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  1. the only reason we got to the super bowl was because of coaching. when the coach left, the gm was exposed...again
  2. no we should have fired the gm that had bartu, worrilow, stephen jacksn, that horrible oline, and DEs. In game decisions arent on the GM
  3. well, the year he got fired as bucd coach, they were the #1 passing offence in the league. he has produced passing yards, but not wins
  4. Yes, and had a pass rush too. Late in that season, we played lights out on defense. Upshaw, Reed, Clayborn, with vic beasley, freeney. We blitzed from the secondary too. To me, the defense stopped progressing when we went away from 3 LBs. Last year we tried 3 DEs, this year we are trying 3 safeties. 1 makes you too slow, the other makes you too small.
  5. There safety help was in close to defend the 4th down play. Oliver just got beat. In that situation, you just can't allow that to happen. Tackle the guy, hold, grab, something. Technique was off on that play.
  6. It depends on what he wants. I would absolutely take him if he is willing to backup gurley and have 2 RBs running for their next payday. If he has crazy demands......deuces.
  7. But I'm sure that realization took some time to cultivate. In the beginning, I'm sure there were different feelings
  8. Everyone isn't as strong as you my man. That's a privilege of strength, many, many people aren't that strong.
  9. Many people have, but only a brave few will admit it. Takes a big man to admit those kinds of thoughts. Much props to you
  10. Freeman.....thats about it. The rest of the deals are pretty team friendly.
  11. Matt Ryan has always been outranked by the new guys. They all fade, and Matt continues to be consistent. It will never change until he gets a ring. Then, they will have a new set of criteria that he doesn't make the mark. Just how it is.
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