careeer years for sanu and coleman too. I think they both get 1 more year Oline coach and Dline coach should go. Raheem Morris needs to go.
  8. Zero chance we draft a safety in the top 15 when we need Oline, Dline, and RB. I would picks 6 positions before safety
  9. Trufant and Alford will both be here next season. Its the following season that either or both contracts are cuttable. Get back the 3 main zone setters and the corner play will be much better. Allen, Neal, amd Jones shrink the throwing windows for qbs. We need to play better at corner, no doubt, but creating more holes isn't the way to go. Lets get our guys back and get some type of consistent pass rush.
  10. We need 3 linemen in the 1st 5 rounds. Nasty dudes. Both guards and a tackle to compete
  11. When you remove the best players....the others are exposed. The corners werent as good as it seemed last year and arent as bad as they seem this year. Too much knee jerk reactions. This defense is going to struggle. Playing the blame game does nothing. The only solution is getting guys healthy. That just isnt happening this season. Cut this guy, cut that guy, fire that guy......all unproductive.
  12. Their strength on defense, dline, beat our weakness, oline, repeatedly. Their penetration rushed matt ryans passing. Thats why he kept dumping the ball off. Safety and linebacker play has been horrible all season. Kazee plays too deep then makes bad reads. The Strong safety is never in position on runs nor do they get proper depth and width in the zones scheme. Linebackers are always getting blocked, never dropping in zones correctly. Teams are attacking right up the middle where deion jones, keanu neal, and ricardo allen used to be.
  13. exactly. he would be an improvement over Brooks Reed at the bare minimum, and that makes us a better defense instantly
  14. if he clears waivers, why not? Maybe he can add some competition and fire to our pass rushers.