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  1. Yeah, not to mention charles harris, lauquan tredwell, deion bucannon, hayden Hurst, and dante Fowler.....all former 1st round picks brought in through trade or free agency. He pizzes me off most of the time, but hey, can't blame him this year
  2. That shoulder crushed him. They downplayed it, it has been his downfall. His primary move is the bullrush and speed off of that. With a bum shoulder, you can't bull rush. You are basically trying to bench press a 300 pound man who is pushing back....with 1 good shoulder. Takk had surgery, hopefully they found a way to fix it.
  3. Yes. 2nd year with the OC is always huge, the Oline will be better, the Dline will be better, the running game will be better, we are ready
  4. Yep....how has that helped the rams? Not really a glowing endorsement. Obviously it happens. The Bucs traded picks for a coach, anything can happen. But it hasn't.....sure teams have enquired, I'm sure every team has, its called due diligence. When the falcons give up a 1st and 3rd for a guy they can't afford to sign to a 13 mil per year contract, then get back to me. Other than that? Its just madden talk. I could see Miami or Jacksonville making a move like that. Its going to be a team with the qb on a rookie deal.
  5. You say its hypothetical, except its simply facts that no GM in the NFL has taken the bait on this deal. That is the fact. You come up with hypocritical scenarios about waiting, and all this....until it happens, its not happening. Teams don't give up that type draft capital so easily these days. The value of a 3rd round pick far exceeds its cost. Thats why teams dont give up multiple draft picks for disgruntled players on expiring contracts with big money aspirations. It never works out. You say that Dimitroff has a bad record of 3rd round picks.....like that actually matters at all...lol Your idea of Tom Dimitroff......" Since I can't seem to make 3rd round picks into stars, lets just give it away and have to pay a veteran superstar salary at a position that hasn't been a problem other than health" The day you have that rationale, is the day you are fired as GM. We have no money. Ricardo allen is making 7mil this year and 8mil next year. This guy is going to want to be the highest paid or top 3 paid safety in the league. This team can't afford that. Its just dumb to give away draft capital AND have to pay a ridiculous salary for a position that doesn't need to be addressed until next year or maybe not even addressed at all. Why do that? We don't even have 3 srarting linebackers on this team. We have no real veteran corners on this team. We have 3 starting safeties with a rookie draft pick and free agent 1st round pick backing them up. Why give up a 1st and 3rd for a guy we can't sign at a position that hasn't been a problem.
  6. McGary wasn't help by going against Vic Beasley, who is just a speed rush guy, and Takk McKinley, who is just a bull rush guy. When he saw actual professional pass rush moves, he got blown away at times. With Donte Fowler and Charles Harris, he will grow, playing against guys who use actual pass rush moves. He has film of what guys were trying to do to him. The only other question is LG. We have Hennessy and Carpenter to compete there. I think in total, this line will be improved. I don't think that it's a necessity to have a top 5 Oline. Top 10 to 13 is plenty good enough and with our talent. If we can get the run game established with this group, we will be hard to stop.
  7. This team with high end contracts can't afford to give up that much draft capital. Obviously, all 32 NFL owners and GMs feel the same way. Its just dumb to give up a 1st and 3rd for a guy who you are going to have to sign to a big deal in order to justify giving up the picks. This team doesn't have the money or team depth to pay another big contract or give up picks. You seem to miss the point of the draft. What you choose to do "in a heartbeat", zero GMs agree.
  8. No chance if the 1st and 3rd. Thats just dumb.
  9. Good point. I remember the Raiders filled their team with drafts busts and that team won a superbowl
  10. He won the job because Coleman got hurt and Freeman took the job and never gave it back. Coleman was good but no moves, he is a complimentary player. Freeman was a pro bowl 1000 yard rusher. Pass pro isnt what sat coleman down. It was injury.
  11. Replacing Ishmael....just faster and a better cover guy
  12. Blocking isnt why he won the starting job. His elusiveness is why he won the job. He could make that 1st guy niss and turn negative plays into positive plays. He could turn good 4 yard plays into great 10 yard plays. All that changed when he was concussed in 2017 against Dallas. That effectively ended his career. He was never the same. In 18 and 19, he never had that same movement, that same quickness, that same fearlessness. He was done.
  13. Ito smith has been a better runner than freeman for 2 years. Ito is smaller and gets banged up. Ito is just as elusive, but faster than freeman. Freeman is a better pass receiver, but not substantially.
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