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  1. when you are paying your center, qb, wr1, wr2,cb1, cb2, rb market value......there really isn't much left to spend.
  2. relax, it's pretty obvious journalists are giving opinions. I posed a question. what position would he play? the answer is none, unless they change schemes.
  3. he isn't a 3-4 DE.
  4. what position would he play for NE?
  5. Ryan's deal isn't an issue. matthews, allen, Jones, beasley, Jarrett? those deal will be the issue. we already pay Matt ryan....that's just a given for every NFL team with a veteran starting qb.
  6. 3mil for depth? a marginal talent for 3mil is pretty steep at backup guard
  7. and......Dumervil is a legit Linebacker. we are really thin after Campbell and Jones. our main rotational lb.....was a safety. the 3rd starter, rookie...struggled to say the least
  8. seems like levitre took a pay cut so that we could sign Ben garland. sorry, this doesn't make us better
  9. we already know. before he signed with Miami, he was asked about what team he prefers to play for. he said he is letting his agent choose the team. if he no longer wants to be highly paid, yet have.a chance at winning.....we are his choice. if he is simply keeping score with the guaranteed money.....oh well
  10. everything on offense just seemed hard. nothing fluid
  11. he and every other player would go to Cleveland for above market value. how do you think the jags got to the level they did last season? overpaying talented guys to come to your team and build a winner. it's just how It's done these days. it only takes a couple of good offseasons to go from a perennial loser to a divisio champ and playoff team.
  12. if it's the browns with 111 million under the cap? I could absolutely see his deal being higher thab Stafford's
  13. under shanahan, he schemed guys open. toilolo was open all year, the fullback was open all year. this year everything was extremely hard. zero rhythm for the entire season. stats this and stats that. bottom line, none of the offensive talent felt comfortable. the defensive coordinators knew the plays and route combinations. stupid play calls.....yes we have to make plays, but it's not ALL the guys.
  14. that's ridiculous to even suggest. he practices stuff and had a plan. but when they get into the game, the plan doesn't work because they aren't practicing against the other professional defensive coordinators in the league. in the simply doesn't work. it's not the plays, it's when the plays are called and the lack of vision to set up plays in the future...... I thought this was pretty obvious
  15. this topic is about the offense, not the defense. dropped passed are a function of repetition, concentration, and comfort. yes that is on the receivers, but the of had to put them in situation in which they are comfortable. haphazard play calling gives no rhythm. true it' never one guy, but this topic is about sark. we score 20 pts. we won. simple...get 20 pts out of julio, Freeman, and co.